Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Procedure on Monday

     Ok Kiddies, it's time you found out! This past Monday we spent the day down in LA doing tests and a procedure. 
    The tests results aren't back, one was an ultrasound for lumps around my rib cage which has us a bit freaked.  That's the bad news? We wont know for sure if it is bad new until we talk to my GP but I have the scans and there is something there. Nuff said about that.
     Now for the good news, the procedure was on my back again.  Doc shot me up with 5 needles of Novocaine at the spot where my disks are rubbing. He put his hand on my shoulder in the OR and said, "Dear if this works we will put you out for the next procedure and fix it all." He's a sweetie, he was trying to take my mind off of all the pain I was in to relax me.  I have to lay on a pillow, on my stomach which makes the back arch and hurt more. Also there was no pain relief provided as he needed me to know if it worked or not.  I didn't expect any real relief from the procedure, perhaps just a few hours like the dentist.  But, here we are on Wednesday and I am still feeling less pain then I was in when I went into the OR.

     Praise the Lord I found my smile, my hummer and my whistle which has been missing all these long painful years.  Course it will most likely wear off today BUT Doc will be taking care of setting up the surgery soon.  If not this week then on the 31st he will start the ball rolling.  I have waited this long whats a few more weeks. These socks are a present for him, a small token to say thanks, our hand dyed, he wears nothing but brown so I think he will like them. During the surgery he will cut open my back at the spine then cut and cauterize the nerves in question.  The only problem with this? I have a great immune system and they will grow back within 2 years.  I'm going to ask him to take as much as he can out of there.  
     Once this has been achieved successfully, after I back off of the pain meds I'm on as proof of the success...  the insurance will FINALLY grant the final surgery. Well, I will still have to have another MRI which will have to show more damage.  The last one was at least a year ago and for sure things have gone down hill really fast this past year.  I'm confident that the next MRI will show something different.  THEN I can have what I have needed all this time.  Ya know... Doc knew when I walked through his door last year that I needed this surgery.  He talked with me for 5 minutes and said oh, you have Facetitis and need this surgery.  The insurance on the other hand, they want to keep money flowing through the system so they keep me in the system.  It's really sick, in any other country, I would have been walking a week after the initial contact with him.
     All that to say CELEBRATE WITH ME!  The end of this night mare is now in sight.
      Of course I can't post without leaving you with a bit of knitting. For Mario's 2014 KAL I am using Unique Sheep, EOS in Michigan Lake.  The dear friend who sent this to me is also working her's up in the same colors.  At the end we will be quite a pair! :-)  I found some beads last night, 8/0 inside color rainbow peacock.  I'm going to toss them into the mix.
     Sherlock our latest KAL is really hopping!  I had no idea it would be so very well received.  I'm always happy to provide patterns, yarn and goodies for everyone.  When a KAL does this well it pleases  me to no end!  ENJOY my Peeps that's one of the main reasons I do this, to make others happy.
My Tour De Fleece offering. I spun 1590 yards and then Navajo plied (3 ply) it to end with 530 yards of a DK weight yarn.  I will be designing a new pattern for this yarn as I know what I want to make but there wasn't a pattern out there that I liked.  A funny side note... DD said it looks just like the roving batt did before you started!  LOL it's true, top left corner of the photo above.
     While down in Santa Clarita I finally persuaded DH to take me to my favorite store.  It's a half hour of driving that will only hurt me more.  He's always looking out for me and caring for me.  I couldn't ask for a better provider and care giver. The store is the largest and best scrapbooking store in LA and the gal who owns it has called me and they are all just great!  We had 2 hours to kill and he allowed for it.  I was thrilled!  After he unpacked me and my scooter (my Big Strong Burly Bo Hunk!) in front of the store, I told him come back after he went to the bank.  Being the very good provider that he is, he wanted to see me safely into the store.  I'm so happy to be in his charge and safekeeping.  The store was CLOSED for the week!  How insane is that?  The first time I was able to get there in 4 months? and it's closed. I was so very sad, perhaps there will be a next time. I could have paid all their salaries that day. Ok so one of them at least!
      We went to World Market instead and I ended up with a new potpourri and some soaps.  LOVE IT! Pretty right?  I will dump the old ones and put this out shortly.
     That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I hope you are all well and happy.    
     Hey, if Doc really fixes me, I'm renting an RV and traveling the children across the USA.  We will need to see ALL of you if I can pull it off. Sound good?  Ya'll in?

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