Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pixie Vacation

The Pixies flew the coop, they are away at Regen in San Diego.  I made myself a long list of things to keep my mind occupied while they are gone to keep myself busy.  Not the least of which was to make Pixie #1 a scrapbook to fill as soon as she returns.   
      Did it happen?  No. I have been so busy working that I haven't had a moment to really even miss them.  We dyed twice in the last few weeks and this has left me with over 150 gorgeous skeins of yarn needing to go to there homes.  I keep them in plastic comforter bags to protect them from harm while they are in my company.  

Here you see the top of one bag, why? It's the Fae Club yarn for July and I love it so I have to share Viola. From left to right, frugal sock (really takes color well), next 2 Lux Lace which is the silk/baby camel blend we all LOVE! so happy to bring it to you.  Next 2 are gold shot sock and the last is a Desert Camel one of the last few skeins remaining.  We were both shocked at how much dye this skein allowed for.  With the yarn comes some lovely stitch markers this time out purple of course.  We will be opening the final Club of the year shortly so if you weren't able to get into this one, hopefully you will be able to get into the next.
     Why didn't I get to my fun list of things to do?  I have no idea how hard I would be working.  I worked from opening my eyes to shutting them at night.

  1. Gathered up all the yarn that was still on the racks and put them into the bag. 
  2. Printed labels only to have to mess with them for hours as the printer is shot.
  3. Labeled the club yarn.
  4. Worked on designing 2 new patterns.
  5. Finished Art Bag and beaded it.
  1. Stitch markers for 8 sets of Manderley
  2. Stitch markers for the club
  3. Stitch markers and necklaces for Sherlock 
  4. Packed all the beads for Sherlock
  5. Made up kits for Kenzi and Jane Bennett
  6. End of the day found me trying to fix labels again so I broke down and bought a printer! FINALLY!
Today I need to label all of the yarn and I would like to begin to pack it.  So that Thursday will find me printing address labels and packing yarn.  Friday for SURE must find me done and at cut and paste since they come home that day.  For the first 2 days they will talk all our ears off with what little voice they have remaining.  They come home with laryngitis and last year my sweet daughter had a black eye!  No fisticuffs, more like too much fun.  She and another girl collided during a game.  Must away or none of this will happen.  I hope you are having a less busy time of it.  :-)  Oh and I should say that I still find time to spin daily for the Tour.  I'm on the second half of the lace needed for a 2 ply to enter a contest for a Loop bat! FUN!

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