Monday, July 28, 2014

End of Regen

My babies are back and I'm thankful they are unharmed.  After talking my ears off on Friday night until DH fell asleep, I still didn't feel like I'd gotten enough of DD but she's here again.  PHEW! 
     You got an update through Wednesday.  Thursday saw me at cut and paste, I made this sneaker for DD in the first half of the day.
We have a little ramble and a video of it here if you are interested.  The album is a 12 page book!
It's massive, I didn't realize just how big it was until the last minute.  I worked on it right up until the minute they pulled into the driveway on Friday night.  I was determined to finish and finish I did.  Have a look see at the video for all the details.  Believe it or not that's the same paper on the shoe and the book. :-)
     The other thing I've been doing is spinning for the Tour De Fleece (France) while watching the boys pedal across France.  You've seen the first few items so I only have two more to share. The first is a light/dark BFL we dyed in pink and brown which turned into burgundy.  I roll with the flow so added 6/0 and pressed flowers to it.  Fun end to a shawl perhaps?  It's back in with the rest of the fiber to wait until I spin it all up.

Then we have Victorian Christmas which I just LOVE! This yarn is gorgeous.  I did this for a challenge from Steph of Loop upper left is the batts she makes, I just LOVE spinning these.  The challenge was to take 2 batts and ply them together.  As you can see it made some very lovely yarn.  This really inspired both DD and myself.  I want to design a KAL around these colors.  What say you to a Yarn Fairy Dickens Victorian Christmas?  I think it would be smashing.  I can get you something like this fiber too, we are thinking of our sock yarn.  Putting it up in 50g skeins and then color blendy to get the above!  FUN and possible.  The shawl we have design is drawn so you know it's all there since, if I can draw it I can chart it.  The half circle shawl has all types of Christmas motifs in it and it's stunning on paper.   Each time I sit down to the calendar and plan out the KAL's I come to a wall and think, well I have nothing past this point.  Then I wonder if I will have anything further.  I should never think that as every single time something drops into my lap.  After Ouroboros I was wanting to make a color changing sock weight shawl and SHAZAM here tis!  LOVE IT!  I can go so crazy off putting this one together too with fun goodies and ooohh fun! I'm excited and smiling.
     DD got Katya OTN, as soon as we work out a few kinks we are sending it and Ouroboros out to our faithful test knitters.  Most of the later pattern is written and really coming along.
     Many of you have asked about my wee Yorkie who's dying of congestive heart failure and has a bad trachea.  He's doing very well and is hanging in there.  I try to keep him calm and free from agitation which is difficult with our other dog who's neurotic and freaks whenever someone comes to the door. :-)  Each time I go to buy his meds and they have to fax the vet, I wonder if they aren't wondering about the fact that he still lives.  They gave him a few months about a year ago now.  PTL he's still with me and well enough.
     Others have asked about my lumps and the tests.  The ultrasound came back inconclusive so I go in on Thursday for a CT, blood and to see Doc again.  Hopefully at that time he will put in for the surgery.  He always schedules things with me before finding out if the insurance will clear it. LOL he's very optimistic.  Last time the clearance came through that day or the day before. All was crazy as Kev scrambles to change the day off at work and slots everything only to have to change it all back at the last minute.  Perhaps next week we will know what the lumps are and when they can come out.
     Which reminds me, he was doing that again with the well.  We have 4 families on the same well and when it goes out there is that much less to pay which is a good thing.  All the men got together to figure it out after TWO days of no water.  Think about it... no toilets!  Both were like porta-potties YUCKO!  TMI I know.  They found a bum wire on the lower pump, fixed it and we have water again.  Which means we get to slot a dye day, possibly next week.  Why only possibly? Depends what they find in the CT but I will for sure update the Yahoo Group.
     I think that's enough for one post LOL TOO MUCH! I can hear you, LOL.  Hope you are all well and happy, enjoy your day.

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