Wednesday, July 30, 2014

That "one" thing

Why is it that it's in our nature to focus on that "one bad thing" that happens?  You can have 50 great things go down. Yet one bad thing happens and it's the only thing that's ever happened.  You focus on the one negative in your life so much so that you can't see the forest for that one dead tree.  
     Human nature, I will never understand it, nor myself.  The older I get the less I seem to know.  Back when I was a teenager, I knew everything, everyone around me knew it too. 
     Evidently the area in our brain that stores the
negative information is so empty that we can recall something from our childhood that's so vivid it's like it just happened yesterday. Doesn't make it any easier to get a grip on that one bad thing today.  It just makes it easier to understand why it's so easy to recall the information.  
     If you have 50 good things happen to you and then one bad one, I think that's pretty good odds. 50 to 1, right? Instead of focusing on that one thing, write up a gratitude list of all the good things that has happened to you instead.  Look at how long that list is and then look at that one thing on the other side.  Pretty amazing isn't it?  Granted my con side might be longer then some as I don't walk and have all these incurable ailments, but still I can make a much longer pro side to life then con.  Regardless how many ailments I have or if they are incurable.  There's still going to be a much longer good side to all our lists.  
     We have so much to be thankful for.  Just waking up is something to be thankful for.  How many people didn't wake this morning?  That we have breath is amazing to me.  The way our bodies work, our hearts beat, the blood pumps through this elaborate system.  If you don't believe in God all you have to do is look at His creation and creatures to feel just how very small we really are.  How intricately we are made, how amazing is a sunrise/set and the sheer magnificence of the landscapes around us all.  Never mind the seven wonders, just the view outside my window, outside these four walls is amazing.  
     So why is it?  Why is it that this "one thing" can go wrong and send us into a tail spin?  I don't know about you but I need to make a list of what I'm grateful for and focus on that and forget about the one thing that hurts and claws the flesh off of my bones.
 I'm thankful that God hasn't let me go through all these last 10 years of pain.  I'm thankful for my family who holds it all together while I'm scream in a ball in my bed, in that beyond the scale pain I get into.  I'm thankful for all my friends who continue to support me even though I don't always get it right. Gee, I only know one who's perfect enough to get it right always, that's God.  Humans are prone to failure, only forgiveness can make it right. Let us have a forgiving spirit and always seek to help one another.

Monday, July 28, 2014

End of Regen

My babies are back and I'm thankful they are unharmed.  After talking my ears off on Friday night until DH fell asleep, I still didn't feel like I'd gotten enough of DD but she's here again.  PHEW! 
     You got an update through Wednesday.  Thursday saw me at cut and paste, I made this sneaker for DD in the first half of the day.
We have a little ramble and a video of it here if you are interested.  The album is a 12 page book!
It's massive, I didn't realize just how big it was until the last minute.  I worked on it right up until the minute they pulled into the driveway on Friday night.  I was determined to finish and finish I did.  Have a look see at the video for all the details.  Believe it or not that's the same paper on the shoe and the book. :-)
     The other thing I've been doing is spinning for the Tour De Fleece (France) while watching the boys pedal across France.  You've seen the first few items so I only have two more to share. The first is a light/dark BFL we dyed in pink and brown which turned into burgundy.  I roll with the flow so added 6/0 and pressed flowers to it.  Fun end to a shawl perhaps?  It's back in with the rest of the fiber to wait until I spin it all up.

Then we have Victorian Christmas which I just LOVE! This yarn is gorgeous.  I did this for a challenge from Steph of Loop upper left is the batts she makes, I just LOVE spinning these.  The challenge was to take 2 batts and ply them together.  As you can see it made some very lovely yarn.  This really inspired both DD and myself.  I want to design a KAL around these colors.  What say you to a Yarn Fairy Dickens Victorian Christmas?  I think it would be smashing.  I can get you something like this fiber too, we are thinking of our sock yarn.  Putting it up in 50g skeins and then color blendy to get the above!  FUN and possible.  The shawl we have design is drawn so you know it's all there since, if I can draw it I can chart it.  The half circle shawl has all types of Christmas motifs in it and it's stunning on paper.   Each time I sit down to the calendar and plan out the KAL's I come to a wall and think, well I have nothing past this point.  Then I wonder if I will have anything further.  I should never think that as every single time something drops into my lap.  After Ouroboros I was wanting to make a color changing sock weight shawl and SHAZAM here tis!  LOVE IT!  I can go so crazy off putting this one together too with fun goodies and ooohh fun! I'm excited and smiling.
     DD got Katya OTN, as soon as we work out a few kinks we are sending it and Ouroboros out to our faithful test knitters.  Most of the later pattern is written and really coming along.
     Many of you have asked about my wee Yorkie who's dying of congestive heart failure and has a bad trachea.  He's doing very well and is hanging in there.  I try to keep him calm and free from agitation which is difficult with our other dog who's neurotic and freaks whenever someone comes to the door. :-)  Each time I go to buy his meds and they have to fax the vet, I wonder if they aren't wondering about the fact that he still lives.  They gave him a few months about a year ago now.  PTL he's still with me and well enough.
     Others have asked about my lumps and the tests.  The ultrasound came back inconclusive so I go in on Thursday for a CT, blood and to see Doc again.  Hopefully at that time he will put in for the surgery.  He always schedules things with me before finding out if the insurance will clear it. LOL he's very optimistic.  Last time the clearance came through that day or the day before. All was crazy as Kev scrambles to change the day off at work and slots everything only to have to change it all back at the last minute.  Perhaps next week we will know what the lumps are and when they can come out.
     Which reminds me, he was doing that again with the well.  We have 4 families on the same well and when it goes out there is that much less to pay which is a good thing.  All the men got together to figure it out after TWO days of no water.  Think about it... no toilets!  Both were like porta-potties YUCKO!  TMI I know.  They found a bum wire on the lower pump, fixed it and we have water again.  Which means we get to slot a dye day, possibly next week.  Why only possibly? Depends what they find in the CT but I will for sure update the Yahoo Group.
     I think that's enough for one post LOL TOO MUCH! I can hear you, LOL.  Hope you are all well and happy, enjoy your day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Night

Am amazing amount of work has been put in over the last 3 day.  At the end of it I have quite literally lost 5 pounds and have shipped many more pound of yarn.  Well, it's all shipping on Friday but hey, it's all boxed and ready to fly.
     I wanted to give a quick run down of the current and future KAL's.

  1. Dumah started today and has 3 clues.
  2. Sherlock starts 8-20 and has 4 clues.
  3. Art Bag - Some time in here I will release Art Bag as a kit. I found these lovelies to put the beads in for you instead of baggies.  See the top one? That's the one I bought you all as the leaves are large for the bag.  Yes, those are 6/0 seed beads, the box is large.  I'm working still at the sewing needles I want for these kits as I want the kits to have everything you need to make the bag.

     After that Ouroboros will come out in this color with these lovelies worked into the kit. This KAL isn't in TK yet, HAHA it's not even written yet but I LOVE this stuff and HAVE to share.  Gorgeous yes?
The pattern has circles of snakes at the edge LOVE where this one is going.  I think I'm going to offer up this Mojave Green as well as a Western Rattler in gray, brown and black.  Gee, there are many different snakes, OH MAN the world of colors just opened up for me. King Snake has the white, black and red.  WHAT FUN!  I know that the boys on the edging will have red eyes no matter what color they are on.
     The next one doesn't have a name yet but we will work the color changing yarn in 50g skeins up into a lovely shawlette. This shawl will be worked for it's shape and color blending mastery.
    Well Kiddies, just wanted to update you as to the status of your orders and future KALs.  Now I need to get back to the International ones. :-)  Have a great night.

Pixie Vacation

The Pixies flew the coop, they are away at Regen in San Diego.  I made myself a long list of things to keep my mind occupied while they are gone to keep myself busy.  Not the least of which was to make Pixie #1 a scrapbook to fill as soon as she returns.   
      Did it happen?  No. I have been so busy working that I haven't had a moment to really even miss them.  We dyed twice in the last few weeks and this has left me with over 150 gorgeous skeins of yarn needing to go to there homes.  I keep them in plastic comforter bags to protect them from harm while they are in my company.  

Here you see the top of one bag, why? It's the Fae Club yarn for July and I love it so I have to share Viola. From left to right, frugal sock (really takes color well), next 2 Lux Lace which is the silk/baby camel blend we all LOVE! so happy to bring it to you.  Next 2 are gold shot sock and the last is a Desert Camel one of the last few skeins remaining.  We were both shocked at how much dye this skein allowed for.  With the yarn comes some lovely stitch markers this time out purple of course.  We will be opening the final Club of the year shortly so if you weren't able to get into this one, hopefully you will be able to get into the next.
     Why didn't I get to my fun list of things to do?  I have no idea how hard I would be working.  I worked from opening my eyes to shutting them at night.

  1. Gathered up all the yarn that was still on the racks and put them into the bag. 
  2. Printed labels only to have to mess with them for hours as the printer is shot.
  3. Labeled the club yarn.
  4. Worked on designing 2 new patterns.
  5. Finished Art Bag and beaded it.
  1. Stitch markers for 8 sets of Manderley
  2. Stitch markers for the club
  3. Stitch markers and necklaces for Sherlock 
  4. Packed all the beads for Sherlock
  5. Made up kits for Kenzi and Jane Bennett
  6. End of the day found me trying to fix labels again so I broke down and bought a printer! FINALLY!
Today I need to label all of the yarn and I would like to begin to pack it.  So that Thursday will find me printing address labels and packing yarn.  Friday for SURE must find me done and at cut and paste since they come home that day.  For the first 2 days they will talk all our ears off with what little voice they have remaining.  They come home with laryngitis and last year my sweet daughter had a black eye!  No fisticuffs, more like too much fun.  She and another girl collided during a game.  Must away or none of this will happen.  I hope you are having a less busy time of it.  :-)  Oh and I should say that I still find time to spin daily for the Tour.  I'm on the second half of the lace needed for a 2 ply to enter a contest for a Loop bat! FUN!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Procedure on Monday

     Ok Kiddies, it's time you found out! This past Monday we spent the day down in LA doing tests and a procedure. 
    The tests results aren't back, one was an ultrasound for lumps around my rib cage which has us a bit freaked.  That's the bad news? We wont know for sure if it is bad new until we talk to my GP but I have the scans and there is something there. Nuff said about that.
     Now for the good news, the procedure was on my back again.  Doc shot me up with 5 needles of Novocaine at the spot where my disks are rubbing. He put his hand on my shoulder in the OR and said, "Dear if this works we will put you out for the next procedure and fix it all." He's a sweetie, he was trying to take my mind off of all the pain I was in to relax me.  I have to lay on a pillow, on my stomach which makes the back arch and hurt more. Also there was no pain relief provided as he needed me to know if it worked or not.  I didn't expect any real relief from the procedure, perhaps just a few hours like the dentist.  But, here we are on Wednesday and I am still feeling less pain then I was in when I went into the OR.

     Praise the Lord I found my smile, my hummer and my whistle which has been missing all these long painful years.  Course it will most likely wear off today BUT Doc will be taking care of setting up the surgery soon.  If not this week then on the 31st he will start the ball rolling.  I have waited this long whats a few more weeks. These socks are a present for him, a small token to say thanks, our hand dyed, he wears nothing but brown so I think he will like them. During the surgery he will cut open my back at the spine then cut and cauterize the nerves in question.  The only problem with this? I have a great immune system and they will grow back within 2 years.  I'm going to ask him to take as much as he can out of there.  
     Once this has been achieved successfully, after I back off of the pain meds I'm on as proof of the success...  the insurance will FINALLY grant the final surgery. Well, I will still have to have another MRI which will have to show more damage.  The last one was at least a year ago and for sure things have gone down hill really fast this past year.  I'm confident that the next MRI will show something different.  THEN I can have what I have needed all this time.  Ya know... Doc knew when I walked through his door last year that I needed this surgery.  He talked with me for 5 minutes and said oh, you have Facetitis and need this surgery.  The insurance on the other hand, they want to keep money flowing through the system so they keep me in the system.  It's really sick, in any other country, I would have been walking a week after the initial contact with him.
     All that to say CELEBRATE WITH ME!  The end of this night mare is now in sight.
      Of course I can't post without leaving you with a bit of knitting. For Mario's 2014 KAL I am using Unique Sheep, EOS in Michigan Lake.  The dear friend who sent this to me is also working her's up in the same colors.  At the end we will be quite a pair! :-)  I found some beads last night, 8/0 inside color rainbow peacock.  I'm going to toss them into the mix.
     Sherlock our latest KAL is really hopping!  I had no idea it would be so very well received.  I'm always happy to provide patterns, yarn and goodies for everyone.  When a KAL does this well it pleases  me to no end!  ENJOY my Peeps that's one of the main reasons I do this, to make others happy.
My Tour De Fleece offering. I spun 1590 yards and then Navajo plied (3 ply) it to end with 530 yards of a DK weight yarn.  I will be designing a new pattern for this yarn as I know what I want to make but there wasn't a pattern out there that I liked.  A funny side note... DD said it looks just like the roving batt did before you started!  LOL it's true, top left corner of the photo above.
     While down in Santa Clarita I finally persuaded DH to take me to my favorite store.  It's a half hour of driving that will only hurt me more.  He's always looking out for me and caring for me.  I couldn't ask for a better provider and care giver. The store is the largest and best scrapbooking store in LA and the gal who owns it has called me and they are all just great!  We had 2 hours to kill and he allowed for it.  I was thrilled!  After he unpacked me and my scooter (my Big Strong Burly Bo Hunk!) in front of the store, I told him come back after he went to the bank.  Being the very good provider that he is, he wanted to see me safely into the store.  I'm so happy to be in his charge and safekeeping.  The store was CLOSED for the week!  How insane is that?  The first time I was able to get there in 4 months? and it's closed. I was so very sad, perhaps there will be a next time. I could have paid all their salaries that day. Ok so one of them at least!
      We went to World Market instead and I ended up with a new potpourri and some soaps.  LOVE IT! Pretty right?  I will dump the old ones and put this out shortly.
     That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I hope you are all well and happy.    
     Hey, if Doc really fixes me, I'm renting an RV and traveling the children across the USA.  We will need to see ALL of you if I can pull it off. Sound good?  Ya'll in?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tour De Fleece 2014

This year I decided to concentrate on Paradise Fibers spinning club fibers.  I have so much of them now.  This is just a bit of what I have.
So far I have been working on Ashland Bay multi colored 70/30 merino/silk blend.  Every time I get my hands on silk it spin fine.  I really wanted to spin fat but I can't seem to do it any more.  Everybody told me this would happen when I started... at that time I couldn't believe it as I couldn't spin lace to save my life.  Been spinning all the while watching the boys pedaling away.  I'm getting through 2 ounces a day and have 4 done now. It's been fun as always but as you can see it's fine! :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


     Went to 2 docs yesterday and they want to start the battery of tests again.  I hate this as they will find nothing.  
     Actually one of the docs wants to help, he's the one I see every 4 weeks.  The pain doc, he wants to do a nerve block and then cauterize the nerve if the block works.  WHICH will allow me to walk again. IF we get that far then I’m going to request a surgeon… do another MRI and hopefully get the Facetitis surgery.  Even if I have to go to Mexico and pay through the nose to do it.  The insurance continually declines everything we throw at them. They may decline it if the MRI doesn't show ENOUGH wear for them!  If they give me the surgery I wouldn't have to be on such high pain meds.  Get this... per the insurance I can have PT but I have to drive 45 minutes to get there.  Yeah right, with horrific dizzy spells that drop me to the ground which I claw to hold on!  Never mind the fact that if you drive 45 minutes on a super bumpy road it will undo all the good that PT would do for me.  There's a place only 15 minutes from here which I could get a ride to,,, but no, they are out of the umbrella and I can't go there.  Our insurance in the US STINKS!
     2nd doc… PAIN IN THE BUT, this is my yearly visit to the gestapo.  She wants Mamo, blood AGAIN!, a colonoscopy which I declined thank you very much! and a untra sound of this massive growth I have on top of my ribs, it was the size of a finger a month ago and now it’s almost a hot dog.  Things growing by leaps and bounds, taken up residence.  I made the mistake of telling her that I’m in so much pain that I didn’t care about preventative tests.  They cause too much pain just to get me down there. Don't forget about tests themselves, lying on a metal table for an hour, so NOT happening.  I don’t care about the fact that Nitro works and they don’t know what’s wrong with my heart.  She looked at me and in the depths of her eye’s I saw the padded room.  Surely they must know that people who have pain that's off their little chart of 1-10 pain levels... people in 10x10,,, screaming for hours each day would rather be dead.  HELLO!
     It’s been a bad month.  We did the monthly pain run to doc in the first week.  Then Madz graduation was the next week, a few days later this pain started and didn't go away. Then on the 24th it was our 20th anniversary, I tried I really tried… we went to dinner locally.  It was all just too much. 
     It’s L4-L5 they are shot and it’s bone on bone so they are pinching the nerve there.  That’s why doc wants to go after the nerves.  He says if this works I will loose the pain in my bum and thighs.  It would be sooo nice to walk again.  I full well know I should NOT have hope as it will toss me into that cauldron if I do and it doesn't work. BUT if it works then my spine will only have the Degenerative Disk Disease, Arthritis and FMS to deal with.  These cause a lot of pain,,, just not of the screaming type.  The rest of my ailments are a walk in the park compared to the Facetitis and the spine.  There are many others, some how they all have acronyms, FMS, IBS, MVP, TMJ, course there's Plantar Faciitis which can be PF but not a lot of people know what that mean.  There are a bunch more but I wont bore you all.  That's why I just say ailments, it's easier.
          That's all folks.  Solid truth... the pain... it was the thing I didn't want to say in the last e-mail.  The thing I couldn't say.. I can't tell you how many times I'd write and then delete it all in that post.  Today I guess I have some hope and wanted to share that with you.  Plus we totally need prayers for a break.  DH has to see it and it pains him.  I have to endure it and well, it pains me.  HAHA!
     OK when did Chatty Patty get here?  sigh... I think that the shot is slotted for 2 weeks from now.  Hopefully we can get some of the other tests done then too.  At least the blood, ultrasound and Mammo are all done at the same place.  DH is going to have to take an entire day for those... 10 hour fasting prior to the blood, not to mention how busy Quest is, it will take hours to get through that place.
     All of this to say, the reason you haven't seen hide nor hair of me is due to the fact that I'm pretty much a mess.  It's hard to fix patterns or get anything done at all.  My room looks like a tornado hit it as I physically can't get around to pick it up.  I have items that need blocking but they are heaped into a pile.  All I want to do is work on the Modern Heirloom and watch TV shows on my puter.  ENOUGH!  You never hear this sort of stuff from me.  I try to keep this to a minimum as you full well know.  I need to look up and out... never inside!  So I'm going to go finish up 3 days of e-mails and change my calendar and get back to my shawl.
     Through all of this, I did get one thing done... the Art Bag.  I did all the knitting now just need to bead the flat and get it out to the TKers to test.  Oh and make a bead diagram for placement.  It's sure to be lovely as all of my prior bags have been works of he"art".  I got a bit of swatching done... one worked, the edging for Blue Flower,,, it's gorgeous.  Then I had this feather and fan which came from the ripple of the Stargate.  It's lovely especially done in the pale blue and deep blue of the colors in the water.  
     Lets end with a question, there was another design.  What do you call a cowl that's large enough to fit over the shoulders and designed to be there?  It's not a poncho as it's a cowl shape but it's not a cowl as they are around the neck and this is meant to be worn down on the shoulders to elbow.
     Will check back in again when I have news.