Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Youth Trumped by Dinosaur!

    Do get to the bottom of this post... there's a painting and a poem I want you to see.
     YEAH BABY! This older then dirt grandmother trumped the 17 y/o puter genius in the end.  Many of you know that Delilah my old computer who served me, at times faithfully and at times true to her name, for many years.  It was time to put her to rest after her power jack failed, from the many times she was ripped off of my lap.  I made due for another year but the last straw was when the screen started to flash down and right.  Before loosing her and all my work, we opted for a new laptop.  I went for the largest I could get with the funds we had available and then just knew that Windows 8.1 would kick my tooshie and so had to have the touch screen to at least maneuver well.  Pixie #2 was very much involved in downloading all the programs I needed and a few things I didn't need. :-)  After it was all said and done I started to rely on him less and less.  One thing I really needed was wireless headset as I tend to forget and walk away still plugged in!  Yesterday the little wifi thingy that plugs into the puter came.  I had the headset for a time and now was the time to load.  I tried last night and finally plugged in the Bose wired and called it a night.  Tried again today then called in Pixie #2.  Granted his heart wasn't in it as he wanted to go watch LOTR again for the 1,000th time and gave up.  About 15 minutes of zany boxes and searches and YouTube help videos... I figured out what was wrong! It was a first and not likely to happen again so I was pretty amped, still am.  


     Update to the YF peeps... we have not one but THREE patterns in the test phase, Lagniappe a triangle made with camel or merino/tencel, Dumah which is either a stole, shrug or bolero depending on how long you want to work on it.  Last but not least Pixie Sleeves which is our next "Official KAL".  This one is designed to be worn with a tank, sundress, cami, dressed up fancy or down with denim they are gorgeous.  The sleeves are beaded all original lace and they attach to a lovely beaded choker.  These knit up fast and are gorgeous.  The pattern will come out shortly and kits will be made available soon.  We will post the placeholder up for free for 15 minutes and then it will have a sliding scale and will stop at about $5 total cost for the pattern.  The kits are relatively inexpensive for such high end yarns.  I will be sharing this one soon so keep your eyes peeled.
     A few of you have PMed me concerned about the pain.  Yes, when I get quiet it's due to the paint, the shot has completely worn off and I have been in bed not even able to change my clothes lately.  It's all I can do to take a shower once a week any more. Yes, not only did all the old pain come back but more it would seem.  You ever had a pinched nerve?  That's the short of pain I'm dealing with, doc calls it 10x10 I don't know exactly what that means but if it's horrific and off the charts, he's nailed it.  Somehow I just continue to get more and more knitwear designs though the pain.  It's weird but since the pain came back in toto I seem to have the designs just swirling about.  There are THREE stoles, not just the one that I worked into a pattern.  One I want to work in color work roses on black in Knit Picks Palette or my sock. Oh dear,,, one skein of multi with the black background work work really well,,, instead of all those separate skeins to paint with allow the yarn to do all the work.  I believe Suz T. just said that last week about Fae Garden, that the multi was doing all the work.  That ones pretty hard,,, this stole would be a massive circle worked from top to bottom or vs v.  Yeah, designs are flooding through the pain.  The new laptops named Rider of the Storm... it being the conduit to "ride" the storm (pain) and get me through to another day.
     For Mothers Day Pixie #1 painted a picture for me and wrote a poem.  She's a lovely girl who is maturing into a wonderfully grand lady.

     Hope you are all well and happy.  ENJOY!


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  2. Whatever all that up above is about? O_o

    and if anyone wants to get solid meat, they can follow hubbies blog that deals with many areas of the matter of faith in Jesus Christ. Anyhow.....

    just came here to say how this one really made me laugh dear. God is good in it all and I am happy to see your joy and the growth in faith through all this.