Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scottish Festival 2014

First, let me just say sorry for how long these photos are going to take to download, go get yourself a cup of tea and allow the page to load.  Didn't want to tell ya'll I was hoping to go to the games with my family this year, first time in 8 years, until I'd done it.  I never know how I'm going to feel until I wake up, if you just bustle me out of the house, I tend not to know and go anyway.  Oh dear, cats out of the bag now.  So last Saturday found us at the Costa Mesa games. My kilt was the first to be purchased over the years and now fits DD to a T. 
Needed a new skirt, I purchased a tapestry a few years back, added some batik to it and called it good.  I had many people stop me and either offer to purchase my mystic topaz ring, tell me I was beautiful or complement me on my outfit.  I felt truly spoiled by all the people who were surrounding me with love, both family and the strangers who stopped me during the day.  We were a large party, we split up and joined back several times and everyone seemed to have a great time.
  The girls in a candid while eating a potato, high satiety levels and totally quack's DD out... she's LOVES her potatoes.  
Christina (left at the table) purchased a sword complete with scabbard.  The fun was in attempting to get the sword off of their back in a swing, impossible.  I believe it hung too low on their backs but I'm sure they will eventually figure it out. 
Jeremiah bought his full regalia at the games.  While has has no lineage to trace back, he's so much a wannbe that he had to have the full garb, all the way down to hose and flags.  Looks pretty natural on him though, I must admit.
  If you are wondering about the different tartans,,, they are all ours, some are ancient and some are modern, one might be of Glengarry, I'm not sure and can't keep it straight any longer.

Now for some fun, the Queen of the Fae is also the Queen of the Leg! 
Threw a Queen Henry the 8th ARGH in it for you as well.

     We have a few video's for you but they aren't loading here so I'm loading them to YouTube.  The Pasadena Pipes and Drums, due to us being from Pasadena.  And the fact that they have the totally adorable lime green fuzzy marshmallows that the drummers twirl.
     Wicked Tinkers due to them being our favorite band through all these many years.  I have most of their CD's and one with all their autographs.  Highly recommend them for your listening entertainment.  
     The only things that came home with me was a
new crochet hook holder, also known as a shot glass.  AND this LOVELY fair lady, as soon as I saw the lovely shades of green and purple I knew she was mine.  I fussed over the one with the unicorn and the one with the horse for a time but in the end settled on the moon as her colors were so me, match made on the moon.

In the end, great fun was had by all but we had one tired worn out me.  To show you just HOW worn out I was, I slept all of Sunday and Monday!  I'm finally awake today and back to work but I lost the long weekend. 

  This photo came home as I thought it might be fun to make.  Take a pretty bit of glass and wire it up with some metal and beads to hang it from.

Another bit of inspiration came from a search last night... I ADORE this multi colored/solid.  I'm going to dump some of my greens on and a wee be of medium blue and touch of yellow in the hopes that I can "find" this color.  You all full well know how much I'm all about the multi colored solids these days.  I'm thinking I'd like to try it on the tencel/merino but I know it would work better on a 100% superwash.  Will have to think about this more.
ANYWAY! I'M BACK!  Quick knitterly update, Lagniappe sample final photos are coming in and it's gorgeous!  So pretty that DD wants Lagniappe 2 already!  LOL Not just yet.   Dumah is about half way through the design process I'm up to the hard part,,, designing the bolero but I'm up to the challenge.  Dye day will be again this week,,, towards the end we are thinking. Pixie Shawls in TK also haven't heard how we are coming with that one just yet.  Next up is the Art Bag, my yarn is dyed and screaming at me but the bolero needs at least till the end of this week before I can pay any attention to the bag.  Hope you are all doing well and are happily knitting away.  ENJOY!


  1. The photos are beautiful and it sounds as if you all had a wonderful time. So glad that you were able to go and enjoyed yourself so much!

    1. Thanks Mandy, we had a great day and now have loads of fun memories.