Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SPOILER ZONE! Stardust, Fae Garden, Scrapbooking ramble

Hi Kiddies! Hope you all are doing well.  Thought since Chatty Patty is here and I have so much going on that I should share real quick here.  First Stardust, the sample, GORGEOUS! It's blocking and I get to see it for the first time.  Well, that's not true, the first time I saw it was in my head, the next time was in my design book, the third time was in chart format.  Finally I get to see it in full living color.  Here's a blurry photo for you as the KAL is only at chart 3 of 5 and I don't want to give you too much of a spoiler.
You can still see all the stars even though you are looking at only half of the shawl, LOVE LOVE LOVE this puppy.  You can find the pattern and yarn info on the Stardust page until it disappears.
     The other one that's going great guns is Fae Garden.  Our first color work shawl but surely not our last, this one is like something you would see in a museum.  Something painted by one of the Masters. Take a walk through the wrought iron gate and follow the path into my rose pavilion.  If you have a seat I will go get the sweet tea.  Springs decidedly in the house!  Rocking the color.  LOVE this one too.  See the little hearts?  There are many gorgeous motifs in this one but I wanted to share just one of them here.
     Next up I've been a scrapbooking fiend.  It's what I do to relax after work is over. You may find me at it at 2am!  Crazy right?  DH is in the same room and I think he sleeps better when I'm at my cut and paste at the desk then when I knit quietly next to him in the bed. What's needed? Supplies of course, a recent JoAnn's haul.  Takes forever to get a parcel from them online.  UGH!  I forget what I order and it's neat to go through it as I can't remember them all. ;-)  yeah short term memory loss is good for something fun for once.
     A few Idea-ology items that go with my Trunk kit when I get back to it.  Waiting for my brads.  I finally found a sanding tool LOVE my tool.  DO NOT like that circle punch!  It will only punch thin stuff and only if I take the bottom off it.  That was fun though, I turned the bottom towards me and covered my front side with circles!  I was giggling like a school girl!
     3 pads of paper, 3 packs of cards stock and butterflies galore!  I'm going to use the paper to make an album and cover it in my flutterbies.  See top center, that Martha punch is so much fun!  It stamps with three different stampers, then the punch cuts out the stamp. I want to make a streamer of butterflies in all different colors on glitter paper!  Crazy like a school girl too!
      Lastly all the goodies for my doll house kit which will get here some day.  I'm looking forward to it.  I got fencing of real wood, see the tiny flowers in the center?  I'm going to pot them on the balcony at the bottom. Left FabScraps is a tree for the side or back and above that a lamp post!  FUN!  Bought a bunch of metals for it and found I already have a 45 degree filigree item I can pound flat to make into book corners!  How exciting is that? OH and just right now I figured out that I can use part of it to curve around the book!  HOLY MOLY I think I just unvented a corner bracket that will protect real well!  Just like the Timmy ones in the first photo.  Now I can't wait to try it.  One day I'm going to figure out how to paint these metals so I can make them into other colors too.  YUPPERS she's outta control! Today my Blitzy order is in and I can't wait for Friday!  My Big Shot is to be delivered on Friday.  OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!  I'm rapidly covering the house in paper goodness.  If anyone needs an album do let me know as I would love to make one for you - cost only.
     What else?  Stitch markers.  I have to make about 200 of them.  :-)  CRACK! Need to get to work and order some more possibly. Photos too.  I have about half a dozen patterns ready to have the final publish and all I need are the photos to go onto the patterns.  You'd think I'd be quicker about that sort of thing but it takes me forever to get the final shots.
     Let me leave you with my bestest buds... my beloved and wee Yorkie aren't they adorable?
I love my boys.  Hope you are well and happy.

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