Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cut and Paste

What I do to relax lately is what I call cut and paste... it's really scrapbooking with a BAM as Emeril says.  But first I HAVE to share this photo which was sent to me from a customer.  This is her DH in Bar Maid... who says men can't wear shawls!  I think he is REALLY rocking this thing!  Look smashing on him, perfect color and big strong burly man inside it.

Snuggle power!  YEAH BABY! 
One more thing before I get started... Bo Choker was released today! YIPEE!  So far there are 62 downloads!  WOWSERS!
Pretty little thing has matching earrings, see the kit page for more info.    
Dye day was again today and we dyed up the next shawl KAL which is Milky Way related so all the colors are those of stars and such... all on a lovely new 100% tencel thread.  DD is working the pattern up and you will be able to make either a shawl and skirt.  Dyed up some camel too which I hope to load to the Twist page in a few days,,, camel takes it's time drying.
In honor of National Scrapbook day... we have a doll house.  :-)  It's so very large that I had trouble getting a shot of it all.  There are two parts that hinge eventually.  I wanted to finish the entire thing before I hinge it and 
I am still working on what I want to do with the top.  Part of me wants to add a third level that opens with a cone and a walk way with all sorts of ports.  Part of me wants to call good.  Time will out.  Meanwhile I have albums to work on as I allow that to walk through my mind for a bit more mulling.  I have the album that came in the tutorial and another one that's larger.  This is the smaller one.  I painted the flowers you see, loads of different textures FUN!

This is the second one,,, still not decorated as I wanted to figure out the pages first.  They require a bit of math and designing.  I think I want this one to flip up instead of out as the first one does.  These fit into the large openings inside of the house.  These are the pages for the smaller one.  Here are the pages fanned out so you can see how different each one is.  On the left side the pages attach to the album with a doily type pocket.  
Then on the right there's a doily border.  Each will have main color of either pink or blue when finished.

This is a mostly finished page from last nights work.  I was up until 3 am having fun with my cut and paste.

This is page one opened, see the top?  That's a pull out card which can hold 4 photos.  Then on the right you see the little pull out which ducks back into the pocket there.

When you unfold it on the right you see these items.

This is the back of page one closed. See the fold on the left?  

That opens and unfolds to flip out once and has a pocket where the wee white envelop is.  

Continue to unfold it and you can see my stamper there you can see on the on the right.  Here the wee envelop is open to show the card inside.  I say that these aren't finished as the envelop needs a bit of bling as does a few areas where there's just mat and nothing else.  Needs more journaling areas so I will probably hit the stamps and my Big Shot for more cut outs.  I LOVE doing this but my room is rapidly filling with goodies.  I'm going to have so many presents come Christmas this year that I wont need to shop! LOVE IT!
Hope you all are having even HALF as much fun as I am... between all the cut and paste and all the painting (read dyeing) I have been doing... I'm really enjoying myself.

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