Friday, April 4, 2014

Big Shot

After a nerve wracked morning of many phone calls, e-mails and all of that.  Of thinking that my Big Shot was still in Bakersfield... here tis! Excuse the mess, I have been crafting nights all week and made great progress.
See the curtain?  My new Big Shot matches my decor perfectly! LOVE IT!  Kathy, you told me not to do this so of course it was the first thing I did.  After taking advantage of the Sizziz Flash sale here  and the Sizzix dies called... I want it all (which appears to have sold out as it's not on the site any more-check the video's perhaps it's still available) I have enough dies and embossing folders to last awhile.  Ok a good long while as this is what came in this week.  I don't even think this is all of them PLUS the sale ones aren't shipping until the end of this month.  Stacey has GREAT flash sales every month.

Then I'm working on File under M BUT I made the spine 4.5" and have 9 file folder full sized pages and 2 envelops... I have room for 10 in my hidden hinge.
Here's a bit of the ephemera.  Ya'll are right, I'm burning through TONS of paper for this one.  GREAT project to use up the stash with.  I will share photos after a bit, I haven't put them into the album just yet as I prefer to move them around a lot so I'm waiting on that,,, might be a big mistake but hey, I'm going for it.  See the Lindy's?  I'm going with that for the white on my doll house... I can't wait to play with different colors as I can't have white... I will mess up and get it dirty and it will turn colors and I will freak cause it's no longer white and well,,, yeah perfectionista showing through.  Rather then fight it I'm going to lightly edge it.  Got my ROOF in today too!  I'm going to try gray and shingle looking embossing!  FUN!
Lastly,,, the dumb boxes got 2 lanes again! :-(  I'm going  to wait for JoAnn's to have these at 50% off and then buy about 5-7 of them, the drawers there. These are the 14x14 Sterlite 3 drawer boxes. Then it will all look alike and I can get REALLY organized!  I don't like having to heft the boxes from one place to another to get down to the bottom one when I need it so these drawers are just the thing.
     Alright, I can't wait, here's the base pages of File under M.  So far I'm only covering the pages and you will see that my construct varied from what the tutorial says as I have 9 folders so I didn't want them all to be the same.  The Paper Studio, Kirby Teesdale is the paper line.  Really thin cheap one from Hobby Lobby... again hoping to go thin.
The ribbon is covering a dead give away as to the recipient so I had to cover it. This might be the first page, not sure.

This is the back side of a page and it's the only one I decorated with 3-D items as I have to get the pages into the album before doing more.  I painted the floral curl thing, fun!  This is SEI Boardwalk items

This one you can recognize as being in the tutorial.

But not this one.

Or it's back side.  She's holding a wee envelop I found cheap online.

The dots were difficult.  Now that I have my Big Shot with all the sizes of circles... no prob Bob!

Again a different back with flip up photo mats.

L pocket

This one has a pull out section

 You can see the pull out here on the right.

The last three uncovered.  I may just begin to put the pages into the album now.  It's soooo big though that I wanted to work on them outside of the album before going into it.  Ya know... I have all these trinkets and got me an anvil... I have filigree metal and I'm going to make me some sturdy covers for my corners.  BUT this posts long enough I will save trinkets for another day.  Sides, my BS (Big Shot AKA NBF for New Best Friend!) is calling LOUD and CLEAR!  
     Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Awesome job You really created a masterpiece. You go girlfriend.

    1. Hi Janet, I'm glad you like it. I have been so addicted to this project that I spent way more time at cut N paste then I did sleeping this week! More then one night saw me up to 4am! CRAZY CRACKERS! But I love it. My hands are starting to feel the war zone though.

  2. Fantastic! File under "M" is my favorite. I also use a lot of the Sterlite Drawers, I love them and prefer storing my 12x12 flat so there is no warping, if I stand always have a curvy corner! I love Stacey's sales as well but her billing and shipping sucks,2/4 weeks from billing to shipping is crazy. Plus I wish she used paypal. Personally think she needs to put in a billing and shipping department with additional employees for the scale of her business. Know they really boomed in a hurry but gotta go with the flow and the girls in the shop and her cannot do it all. Just Venting. I am still waiting on orders from January!

    1. SLOMO!!! HI! It's neat to be able to recognize you guys. I think Retro may take over as the fav XL this year. I HOPE it does anyway. Mine is for a VERY special event but I can't share that until it happens in a few months here. Then I'm going to share it all. How many Sterlites do you have? Do you have a room tour? I got inspired by all the lovely, organized rooms I was seeing. Do you divide inside your drawers? I was thinking it would be great to get the totes of stuff I have into them. I have a medium on my craft table and use it all the time... but it only holds so much. I can't crowd my Premier out either. :-) Shipping for just any normal stuff? Or do you mean the flash sales? I can totally understand the flash sales as they are getting the product in... just like Blitzy. And if the shot up fast, they have a learning curve in front of them. I know that I was reading on their FB page where she was still shipping last months orders out at the beginning of April... and that she was streamlining it to work even faster. I'd just call in the troops once a week and have them ship at the end of the week on a day the store was closed. Seems reasonable. Heck I told her I'd come in and pull my own order LOL yeah right from my wheel chair :-). Anyway thanks for posting. Tell me something did you see my trinket post? I posted on Kathy's wall and then it disappeared.