Saturday, April 5, 2014

50% off of the Trinkets

After thinking on it I figured my trinkets might be a bit too high priced even if they are all very high end antique brass metal (one silver).  You will still get a full pack of 23 different ones.  After sleeping on it I put them to half of the original price.  The larger ones however can not go down any lower then the pricing in the video... see Trinket page and the video for pricing and more information.  Also, in time I will share with you what I'm going to do with them.  
Do make sure you are signed up for updates here to see the finished products.  I will be using my set to make layered metal objects, purse fobs, charms to dangle from chains to hang down the spine of my albums and corner covers to protect my album corners.  Especially that snow flake!  I can totally see it molded then covered with Glossy Accents in order to keep it in one place.
Hot Diggety, didn't take me long to play with them. Here's what I did with mine.  All the clocks, ket and the hand mirror went onto the large filigree.  The snowflake cut and rounded easily for a corner edge.  When coated in Glossy Accents, it should be nice and sturdy.  

Using all the rounds I began with the firm round, took the next largest size and bent it into the large one.  Then I cut the next largest and curled it, set that one in.  The smallest, cut and curled then curled each of the edges for a lovely metal flower.  This would look great on a box top.  I just used Quick Dry, might have to use hot glue if it doesn't set firm but it's pretty!  It's about 1/4th an inch high now.

The birds make a nice long hanging for either the spine of an album or why not on the inside?  I had fun with mine.  ENJOY!


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