Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cut and Paste

What I do to relax lately is what I call cut and paste... it's really scrapbooking with a BAM as Emeril says.  But first I HAVE to share this photo which was sent to me from a customer.  This is her DH in Bar Maid... who says men can't wear shawls!  I think he is REALLY rocking this thing!  Look smashing on him, perfect color and big strong burly man inside it.

Snuggle power!  YEAH BABY! 
One more thing before I get started... Bo Choker was released today! YIPEE!  So far there are 62 downloads!  WOWSERS!
Pretty little thing has matching earrings, see the kit page for more info.    
Dye day was again today and we dyed up the next shawl KAL which is Milky Way related so all the colors are those of stars and such... all on a lovely new 100% tencel thread.  DD is working the pattern up and you will be able to make either a shawl and skirt.  Dyed up some camel too which I hope to load to the Twist page in a few days,,, camel takes it's time drying.
In honor of National Scrapbook day... we have a doll house.  :-)  It's so very large that I had trouble getting a shot of it all.  There are two parts that hinge eventually.  I wanted to finish the entire thing before I hinge it and 
I am still working on what I want to do with the top.  Part of me wants to add a third level that opens with a cone and a walk way with all sorts of ports.  Part of me wants to call good.  Time will out.  Meanwhile I have albums to work on as I allow that to walk through my mind for a bit more mulling.  I have the album that came in the tutorial and another one that's larger.  This is the smaller one.  I painted the flowers you see, loads of different textures FUN!

This is the second one,,, still not decorated as I wanted to figure out the pages first.  They require a bit of math and designing.  I think I want this one to flip up instead of out as the first one does.  These fit into the large openings inside of the house.  These are the pages for the smaller one.  Here are the pages fanned out so you can see how different each one is.  On the left side the pages attach to the album with a doily type pocket.  
Then on the right there's a doily border.  Each will have main color of either pink or blue when finished.

This is a mostly finished page from last nights work.  I was up until 3 am having fun with my cut and paste.

This is page one opened, see the top?  That's a pull out card which can hold 4 photos.  Then on the right you see the little pull out which ducks back into the pocket there.

When you unfold it on the right you see these items.

This is the back of page one closed. See the fold on the left?  

That opens and unfolds to flip out once and has a pocket where the wee white envelop is.  

Continue to unfold it and you can see my stamper there you can see on the on the right.  Here the wee envelop is open to show the card inside.  I say that these aren't finished as the envelop needs a bit of bling as does a few areas where there's just mat and nothing else.  Needs more journaling areas so I will probably hit the stamps and my Big Shot for more cut outs.  I LOVE doing this but my room is rapidly filling with goodies.  I'm going to have so many presents come Christmas this year that I wont need to shop! LOVE IT!
Hope you all are having even HALF as much fun as I am... between all the cut and paste and all the painting (read dyeing) I have been doing... I'm really enjoying myself.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Work Weekend

I full well know that I should take the weekends off but this was a work weekend.  I have far too much on my plate, AGAIN!  It's unnerving how fast I can dig myself into a ditch, paint myself into a corner.  CRAZY FAE! :-)  I really enjoy what I do though.  
     Last night found me painting bracelets and spinning for the Dark Side of the Moon club.  I would LOVE to be able to give them all hand spun yarn... those in the Lux sock section.  Now that I'm about 40 days away from shipment I know it's not going to happen.  Figured out how to fix that though.  YEAH BABY!  I'm going to ship as many as I can and then the people who joined last time,,, who sign up for the Summer club will get it next time.  That way I can cover everyone.  :-)  YEAH BABY!  
     The world of cones opened to us when we purchased a skein winder this year.  It's electric and will make 4 skeins at a time and counts off the yards in digital style.  Really sweet machine.  Well, Over Kill here burned out the motor!  I was hard at work, had spun off ALL EIGHT cones of camel and went onto the cashmere cobweb for next years, year long KAL.  Well... killed the motor, it just fried.  I love the smell of ozone in the morning.  HAHA make that fried electronics in the night.  It's neat that I can make the skeins any size I want to... unfortunate that I didn't do my math right and made the camel 3.8 instead of 3.5 ounces but I'm going to get this right if it kills me!

     Just finished loading Kenzi earrings,,, so pretty and a perfect match for the necklace, what do you think?  I think that the earrings are far enough away from the pendant on this puppy so that it works well.
     Tomorrow is dye day.  Last time we did up about 100 skeins, this time we are doing club, more Fae Garden, Pixie Sleeve samples as well as custom orders.  Should be only about 50 skeins this time.  LOL like that's a small matter right?  :-)  I do love to paint though.
     Also just loaded a bunch of custom antique goodies on the Jewelry page.  Miss OverKill is a glutton for punishment but I really do enjoy my job so for me it's all fun and games.
     Are you doing what you love?  Love what you do or stop doing it! ;-)  Hugs and Kisses from the Land of the Fae.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

50% off of the Trinkets

After thinking on it I figured my trinkets might be a bit too high priced even if they are all very high end antique brass metal (one silver).  You will still get a full pack of 23 different ones.  After sleeping on it I put them to half of the original price.  The larger ones however can not go down any lower then the pricing in the video... see Trinket page and the video for pricing and more information.  Also, in time I will share with you what I'm going to do with them.  
Do make sure you are signed up for updates here to see the finished products.  I will be using my set to make layered metal objects, purse fobs, charms to dangle from chains to hang down the spine of my albums and corner covers to protect my album corners.  Especially that snow flake!  I can totally see it molded then covered with Glossy Accents in order to keep it in one place.
Hot Diggety, didn't take me long to play with them. Here's what I did with mine.  All the clocks, ket and the hand mirror went onto the large filigree.  The snowflake cut and rounded easily for a corner edge.  When coated in Glossy Accents, it should be nice and sturdy.  

Using all the rounds I began with the firm round, took the next largest size and bent it into the large one.  Then I cut the next largest and curled it, set that one in.  The smallest, cut and curled then curled each of the edges for a lovely metal flower.  This would look great on a box top.  I just used Quick Dry, might have to use hot glue if it doesn't set firm but it's pretty!  It's about 1/4th an inch high now.

The birds make a nice long hanging for either the spine of an album or why not on the inside?  I had fun with mine.  ENJOY!


Luxury from Paradise Fibers from Club

Remember a few posts back when I told ya'll that I was getting a club?  Well, looks like I signed up for TWICE as much as a normal club and I got it in today.  All I can say is it's so much better then I even thought it was.  This stuff's amazing.  When they told me I was shipped twice instead of this month and next month I was like,,, no way I want that.  OH YEAH I SO DO!!! This stuff's amazing!  The names should give you an idea but until you touch it you just don't get it.  Since I have an account with Ashland Bay I can buy these fibers in their undyed form and dive in!
They are all so very soft and amazing.  I'm guessing that was why they choose these ones and then matched the colors. The turquoise is the superfine 19 micron, teal is Tussah Silk blend and the natural is merino/yak and silk.  OH SO SOFT and lovely.  There's enough here for a sweater so I might just do that.  Although if one of them wants to be lace what nummy shawl one would make.  I will have to wait and see what they want to be when spinning time comes.  Going to have to see if I can't stock these for my spinning Buds as these are soo high end lux for cheap prices. WOW $7 per oz for the yak at PF.  Will check into my pricing, yeah their pricing is pretty good but I think I could do better.  Let me know if you are interested.  ;-)  Like you need more fiber LOL I know, I know,,, but this stuff AMAZING!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Big Shot

After a nerve wracked morning of many phone calls, e-mails and all of that.  Of thinking that my Big Shot was still in Bakersfield... here tis! Excuse the mess, I have been crafting nights all week and made great progress.
See the curtain?  My new Big Shot matches my decor perfectly! LOVE IT!  Kathy, you told me not to do this so of course it was the first thing I did.  After taking advantage of the Sizziz Flash sale here  and the Sizzix dies called... I want it all (which appears to have sold out as it's not on the site any more-check the video's perhaps it's still available) I have enough dies and embossing folders to last awhile.  Ok a good long while as this is what came in this week.  I don't even think this is all of them PLUS the sale ones aren't shipping until the end of this month.  Stacey has GREAT flash sales every month.

Then I'm working on File under M BUT I made the spine 4.5" and have 9 file folder full sized pages and 2 envelops... I have room for 10 in my hidden hinge.
Here's a bit of the ephemera.  Ya'll are right, I'm burning through TONS of paper for this one.  GREAT project to use up the stash with.  I will share photos after a bit, I haven't put them into the album just yet as I prefer to move them around a lot so I'm waiting on that,,, might be a big mistake but hey, I'm going for it.  See the Lindy's?  I'm going with that for the white on my doll house... I can't wait to play with different colors as I can't have white... I will mess up and get it dirty and it will turn colors and I will freak cause it's no longer white and well,,, yeah perfectionista showing through.  Rather then fight it I'm going to lightly edge it.  Got my ROOF in today too!  I'm going to try gray and shingle looking embossing!  FUN!
Lastly,,, the dumb boxes got 2 lanes again! :-(  I'm going  to wait for JoAnn's to have these at 50% off and then buy about 5-7 of them, the drawers there. These are the 14x14 Sterlite 3 drawer boxes. Then it will all look alike and I can get REALLY organized!  I don't like having to heft the boxes from one place to another to get down to the bottom one when I need it so these drawers are just the thing.
     Alright, I can't wait, here's the base pages of File under M.  So far I'm only covering the pages and you will see that my construct varied from what the tutorial says as I have 9 folders so I didn't want them all to be the same.  The Paper Studio, Kirby Teesdale is the paper line.  Really thin cheap one from Hobby Lobby... again hoping to go thin.
The ribbon is covering a dead give away as to the recipient so I had to cover it. This might be the first page, not sure.

This is the back side of a page and it's the only one I decorated with 3-D items as I have to get the pages into the album before doing more.  I painted the floral curl thing, fun!  This is SEI Boardwalk items

This one you can recognize as being in the tutorial.

But not this one.

Or it's back side.  She's holding a wee envelop I found cheap online.

The dots were difficult.  Now that I have my Big Shot with all the sizes of circles... no prob Bob!

Again a different back with flip up photo mats.

L pocket

This one has a pull out section

 You can see the pull out here on the right.

The last three uncovered.  I may just begin to put the pages into the album now.  It's soooo big though that I wanted to work on them outside of the album before going into it.  Ya know... I have all these trinkets and got me an anvil... I have filigree metal and I'm going to make me some sturdy covers for my corners.  BUT this posts long enough I will save trinkets for another day.  Sides, my BS (Big Shot AKA NBF for New Best Friend!) is calling LOUD and CLEAR!  
     Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SPOILER ZONE! Stardust, Fae Garden, Scrapbooking ramble

Hi Kiddies! Hope you all are doing well.  Thought since Chatty Patty is here and I have so much going on that I should share real quick here.  First Stardust, the sample, GORGEOUS! It's blocking and I get to see it for the first time.  Well, that's not true, the first time I saw it was in my head, the next time was in my design book, the third time was in chart format.  Finally I get to see it in full living color.  Here's a blurry photo for you as the KAL is only at chart 3 of 5 and I don't want to give you too much of a spoiler.
You can still see all the stars even though you are looking at only half of the shawl, LOVE LOVE LOVE this puppy.  You can find the pattern and yarn info on the Stardust page until it disappears.
     The other one that's going great guns is Fae Garden.  Our first color work shawl but surely not our last, this one is like something you would see in a museum.  Something painted by one of the Masters. Take a walk through the wrought iron gate and follow the path into my rose pavilion.  If you have a seat I will go get the sweet tea.  Springs decidedly in the house!  Rocking the color.  LOVE this one too.  See the little hearts?  There are many gorgeous motifs in this one but I wanted to share just one of them here.
     Next up I've been a scrapbooking fiend.  It's what I do to relax after work is over. You may find me at it at 2am!  Crazy right?  DH is in the same room and I think he sleeps better when I'm at my cut and paste at the desk then when I knit quietly next to him in the bed. What's needed? Supplies of course, a recent JoAnn's haul.  Takes forever to get a parcel from them online.  UGH!  I forget what I order and it's neat to go through it as I can't remember them all. ;-)  yeah short term memory loss is good for something fun for once.
     A few Idea-ology items that go with my Trunk kit when I get back to it.  Waiting for my brads.  I finally found a sanding tool LOVE my tool.  DO NOT like that circle punch!  It will only punch thin stuff and only if I take the bottom off it.  That was fun though, I turned the bottom towards me and covered my front side with circles!  I was giggling like a school girl!
     3 pads of paper, 3 packs of cards stock and butterflies galore!  I'm going to use the paper to make an album and cover it in my flutterbies.  See top center, that Martha punch is so much fun!  It stamps with three different stampers, then the punch cuts out the stamp. I want to make a streamer of butterflies in all different colors on glitter paper!  Crazy like a school girl too!
      Lastly all the goodies for my doll house kit which will get here some day.  I'm looking forward to it.  I got fencing of real wood, see the tiny flowers in the center?  I'm going to pot them on the balcony at the bottom. Left FabScraps is a tree for the side or back and above that a lamp post!  FUN!  Bought a bunch of metals for it and found I already have a 45 degree filigree item I can pound flat to make into book corners!  How exciting is that? OH and just right now I figured out that I can use part of it to curve around the book!  HOLY MOLY I think I just unvented a corner bracket that will protect real well!  Just like the Timmy ones in the first photo.  Now I can't wait to try it.  One day I'm going to figure out how to paint these metals so I can make them into other colors too.  YUPPERS she's outta control! Today my Blitzy order is in and I can't wait for Friday!  My Big Shot is to be delivered on Friday.  OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!  I'm rapidly covering the house in paper goodness.  If anyone needs an album do let me know as I would love to make one for you - cost only.
     What else?  Stitch markers.  I have to make about 200 of them.  :-)  CRACK! Need to get to work and order some more possibly. Photos too.  I have about half a dozen patterns ready to have the final publish and all I need are the photos to go onto the patterns.  You'd think I'd be quicker about that sort of thing but it takes me forever to get the final shots.
     Let me leave you with my bestest buds... my beloved and wee Yorkie aren't they adorable?
I love my boys.  Hope you are well and happy.