Friday, March 14, 2014

Wondering how it happens

     It's weird I go into dye day with a list and I think it's correct.  It's been checked and double checked but some days I just come out with left overs.  This time we have 1 skein of spruce for the Stardust KAL and two skeins of a deep dark Teal.  See KAL page for photos.
     While you are here don't miss Daisy Field under Blue Skies, gorgeous right!  This will blend by itself... you can see how each color is a subtle blend of the next color in line.  PERFECT!  All credit goes to the customer who found these colors, lined them up and said go for it.  LOVE IT!
This is on the 50/50 tencel blend which is why it so shiny.  It would be great in a silk blend also.  It will work on the less expensive merino superwash but would be smashing on one that's not a superwash. Not something we care to deal with as felting will occur.
     Speaking of tencel, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that we have a 100% tencel lace available.  This bright white just loves color.  My camera doesn't do it justice but it's a sky blue with hint of green to match the beads.
     I just love all these newbies.  While dyeing I dyed up what said it was "peach", instead it was the grossest of orange.  Really didn't like it and kept hitting it with pink until I had a lovely peach!  So gorgeous.  I don't have a photo of that for you as I will never be able to replicate it but may give it I will try.  Perhaps for the next KAL?  Not sure I want to torture myself in that manner as I know full well that it will be difficult to nail the color repeatedly until I have a science down.
     Monday's shipping will contain everything you have been waiting for! So hang on to your hats, INCOMING!
     The first Fae Yarn Club will shipment will be at the end of this month.  It's already dyed and I have to tell you it's gorgeous!  The color name is Nebula.... I'll just let you think about that.

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