Thursday, March 20, 2014

Second Procedure

Hi Kiddies, miss me?  The procedure went well, it was on Monday.  I was in bad, (notice I don't say horrific) pain for the first day, slept about 4 hours.  Then slept for an another 14. Which may or may not, account for no sleep at all over the following 24 hours?  One never knows with my body.  Still can't eat.  Each time I set down to eat a meal get this nauseous, ill feeling.  I've missed a few meals but I have enough stored to go around so I'm sure I haven't missed much.  The only items that go down without complaint are yogurt and fresh fruit or veggies.  Since I know my body prefers Vegan living this is the best thing for me.
     Now, what you have all have been waiting for.  The procedure worked! Praise the Lord! Yes, I'm still in bed, no I'm not walking or dancing around... I'm not planning on it either.  I'd much prefer to be pain free for as long as possible then to get up and walk for a day.  While I miss having my feet under me, I know from the last procedure that I will only be able to walk for a few hours and then I will revert to being pain riddled again.  I choose to stay down and live without pain instead.  YES! PAIN FREE!!!!  That said there is still pain but it's not past the 10 mark that it normally is.  More like 0-5 how's that for working!  I think it's pretty grand.  It's hard to understand exactly what's real pain and what's just stiff and sore.  It takes me a few minutes after waking up to decide... mostly I can just stretch and I figure out that I'm just sore.  CRAZY!  After being in the amount of pain I've been in for so many years... to come up pain free is just insanity for me.  My world has turned upside down and my frown is now a smiley face.  LOOK I found my smile.  
     The Lord really blessed me.  My much beloved husband has been great throughout this entire thing. He has taken such great care of me, been there step by step throughout each day.  I'm so very blessed with a kind, considerate, loving man, I don't know what I'd do without him.  Each time he called me I knew he was waiting for an update, waiting for the day when I could say that there was ZERO pain left.
     Well, I have over 100 messages so I need to fly, just wanted to check in and let you all know what happened. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.  Hope you are all doing well and that no fires came up that my TKers couldn't handle for you.  I'M BaaaAaaaCK!  :-)  Are you are ready for me?


  1. Woo hoo! And - no - I'm absolutely not ready for you! :) I couldn't keep up when you were down; now I'll just smile and wave while you run circles around the rest of us! I'm so happy this has had a positive outcome so far; I hope it will settle into something consistently good!

  2. Good news, Wendy! I hope you continue to be pain free!