Monday, March 31, 2014

One week of cut and paste

As many of you know I took a week off after my procedure.  It was so necessary and I really didn't understand how important it was.  I set my own hours and for the most part work at my own pace.  Before the procedure I'd worked myself into the ground.  So I guess you can say I had a vacation. ;-) My first in years.  This is the results of said "vacation".  As well as a well rested and very refreshed Yarn Fairy.
Back left a steamer trunk, front left 2 large(?) albums and on the right the bonus project from February a photo box with a built in album under it. Lets start with the trunk.  My kit didn't have the brads so I still need to put those on, they accent the piece perfectly to really make it look like a real trunk.  No, that's not leather, it's chip board!!!!  HAHAHA, yeah I'm learning a ton, when I opened my kit I kept looking for the straps. The paper for this project is lovely, Idea-ology by Tim Holtz.  He's rapidly becoming one of my favorite paper designer.  He designs everything so I shouldn't say "paper".  

Opened you can see there's a frame and a drawer on the front.  With another drawer on the right.  Cute eh!  I love this project.  There were two mini albums to go with this.  I made mine Nests and Eggs with a feather up the side and a nest of eggs on the back, cute!  I will get back to this.  
I got to the second album and it became the this one on the right.  I added to the spine to see if I could decorate it and still have room for photos... no such luck, it's over decorated and there's no room for photos STILL! LOVE the paper for this one, when I bought it I didn't know it was fairies, then the hunt was on for 12x12 sheets, I only found 5 of them but bought 5 of each.
I'm currently working on a 11x10.5 that was supposed to have a 3 inch spine, I made it 4.5 instead.  Lets see if that works right?  You can see all the divider pages, each has a pocket for more goodies and a pocket on the divider which houses more journaling room.  
Each page has this flip out section, holds 4 photos, with a belly band to hold it all together.  A great place for photos if I can figure out how to compress the thing.  See the ticket?  It's made of wood which is adding to to thickness of the album.  This is how it's all housed in the album.

The other album belongs inside of my Take a Spin which I shared with you last time.  This is the large album finally decorated along with the two mini albums which go into the project.  The front page has an L flap to house all the goodies.  The bike,,, it's a pull out which has 6 places for photos, 2 small and 4 at 4x6.  
The next photo shows all the dividers which have the pockets like the Fae album.

A lot of stuff, I know.  It's just so much fun decorating these goodies once you get on a roll.  All of these projects come from
Below is the bonus project, it is a box which opens to display a photo or can house another mini album.  
Then when you open the box there is has a mini album built into the bottom box.  This one has room for photos FINALLY something which can actually be used!  

At the end of the week I was out of all adhesives... this is the result of running out!  I couldn't remember which size I ordered and when... so when the floor gates opened this was the result.  I now have a mini mart that I can go to in my room to get more adhesives.  Along with this there are four 4 oz bottles of Scotch quick dry glue. YUPPERS enough to get through at least another project right?  Good thing too as the next one is shipping shortly.
     Meanwhile I'm back to work days, much refreshed and ready to tackle work again.  Evenings I can still play cut and paste... and so I do.  It's a very hush hush project but I already gave you the size.  BIG MOMMA coming through!   My Stardust sample is on the last 2 rows which are repeated until you get down to the last 10 grams of yarn and then work the b/o so I'm going to get to see it in all it's glory shortly.  Fae Garden sample is being worked by DD who's half way through chart 1,,, which is saying something as there are many charts for this one.  Our first color work shawl, with MASSIVE yardage, like 3000 yards,  CRAZY!  It's a work of art, wait, heart, wait till you see it, gorgeous.  I just got the last chart off to the test knitters so we are ready to open this one up.  Wolfie cowl has a clip which I just posted to the Kit page.  ENJOY Peeps!

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