Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fae Yarn Club

The first ever Fae Yarn Club has shipped out! 


      If you don't want to see the yarn, flit away now, I loved this time through.  We painted the Nebula's for you from deep space, inspiration came from the Orion Nebula.
And to get you there you needed a Wizard to keep you safe on your journey.  The purse fob goody that went to the Lux kits is The Wiz.  Frugal got a Fae element on a lobster claw... one of my FAVORITES I hope you like them.
    The photos so do not do the yarn justice as it's a black overlay as was the Raven.
My favorite was the frugal club which was done on 100% superwash on the left. Center is the cashmere/merino blend and left is the angora LOVE IT!!!! That angora is just screaming for me to knit up a sweater in it.  I was thinking about a plain floral lace as it's got a lovely halo and at times the spin is slubby for nummy texture within the yarn.  You can knit up a sweater too at this price point!  I was able to get this one cheaply and so they are only $19.50 per skein!  Here it is in purple too in order to show you the semi solid that comes from a paint job.

This is the lace!  The photo looks a bit green around the gills, it's so not though, it is black.  This one starts out a pretty camel brown and what with the base being a blend of merino/silk/cashmere 70/20/10, the color didn't comes through as strong as on the 100% super but it's still lovely.  The blips of color will be over a single stitch and will give the shawl great character and interest.  I say "shawl" as you will be get 2 skeins in the one (looks like a single skein-open them) for a total of 1540 yards per 4 oz!  This is a fine lace weight yarn which you will ADORE. We still have a bit of this left in stock if anyone wants some PM me wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ and .-remove spaces) It's only $12 per 2 oz, 770 yard skein.  At this price it should be gone in a short time so do PM me to order more.
     Mid April we are going to be able to order sock blank for gradient fun shawls, socks, gloves, scarves, etc.  These are priced at only $25 and pre-orders are now open.
     Next month we will have the 2nd installment of Dark Side of the Moon,,, what will it be?  This little guy was posted on my Facebook page today from one of our peeps.
I had been thinking about Meldy Deeping you all some purple and he's just so inspiring.  Thinking the purple, black and teals might just come into existence.  :-)  Time will out.  Firsts I need to gather all the magic in the realm as well as the bases. ;-)
     While I'm at it here I'm going to load a few photos to the Twist page so have a look see.
     Meanwhile knit on peeps!  We are currently working on Stardust, Modern Heirloom and up next, Fae Garden.  Our first every color work shawl!  Full Faroese shaping so it will sit where you put it and it will STAY put.  Which is always a plus.  This lovely shawl lets you take a peek into the Realm of the Fae into the garden where the Pixies and Fairies work hand in hand to get spring flowers to turn into summer blooms.  There's a gate in front of this realm though and only Yarn Fairy and the Pixies can give you the key. ENJOY!

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  1. Eeee! I just checked and my yarn club is out for delivery! I can't wait to see it in person; these photos are just glorious!

    Now the bad news: I won't get home until 10:30 or so tonight. :( I hate waiting....