Friday, March 28, 2014

Club to me!

Ya'll got your club, now it's time I got mine.  :-) 
      Yuppers I get one too, from Paradise Fibers, a spinning fiber club FUN!  I just got my notice and the review was correct, I'm loving it!  I had NO idea what quantity they were tossing out there I just took the fact that it was THEM and went,,, I know these peeps they are going to be spoiling me.  No way someone this big isn't going to Normally you get 4 oz in a club and the person sending it calls it good.  Not so for Paradise,,, they want me on a beach with the waves lapping at my toes, where they send I will go.  
What has me this excited?  Just you wait and see.

4 oz Ashland Bay Color Fusion Superfine Merino - Cyan 

3 oz of Ashland Bay Dyed Merino/Tussah Silk- Mallard

2 oz of Ashland Bay Merino/Tibetan Yak/Cultivated Silk Spinning Fiber

And a goodie from Lantern Moon that I couldn't help but ooooh and aaaaah over.  Isn't he adorastinkingble!
TOO CUTE! I just love this little dude.  I'm always breaking my tape measures, you can never have enough of them.
     Lastly I have this Pixie Paca... I was going to just toss it into the garbage as it took DS TWELVE HOURS to untangle 50 grams of this yarn.  I kid you NOT!  This is the worst snargle you will ever see in your entire life. The yarn is our beloved Pixie Paca, baby alpaca, cashmere and silk. I believe it might have been pulled through itself while it was being dyed,  
it's the only reason I can find for it misbehaving so. Regardless you have to hand wind the ball as you untangle this mess... and you never get more then an inch off at a time.  It will truly either make you or break you.  If you are interested in having the last 50 grams for shipping costs PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.  
     Today instead of being found at my normal work pursuits... today found me in an organizing mode.  A few weeks back I bought storage for my many beading needs.  I didn't know what would work and tried on a few different ideas.  This one stuck!  I love my beads now.  Before they were all bagged and put into boxes which flowed out all in front of these boxes... there were TWO more rows! In FRONT of this row and the folder drawer.
     Now it's all organized in these 5 boxes along with my goodies for the Fae Club, Kenzi Kits and the top has paper, tape and paint.  As you can see the 12x12 paper is growing and expanding so I had to get a handle on it now before it took over.  These two large cabinets contain so many drawers that it held all of my shaped beads and ones that aren't 11, 8 or 6/0.  

This houses all the crystals, pearls, flowers, hearts, leaves, everything and a place for it all.  I can now find anything I desire with just a glance at the boxes!  I'm so very pleased.  I can now take my findings drawers and tool box over to this area, flip out the desk and get straight to work.  No messing about with getting all the boxes out on the bed to surround me.  My Wee boy isn't happy to have me so far away but he's getting more accustomed to me being at my desks.  My old boss would have shot me at dawn for this.  Something about a clear line of sight at under chest high!  LOL here I'm the boss and DH was astonished at all I'd accomplished... very happy to have more then a path to walk through I might add.  :-)
     ENJOY! your weekend.  I'm going to be with my beloved hubby or will be found at my "cut and paste".

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  1. Wendy I wanted to reply to your post on my blog about my Botanical tea box and your upcoming doll house project. Could you drop me a line on my email ? I couldn't find any spot to send you an email via your blog. Love your creatures!!! My sister is a knitter I'm sending your blog on to her I know she'll love it!