Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring pattern - burnt out?

     Knee deep in work and feeling a bit abused, read all the way through to the end of this post to find out why.  I don't like to complain so it's hard for me to be honest what with not liking to focus on the negative and only dwell in the positive but something has been bugging me and I'm getting it off of my chest now, first a bit of a ramble so that I can get my courage up to share and be open with you.
      DD has been a cleaning maniac, she's got friends coming up for her 17th b-day.  All these teens will overrun the house and be howling late into the night.  There is a boy for Shane and I think 2 girls a total of 5 of them.  She's a great little hostess though and I'm she will cook for them.  DH is bringing home carne asada and fresh tortillas and pico de gallo, I hope he buys enough.  That should hold them for a few hours anyway.  Teens are bottomless pits.
     My bed was covered in parcels today from the PO.  There were 2 very large boxes to sort beads into and 3 different organizers for more beads and tools.  OOOH TOOLS!  I need a small tool box as I have hammers and screw drivers and wee hole borers I can't wait to feel strong enough to get to all this organizing.  I have to stare at the mess all day long so I would like it to have more symmetry which might make me feel better then seeing all these mis-matched boxes.
     I was up late last night doing the spinning for the Lux sock club.  They are getting hand spun yarn for the final month.  I love what it looks like, the color is called Little Dwarf and he's adorable!  If the club was larger I couldn't do this but I'm happy to be spinning for others for a change.  Today's parcels brought in some bought gifts for the club, need to figure out who's getting what.  
     Elegant Sleeves... needs a new name... how lame is that.  It describes the KAL but I was thinking about Fairy Sleeves instead.  What do you think?  I dyed up a sample batch in bright aqua LOVE IT!  I have to see if I have an aqua for cotton dyeing and do up the T and some cotton thread too.  So far I have bamboo for the thingy and 50/50 silk/merino lace for the sleeves and Pixie Paca for the other thingy.  :-) SHH it's a secret!
      What else?  Did I tell you guys about Wolfie?  It's this lovely cowl I designed.  I bought this wonderful fur yarn and designed the cowl around the fur with a skein of hand painted worsted it's gorgeous!  I just need to add the fur to the other end and get some TKer but I don't know if I wrote enough of the pattern yet for them.  Wolfie's been sitting around for about a month without my doing anything about him as I have been feeling well, frankly, after the Spring pattern was re-released and people complained that they didn't get a copy... I have been feeling a bit trounced.  I didn't have to post it for free at all.  I gifted 50 copies ($370 worth) and closed it up after 3 hours.  Then the complaints started rolling in of all those who missed out.  I don't think people realize how much work goes into the making of a pattern.  They take so much out of me, each one takes part of my life, my heart from me.  The design part normally comes to me in my sleep pretty much drafts itself.  The writing wears me down and then all the testing and all of that takes MONTHS out of my life.  I have been feeling like I have been doing too much and that I was already giving so much of myself out.  Then this past Sunday when I gifted the Spring pattern it was like a slap in the face and made me want to take a massive step back away from all the work.  I was already feeling pressured and this was the straw with the camel thing.  Normally I like to focus on the positive and not this negative stuff so you don't hear much of this type of honesty out of me but there you have it.  I'm feeling very much like I need to pull away from the business and take some time for myself instead of working 24/7 just to get slapped in the face for it.
     Today I found out that my procedure was approved for my back.  It's happening the week after next so if you don't hear from me... all the organizing I have in front of me, then the fact that I'm burnt out and trounced... top it off with my ailments.   Well, that's some honesty for you.  We will be dyeing again the first week in April so the custom orders will have to wait until then.


  1. (Hugss) Take a step back, take some time to take care of yourself. No one needs to work 24/7. Prayers and mojo for success with the procedure for your back!

  2. I was more than happy to pay for Spring Has Sprung. No one should have to give away their artistry for free! The pattern is beautiful and when I get around to making it I'm sure I will enjoy it. Praying for you and your family as you go through this procedure. Prayers for a quick recovery.