Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blue Week?

So is there anyone who's brave enough to wear them?  If so I will make them.  Pierced or clamp? Silver or gold?

     All I keep thinking of is gathering the supplies and different yarn basis I need for Elegant Sleeves.  It's terrible but until I begin to work on them this will continue to happen to me.  I know that the sleeves themselves will need drape so the 50/50 silk merino is screaming to be used here.  Then the collar must be made of something soft with zero itch so the 50/50 merino tencel is screaming at me too.  The other little ones that go into the decorations on the collar are fine thread like things, silk cobweb to be used as thread, #10 cotton for making a motif, merino lace for another and on and on it goes.  They are screaming at me though so I must needs get a move along on to them soon.
     Another thing that was rolling around can stop now.  I needed to dye one month of the Fae Yarn club up in advance as it was roving which needs to be made into sock yarn!  YUPPERS the Lux sock club might be getting hand spun!  I'm so excited, I learned a new technique for dyeing roving.  I put it out into 8 ounce sections.  Put dye into the pot, then roving, different dye, more roving and in this manner ended up with a masterpiece!  When dry I will begin to spin for socks.  The only way I could do this is if there were so few of you, which there are so I'm pleased.
     I find it very hard to believe that this blue Monday is turning into a blue week but there you have it.  Pixies away and Yarn Fairy at ends.  I know from past experience that this is the turning day so I figure I will at least get dressed and get something done.  I want to play cut and paste after my work is finished.  We'll have to wait and see.
     Before I go I want to share my recent forays into cut and paste.

There are 6 pages to this one, they all have an accordion flip out like this one below.  Loads of mats waiting for photos and plenty of journal space.  All very antique looking.

This one has a fresh and new feel to it. Lots of photo mats, journal space.  The pink are large mats ready for the larger photos or more long winded information.  There's even a book mark in this one.  Again 6 pages and an accordion flip out mat section.  

On the last page, inside back cover is a pocket.  This pocket contains a book with a calendar and note area for more intense writing.
      I would share the outsides with you but there are names on the outside and these are both in transit so lets just say they are both beautiful.  This one has 2 large flowers on the spine, love it!
      I'm going to go release a clue and get to more cut and paste.  I have two bonus projects and last months project I can begin to cut the chipboard for.  :-)  Hey I need a break after all that dyeing and shipping.  It's been a rough two weeks.

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