Monday, March 31, 2014

One week of cut and paste

As many of you know I took a week off after my procedure.  It was so necessary and I really didn't understand how important it was.  I set my own hours and for the most part work at my own pace.  Before the procedure I'd worked myself into the ground.  So I guess you can say I had a vacation. ;-) My first in years.  This is the results of said "vacation".  As well as a well rested and very refreshed Yarn Fairy.
Back left a steamer trunk, front left 2 large(?) albums and on the right the bonus project from February a photo box with a built in album under it. Lets start with the trunk.  My kit didn't have the brads so I still need to put those on, they accent the piece perfectly to really make it look like a real trunk.  No, that's not leather, it's chip board!!!!  HAHAHA, yeah I'm learning a ton, when I opened my kit I kept looking for the straps. The paper for this project is lovely, Idea-ology by Tim Holtz.  He's rapidly becoming one of my favorite paper designer.  He designs everything so I shouldn't say "paper".  

Opened you can see there's a frame and a drawer on the front.  With another drawer on the right.  Cute eh!  I love this project.  There were two mini albums to go with this.  I made mine Nests and Eggs with a feather up the side and a nest of eggs on the back, cute!  I will get back to this.  
I got to the second album and it became the this one on the right.  I added to the spine to see if I could decorate it and still have room for photos... no such luck, it's over decorated and there's no room for photos STILL! LOVE the paper for this one, when I bought it I didn't know it was fairies, then the hunt was on for 12x12 sheets, I only found 5 of them but bought 5 of each.
I'm currently working on a 11x10.5 that was supposed to have a 3 inch spine, I made it 4.5 instead.  Lets see if that works right?  You can see all the divider pages, each has a pocket for more goodies and a pocket on the divider which houses more journaling room.  
Each page has this flip out section, holds 4 photos, with a belly band to hold it all together.  A great place for photos if I can figure out how to compress the thing.  See the ticket?  It's made of wood which is adding to to thickness of the album.  This is how it's all housed in the album.

The other album belongs inside of my Take a Spin which I shared with you last time.  This is the large album finally decorated along with the two mini albums which go into the project.  The front page has an L flap to house all the goodies.  The bike,,, it's a pull out which has 6 places for photos, 2 small and 4 at 4x6.  
The next photo shows all the dividers which have the pockets like the Fae album.

A lot of stuff, I know.  It's just so much fun decorating these goodies once you get on a roll.  All of these projects come from
Below is the bonus project, it is a box which opens to display a photo or can house another mini album.  
Then when you open the box there is has a mini album built into the bottom box.  This one has room for photos FINALLY something which can actually be used!  

At the end of the week I was out of all adhesives... this is the result of running out!  I couldn't remember which size I ordered and when... so when the floor gates opened this was the result.  I now have a mini mart that I can go to in my room to get more adhesives.  Along with this there are four 4 oz bottles of Scotch quick dry glue. YUPPERS enough to get through at least another project right?  Good thing too as the next one is shipping shortly.
     Meanwhile I'm back to work days, much refreshed and ready to tackle work again.  Evenings I can still play cut and paste... and so I do.  It's a very hush hush project but I already gave you the size.  BIG MOMMA coming through!   My Stardust sample is on the last 2 rows which are repeated until you get down to the last 10 grams of yarn and then work the b/o so I'm going to get to see it in all it's glory shortly.  Fae Garden sample is being worked by DD who's half way through chart 1,,, which is saying something as there are many charts for this one.  Our first color work shawl, with MASSIVE yardage, like 3000 yards,  CRAZY!  It's a work of art, wait, heart, wait till you see it, gorgeous.  I just got the last chart off to the test knitters so we are ready to open this one up.  Wolfie cowl has a clip which I just posted to the Kit page.  ENJOY Peeps!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Club to me!

Ya'll got your club, now it's time I got mine.  :-) 
      Yuppers I get one too, from Paradise Fibers, a spinning fiber club FUN!  I just got my notice and the review was correct, I'm loving it!  I had NO idea what quantity they were tossing out there I just took the fact that it was THEM and went,,, I know these peeps they are going to be spoiling me.  No way someone this big isn't going to Normally you get 4 oz in a club and the person sending it calls it good.  Not so for Paradise,,, they want me on a beach with the waves lapping at my toes, where they send I will go.  
What has me this excited?  Just you wait and see.

4 oz Ashland Bay Color Fusion Superfine Merino - Cyan 

3 oz of Ashland Bay Dyed Merino/Tussah Silk- Mallard

2 oz of Ashland Bay Merino/Tibetan Yak/Cultivated Silk Spinning Fiber

And a goodie from Lantern Moon that I couldn't help but ooooh and aaaaah over.  Isn't he adorastinkingble!
TOO CUTE! I just love this little dude.  I'm always breaking my tape measures, you can never have enough of them.
     Lastly I have this Pixie Paca... I was going to just toss it into the garbage as it took DS TWELVE HOURS to untangle 50 grams of this yarn.  I kid you NOT!  This is the worst snargle you will ever see in your entire life. The yarn is our beloved Pixie Paca, baby alpaca, cashmere and silk. I believe it might have been pulled through itself while it was being dyed,  
it's the only reason I can find for it misbehaving so. Regardless you have to hand wind the ball as you untangle this mess... and you never get more then an inch off at a time.  It will truly either make you or break you.  If you are interested in having the last 50 grams for shipping costs PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.  
     Today instead of being found at my normal work pursuits... today found me in an organizing mode.  A few weeks back I bought storage for my many beading needs.  I didn't know what would work and tried on a few different ideas.  This one stuck!  I love my beads now.  Before they were all bagged and put into boxes which flowed out all in front of these boxes... there were TWO more rows! In FRONT of this row and the folder drawer.
     Now it's all organized in these 5 boxes along with my goodies for the Fae Club, Kenzi Kits and the top has paper, tape and paint.  As you can see the 12x12 paper is growing and expanding so I had to get a handle on it now before it took over.  These two large cabinets contain so many drawers that it held all of my shaped beads and ones that aren't 11, 8 or 6/0.  

This houses all the crystals, pearls, flowers, hearts, leaves, everything and a place for it all.  I can now find anything I desire with just a glance at the boxes!  I'm so very pleased.  I can now take my findings drawers and tool box over to this area, flip out the desk and get straight to work.  No messing about with getting all the boxes out on the bed to surround me.  My Wee boy isn't happy to have me so far away but he's getting more accustomed to me being at my desks.  My old boss would have shot me at dawn for this.  Something about a clear line of sight at under chest high!  LOL here I'm the boss and DH was astonished at all I'd accomplished... very happy to have more then a path to walk through I might add.  :-)
     ENJOY! your weekend.  I'm going to be with my beloved hubby or will be found at my "cut and paste".

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fae Yarn Club

The first ever Fae Yarn Club has shipped out! 


      If you don't want to see the yarn, flit away now, I loved this time through.  We painted the Nebula's for you from deep space, inspiration came from the Orion Nebula.
And to get you there you needed a Wizard to keep you safe on your journey.  The purse fob goody that went to the Lux kits is The Wiz.  Frugal got a Fae element on a lobster claw... one of my FAVORITES I hope you like them.
    The photos so do not do the yarn justice as it's a black overlay as was the Raven.
My favorite was the frugal club which was done on 100% superwash on the left. Center is the cashmere/merino blend and left is the angora LOVE IT!!!! That angora is just screaming for me to knit up a sweater in it.  I was thinking about a plain floral lace as it's got a lovely halo and at times the spin is slubby for nummy texture within the yarn.  You can knit up a sweater too at this price point!  I was able to get this one cheaply and so they are only $19.50 per skein!  Here it is in purple too in order to show you the semi solid that comes from a paint job.

This is the lace!  The photo looks a bit green around the gills, it's so not though, it is black.  This one starts out a pretty camel brown and what with the base being a blend of merino/silk/cashmere 70/20/10, the color didn't comes through as strong as on the 100% super but it's still lovely.  The blips of color will be over a single stitch and will give the shawl great character and interest.  I say "shawl" as you will be get 2 skeins in the one (looks like a single skein-open them) for a total of 1540 yards per 4 oz!  This is a fine lace weight yarn which you will ADORE. We still have a bit of this left in stock if anyone wants some PM me wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ and .-remove spaces) It's only $12 per 2 oz, 770 yard skein.  At this price it should be gone in a short time so do PM me to order more.
     Mid April we are going to be able to order sock blank for gradient fun shawls, socks, gloves, scarves, etc.  These are priced at only $25 and pre-orders are now open.
     Next month we will have the 2nd installment of Dark Side of the Moon,,, what will it be?  This little guy was posted on my Facebook page today from one of our peeps.
I had been thinking about Meldy Deeping you all some purple and he's just so inspiring.  Thinking the purple, black and teals might just come into existence.  :-)  Time will out.  Firsts I need to gather all the magic in the realm as well as the bases. ;-)
     While I'm at it here I'm going to load a few photos to the Twist page so have a look see.
     Meanwhile knit on peeps!  We are currently working on Stardust, Modern Heirloom and up next, Fae Garden.  Our first every color work shawl!  Full Faroese shaping so it will sit where you put it and it will STAY put.  Which is always a plus.  This lovely shawl lets you take a peek into the Realm of the Fae into the garden where the Pixies and Fairies work hand in hand to get spring flowers to turn into summer blooms.  There's a gate in front of this realm though and only Yarn Fairy and the Pixies can give you the key. ENJOY!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Second Procedure

Hi Kiddies, miss me?  The procedure went well, it was on Monday.  I was in bad, (notice I don't say horrific) pain for the first day, slept about 4 hours.  Then slept for an another 14. Which may or may not, account for no sleep at all over the following 24 hours?  One never knows with my body.  Still can't eat.  Each time I set down to eat a meal get this nauseous, ill feeling.  I've missed a few meals but I have enough stored to go around so I'm sure I haven't missed much.  The only items that go down without complaint are yogurt and fresh fruit or veggies.  Since I know my body prefers Vegan living this is the best thing for me.
     Now, what you have all have been waiting for.  The procedure worked! Praise the Lord! Yes, I'm still in bed, no I'm not walking or dancing around... I'm not planning on it either.  I'd much prefer to be pain free for as long as possible then to get up and walk for a day.  While I miss having my feet under me, I know from the last procedure that I will only be able to walk for a few hours and then I will revert to being pain riddled again.  I choose to stay down and live without pain instead.  YES! PAIN FREE!!!!  That said there is still pain but it's not past the 10 mark that it normally is.  More like 0-5 how's that for working!  I think it's pretty grand.  It's hard to understand exactly what's real pain and what's just stiff and sore.  It takes me a few minutes after waking up to decide... mostly I can just stretch and I figure out that I'm just sore.  CRAZY!  After being in the amount of pain I've been in for so many years... to come up pain free is just insanity for me.  My world has turned upside down and my frown is now a smiley face.  LOOK I found my smile.  
     The Lord really blessed me.  My much beloved husband has been great throughout this entire thing. He has taken such great care of me, been there step by step throughout each day.  I'm so very blessed with a kind, considerate, loving man, I don't know what I'd do without him.  Each time he called me I knew he was waiting for an update, waiting for the day when I could say that there was ZERO pain left.
     Well, I have over 100 messages so I need to fly, just wanted to check in and let you all know what happened. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.  Hope you are all doing well and that no fires came up that my TKers couldn't handle for you.  I'M BaaaAaaaCK!  :-)  Are you are ready for me?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Wondering how it happens

     It's weird I go into dye day with a list and I think it's correct.  It's been checked and double checked but some days I just come out with left overs.  This time we have 1 skein of spruce for the Stardust KAL and two skeins of a deep dark Teal.  See KAL page for photos.
     While you are here don't miss Daisy Field under Blue Skies, gorgeous right!  This will blend by itself... you can see how each color is a subtle blend of the next color in line.  PERFECT!  All credit goes to the customer who found these colors, lined them up and said go for it.  LOVE IT!
This is on the 50/50 tencel blend which is why it so shiny.  It would be great in a silk blend also.  It will work on the less expensive merino superwash but would be smashing on one that's not a superwash. Not something we care to deal with as felting will occur.
     Speaking of tencel, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that we have a 100% tencel lace available.  This bright white just loves color.  My camera doesn't do it justice but it's a sky blue with hint of green to match the beads.
     I just love all these newbies.  While dyeing I dyed up what said it was "peach", instead it was the grossest of orange.  Really didn't like it and kept hitting it with pink until I had a lovely peach!  So gorgeous.  I don't have a photo of that for you as I will never be able to replicate it but may give it I will try.  Perhaps for the next KAL?  Not sure I want to torture myself in that manner as I know full well that it will be difficult to nail the color repeatedly until I have a science down.
     Monday's shipping will contain everything you have been waiting for! So hang on to your hats, INCOMING!
     The first Fae Yarn Club will shipment will be at the end of this month.  It's already dyed and I have to tell you it's gorgeous!  The color name is Nebula.... I'll just let you think about that.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring pattern - burnt out?

     Knee deep in work and feeling a bit abused, read all the way through to the end of this post to find out why.  I don't like to complain so it's hard for me to be honest what with not liking to focus on the negative and only dwell in the positive but something has been bugging me and I'm getting it off of my chest now, first a bit of a ramble so that I can get my courage up to share and be open with you.
      DD has been a cleaning maniac, she's got friends coming up for her 17th b-day.  All these teens will overrun the house and be howling late into the night.  There is a boy for Shane and I think 2 girls a total of 5 of them.  She's a great little hostess though and I'm she will cook for them.  DH is bringing home carne asada and fresh tortillas and pico de gallo, I hope he buys enough.  That should hold them for a few hours anyway.  Teens are bottomless pits.
     My bed was covered in parcels today from the PO.  There were 2 very large boxes to sort beads into and 3 different organizers for more beads and tools.  OOOH TOOLS!  I need a small tool box as I have hammers and screw drivers and wee hole borers I can't wait to feel strong enough to get to all this organizing.  I have to stare at the mess all day long so I would like it to have more symmetry which might make me feel better then seeing all these mis-matched boxes.
     I was up late last night doing the spinning for the Lux sock club.  They are getting hand spun yarn for the final month.  I love what it looks like, the color is called Little Dwarf and he's adorable!  If the club was larger I couldn't do this but I'm happy to be spinning for others for a change.  Today's parcels brought in some bought gifts for the club, need to figure out who's getting what.  
     Elegant Sleeves... needs a new name... how lame is that.  It describes the KAL but I was thinking about Fairy Sleeves instead.  What do you think?  I dyed up a sample batch in bright aqua LOVE IT!  I have to see if I have an aqua for cotton dyeing and do up the T and some cotton thread too.  So far I have bamboo for the thingy and 50/50 silk/merino lace for the sleeves and Pixie Paca for the other thingy.  :-) SHH it's a secret!
      What else?  Did I tell you guys about Wolfie?  It's this lovely cowl I designed.  I bought this wonderful fur yarn and designed the cowl around the fur with a skein of hand painted worsted it's gorgeous!  I just need to add the fur to the other end and get some TKer but I don't know if I wrote enough of the pattern yet for them.  Wolfie's been sitting around for about a month without my doing anything about him as I have been feeling well, frankly, after the Spring pattern was re-released and people complained that they didn't get a copy... I have been feeling a bit trounced.  I didn't have to post it for free at all.  I gifted 50 copies ($370 worth) and closed it up after 3 hours.  Then the complaints started rolling in of all those who missed out.  I don't think people realize how much work goes into the making of a pattern.  They take so much out of me, each one takes part of my life, my heart from me.  The design part normally comes to me in my sleep pretty much drafts itself.  The writing wears me down and then all the testing and all of that takes MONTHS out of my life.  I have been feeling like I have been doing too much and that I was already giving so much of myself out.  Then this past Sunday when I gifted the Spring pattern it was like a slap in the face and made me want to take a massive step back away from all the work.  I was already feeling pressured and this was the straw with the camel thing.  Normally I like to focus on the positive and not this negative stuff so you don't hear much of this type of honesty out of me but there you have it.  I'm feeling very much like I need to pull away from the business and take some time for myself instead of working 24/7 just to get slapped in the face for it.
     Today I found out that my procedure was approved for my back.  It's happening the week after next so if you don't hear from me... all the organizing I have in front of me, then the fact that I'm burnt out and trounced... top it off with my ailments.   Well, that's some honesty for you.  We will be dyeing again the first week in April so the custom orders will have to wait until then.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blue Week?

So is there anyone who's brave enough to wear them?  If so I will make them.  Pierced or clamp? Silver or gold?

     All I keep thinking of is gathering the supplies and different yarn basis I need for Elegant Sleeves.  It's terrible but until I begin to work on them this will continue to happen to me.  I know that the sleeves themselves will need drape so the 50/50 silk merino is screaming to be used here.  Then the collar must be made of something soft with zero itch so the 50/50 merino tencel is screaming at me too.  The other little ones that go into the decorations on the collar are fine thread like things, silk cobweb to be used as thread, #10 cotton for making a motif, merino lace for another and on and on it goes.  They are screaming at me though so I must needs get a move along on to them soon.
     Another thing that was rolling around can stop now.  I needed to dye one month of the Fae Yarn club up in advance as it was roving which needs to be made into sock yarn!  YUPPERS the Lux sock club might be getting hand spun!  I'm so excited, I learned a new technique for dyeing roving.  I put it out into 8 ounce sections.  Put dye into the pot, then roving, different dye, more roving and in this manner ended up with a masterpiece!  When dry I will begin to spin for socks.  The only way I could do this is if there were so few of you, which there are so I'm pleased.
     I find it very hard to believe that this blue Monday is turning into a blue week but there you have it.  Pixies away and Yarn Fairy at ends.  I know from past experience that this is the turning day so I figure I will at least get dressed and get something done.  I want to play cut and paste after my work is finished.  We'll have to wait and see.
     Before I go I want to share my recent forays into cut and paste.

There are 6 pages to this one, they all have an accordion flip out like this one below.  Loads of mats waiting for photos and plenty of journal space.  All very antique looking.

This one has a fresh and new feel to it. Lots of photo mats, journal space.  The pink are large mats ready for the larger photos or more long winded information.  There's even a book mark in this one.  Again 6 pages and an accordion flip out mat section.  

On the last page, inside back cover is a pocket.  This pocket contains a book with a calendar and note area for more intense writing.
      I would share the outsides with you but there are names on the outside and these are both in transit so lets just say they are both beautiful.  This one has 2 large flowers on the spine, love it!
      I'm going to go release a clue and get to more cut and paste.  I have two bonus projects and last months project I can begin to cut the chipboard for.  :-)  Hey I need a break after all that dyeing and shipping.  It's been a rough two weeks.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Ok, I give up, what's the deal with Mondays?  Why is it that Mondays stink so bad?  It should be a great day, new week, fresh start.  Instead I find that I'm low, sad and sort of lethargic not wanting to do much of anything. 

That's saying something as I was a Type A before illness claimed me.  I get to do whatever I like, whenever I wish to. Surely that alone is enough to make one stay close to cloud nine?  Instead I find that there's nothing I would like to do.  I have a list too!  I knew it was going to be hard, what with my Pixies having flown the coop for a week so I wrote a list of all the things that might pique my interest.
    Dyeing just a pot of roving for the June Lux club
    January or February bonus project scrap book stuff
    Pull goodies for Elegant Sleeves
    Samples Mod Heir, Stardust, Fae Garden
So it's not like I have nothing to do.  There's always something going on and several of those tickle me a little bit BUT I don't really have a desire to do any of them.  WHY?
     How do you feel on Mondays?  Where does this come from and how do you beat it?