Friday, February 28, 2014

TASpin Video and some YF biz

Some of you know that I have taken to scrap booking like a duck to water.  What you may not know is the style of scrap booking.  I don't start with anything ready made, rather with card board (AKA chipboard, card stock and paper!  YUP that's what this was made from using Kathy Orta Files January kit from her kit club.  It was the first ever that I joined.  I got the goodies in on the 21st and by the night of the 24th I was finished!  I still can't believe it but I have proof.  Click here to see the finished product in video format.

What you see here is the gift for the winner of the contest on Ravelry.  The first of my peeps who completes the 8 wedge Stardust shawl will receive this lovely necklace.

This high end lampwork glass drop has a flower motif but with all that glitz it had to become stars... which meant it was perfect for this KAL.  Due to Yvaine wearing that royal blue gown and so many of you making your shawls in the royal blue I thought it very fitting. Then a cap on a round bead hanging off the extender chain at the clasp.

Next up is the Garden shawl so we have a bit of goodies from the garden.  What better representation then a teal heart covered in roses?  Then I needed a leaf so the extender chain has a leaf off of the back of the clasp.

A dear friend of mine sent me this lovely hand crafted mug.  I used it every day and I'm the only one who washes it so that if I break it there's no one else to blame. Perfect right?  I love the way the colors blend and then stop at the area where the writing is, it's gorgeous!  Am I right!?  
I saw this side and just flipped out.  We all did the same thing, dropped jaw and awwwwwwwwwwe! This is so unique and perfect!  The gal who makes them, her last name is here and as you can see she utilizes her 

name to stamp the handle to the mug using a paw print!  So original and so perfect.  Thank you dear one.  

I am blessed with many dear friends.  Another sent me chocolates from Paris!  How cool is that?  They are so pretty I don't want to eat them.  Perhaps I will and then fill them with card stock so that I can.... OHHH brilliant!  Eat the chocolates, make an album of the goodies she's sent me in photos!  FUN!  I can use these paper wrappers in my scrap booking! ;-)
     Check this out!  This is the 75/25$ white/black BFL I was telling you about.  I used new dyes on this, all the ones that screamed purple and VIOLA!  LOVE IT!  This is 4 oz but I have another 12 and am thinking SWEATER!
     All the dyeing has been done, the drying has been finished.  All of the stitch marker sets and necklace/earring sets were all made. Many of the bead kits were made for Stardust until I ran out of beads.  They should be here on Tuesday of next week so some of you, the eldest, will ship first.  Just to keep it fair.  All of the custom orders have been dyed and we are good to go.  You will be receiving shipping notes (USA only) from paypal today or tomorrow if you are going out on Monday.  Don't get too attached to them though as there have been a couple of times when I thought I had enough to ship and then came to find I didn't and had to hold something back.  If that should happen I will inform you.  
     ENJOY my Kiddies!

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