Friday, February 7, 2014

How do you spell respect?

Premier 715, guillotine paper cutter....   
least wise that's my latest iteration of said spelling of respect. I was so proud of myself... found this $350 machine for a mere $106 out the door, free shipping.  See, I took up scrapbooking as a break from my work which is what knitting has become.  It was supposed to be a time to unwind, make a few gifts, produce some lovely items to share with folks and friends.  It was NOT supposed to be this horror show.  Yes, graphic photos is the result, if you have a weak stomach close up now!
    I'd finished producing some of the base for my project.
For some strange reason I was sad tonight.  As I cut my chip board up I was looking at the scraps and thinking what a waste.  The larger that pile became the more sad I became as I'm really into recycling. So I put on some music trying to cheer myself up. I continued to try and use those scraps before cutting into the full pieces and was making pretty good progress.  I really don't know what happened. {Shaking head} This machine takes TWO HANDS to work it.  The left holds down the paper holder to keep the paper from shifting.  The right holds the guillotine and once it's down it clicks into the locked position.  This machine has a really sharp knife.  REALLY THICK And sharp and my photo does NOT do it justice.
It's thick and sharp.  I looked up for half a second and my hand came up and hit that blade like no bodies business!  What resulted is about down to the bone.
I'm home alone, can't drive due to various and sundry reason (stick & meds) and if I could the nearest place is an hour off of the hill.  I haven't driven for a year let alone off the hill!  I drove up here 8 years ago and never drove again.  I got it wrapped tight in a band aid and the bleeding stopped or I wouldn't be able to type.  It doesn't hurt much but isn't this my knitting finger?  Right hand?  Fore finger?  Am I in Trouble with a capital T?  
     Going to get off of here, clean up the mess and go back to my knitting as I really can't get into too much trouble there. I'm feeling a little like I'm needing some comforting, too bad I'm all alone tonight cause I surely could use a hug!  I'm a fast healer when it comes to bleeders I'll be fine come Monday but now... I'm REALLY taking the weekend off, don't look for me, I'm not here.  
    Sigh, here's hoping you fair better then I.


  1. Oh my! Big hugs, Wendy! Make sure to keep that clean. Sending healing prayers your way.

  2. Oh no! I hope it heals quickly! Hugs form me to you ...