Friday, February 7, 2014

200+ What a day

200+ what you ask?  Skeins of yarn of course! That was yesterday, this InValid was more then half dead from the dye.  LOL get it?  No?  Well, it was a poor effort at a joke.  It was fund though, it always is as well as challenging to get the colors to behave.  Here's an overall shot.  For close ups see the Bar Maid page.
This is a two car garage if that helps you to understand the magnitude.  There are TWO ropes going the length of the garage, both are full.  It's so cold here that I expect it will take all weekend for them to dry.  The problem will come if anyone ever attempts to open the garage as I believe the rope is strung through some vital part or other.  
There is a new yarn I want to show you.  I bought these in balls!  TOO CUTE. I would have to look it up but I believe there's some silk in the merino, they are lace for sure.  See how dark the outside is?  See the middle one?  I opened it up so you can see how light it gets in the center!  FUN! Long strand without all the work! FINALLY!  This will come in the Lux Yarn Club.

YARN CLUBS!  I almost forgot!  We have a few yarn clubs coming.  I have been buying yarn for the first few.  There are only 40 slots in each club.  
The first club is Dark Side of the Moon in which we will be double dyeing our yarns to get them rich and deep.  There might be some neon's over dyed in black, or a Nebula or two. 
 Whatever is coming it will be available in four varieties. These all look like multi colored yarns but they will be solid and tonal's not my precious multi's.  I will do a multi but it will be down the road a bit, for now lets concentrate on the solids.

Frugal and Luxury are the categories and then within them both sock and lace.  So each club will have 4 ways of participating.  Not only will there be yarn but there will be goodies too.  Where the frugal will get a small abacus the Lux will get the large one.  That type of thing.  Each month the color and blend will change.  I have been searching high and low, combing the world for great yarns for each portion of the club.  I can't wait to be able to open it up and will as soon as I can finish all the pattern changes for my TKers.  
      This week sort of slipped away from me.  One day it was the beginning of the week and then BAM it's Friday!  WHAT!  Not sure what happened but a great deal of work did get done.  

I wrote and worked the Kenzi necklace pattern, she's ready to go and be kitted.  She's all black, smoke and AB with bicones and every size of seed bead.  Bo is still in the works, she's amethysts and is a bit more intricate with patterning as well as all the beading where Kenzie was more beads and less knitting.  I really need to publish Kenzi to share with all of you, she's free did I tell you?  She's all done and ready to go I have just been Both are beautiful in their own rights.  
      Nights this week I worked on the Modern Heirloom as I'm completely addicted to it.       Found out that the reason Garden shawl was in the dog house is that I don't watch TV while knitting color work... I listen to books and podcasts DUH!  It's been awhile, I did so very much color work as "work" knitting in the past that it was a little hard to get back into the swing of things but now that I am, it's just like riding a bike, you never forget.  Looking back over this post, now I understand why I lost this week. It's been a very busy one! ;-)  Have a great weekend.

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