Friday, February 28, 2014

TASpin Video and some YF biz

Some of you know that I have taken to scrap booking like a duck to water.  What you may not know is the style of scrap booking.  I don't start with anything ready made, rather with card board (AKA chipboard, card stock and paper!  YUP that's what this was made from using Kathy Orta Files January kit from her kit club.  It was the first ever that I joined.  I got the goodies in on the 21st and by the night of the 24th I was finished!  I still can't believe it but I have proof.  Click here to see the finished product in video format.

What you see here is the gift for the winner of the contest on Ravelry.  The first of my peeps who completes the 8 wedge Stardust shawl will receive this lovely necklace.

This high end lampwork glass drop has a flower motif but with all that glitz it had to become stars... which meant it was perfect for this KAL.  Due to Yvaine wearing that royal blue gown and so many of you making your shawls in the royal blue I thought it very fitting. Then a cap on a round bead hanging off the extender chain at the clasp.

Next up is the Garden shawl so we have a bit of goodies from the garden.  What better representation then a teal heart covered in roses?  Then I needed a leaf so the extender chain has a leaf off of the back of the clasp.

A dear friend of mine sent me this lovely hand crafted mug.  I used it every day and I'm the only one who washes it so that if I break it there's no one else to blame. Perfect right?  I love the way the colors blend and then stop at the area where the writing is, it's gorgeous!  Am I right!?  
I saw this side and just flipped out.  We all did the same thing, dropped jaw and awwwwwwwwwwe! This is so unique and perfect!  The gal who makes them, her last name is here and as you can see she utilizes her 

name to stamp the handle to the mug using a paw print!  So original and so perfect.  Thank you dear one.  

I am blessed with many dear friends.  Another sent me chocolates from Paris!  How cool is that?  They are so pretty I don't want to eat them.  Perhaps I will and then fill them with card stock so that I can.... OHHH brilliant!  Eat the chocolates, make an album of the goodies she's sent me in photos!  FUN!  I can use these paper wrappers in my scrap booking! ;-)
     Check this out!  This is the 75/25$ white/black BFL I was telling you about.  I used new dyes on this, all the ones that screamed purple and VIOLA!  LOVE IT!  This is 4 oz but I have another 12 and am thinking SWEATER!
     All the dyeing has been done, the drying has been finished.  All of the stitch marker sets and necklace/earring sets were all made. Many of the bead kits were made for Stardust until I ran out of beads.  They should be here on Tuesday of next week so some of you, the eldest, will ship first.  Just to keep it fair.  All of the custom orders have been dyed and we are good to go.  You will be receiving shipping notes (USA only) from paypal today or tomorrow if you are going out on Monday.  Don't get too attached to them though as there have been a couple of times when I thought I had enough to ship and then came to find I didn't and had to hold something back.  If that should happen I will inform you.  
     ENJOY my Kiddies!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bar Maid's Away

I know, I owe many of you replies, forgive me but it's been one of THOSE weeks.  Rough from start to finish... I'm DAYS behind in my messages and more flood in daily.  I will attend to each of you as my health and work allows. Meanwhile....
Bar Maid's off, all but one which has more work to be done on it and it too will be a thing of the past.
All of those skeins of yarn that were hanging in one the photo above... and on the left, right and behind the photographer... and the second row of skeins behind the first row... all went into these parcels.

I'm pretty proud of that one on the top, left stack see the one near to bursting?  There are not one, not two but THREE sets of EIGHT skeins in there!  Yes I taped that puppy up good.  The photo looks weird as I muddied up all the addresses cause I'm paranoid that way and it's all about my peeps after all.  If I don't protect you, who will?
     One of these days I'm going to take a photo of it LOADED down.  So you can see why "this" is such a big deal as it looks like this for all of half a day out of months and months.  Just to prove to myself that the decks (and desks) can be cleared.
     Campwannaknita photos of a recent camp in which the Yarn Fairy was fortunate enough to be participate in,,, sort of.  See we were in the Swag bags which means everybody got a small abacus and Angelique went as well. She was fought over but in the end, her "Intended" was much in love.  They look like they had a blast and I am privileged to have participated in my small way.

     For those of you who have been following the silk robe journey, the decision was made and it has arrived. YIPPEEKAYYAHYEAH!  I adore it!  This robe was made from silk sari's which have been recycled into my Technicolor Dream Coat if you will... or Coat of Many Colors depending on which side of the tracks you lay.  WOW I just washed it as my kitties were showing FAR too much interest.  Gave it a good spray down in my Jasmine EO "perfume" and hung it up to dry.  While extending the silk I realized that this puppy is fully lined and the inside really rivals the outside for my affections.  Ally, hot pink! and turquoise!  LOVE IT!  Perfect for this unseasonably hot winter we are having.  In the last few weeks there have been several days where I have not felt well enough to change out of my PJ's so this robe is just what the doctor ordered for this InValid. BTW, I do not recommend it for anyone larger then say, size XL.
     Because Snargles happen!

     Today's mail also netted us another 25 medium flat rate boxes as the first order came in as EMS boxes.  Yeah, somebody, somewhere along the line made a mistake.  So on Tuesday I had DH hitting several PO's to get the boxes we needed to ship in time for the KAL to begin on 2-19 as needed.  This will bring this years KAL's back to the beginning of the month by June.  Yes, we have a list that extends that far now.  When I can clear the decks enough to turn around I plan on giving you a list via our Yahoo Group files section.
     Another lovely I have for you is Wolfie but I'm getting way ahead of myself.  See I found this lovely yarn that looked just like FUR! Purchased, dyed a skein of worsted to match and paired them up in a cowl that's to dye for!  I can not wait to share but I will need a TKer.  Wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.
     Sherlock - "Did you miss me?"
Can I just say! OH YES!
     Mum calls all large mail days Christmas, for me, most of them are all about work so she's kinda learned the hard way that it's not Christmas when it's a large mail day.  But Mum, today IS indeed Christmas as I got in a large and unexpected box today.  Would you like to open it with me?  It's from my BFF which can mean a number of things these days... lets just say from someone I ADORE and leave it at that, shawl we (PIN-such a NERD!).
WaSin the box?

HUH? Not my birthday!  After reading the card, HOW did you know?  Last night was a SCREAMER!
Green on the right came out first, heavy, Eucalyptus?, smells like heaven, feels oh so soft oh man!  Useful as well. "The Ultimate Eucalyptus Spa Blankie", for heat and aroma therapy, with lavender flowers!  Nuke for 1-2 mins, wrap it around you or lay it over or under you for muscle-relaxing warmth.  Filled with eucalyptus oil, lavender flowers, and flax seed... all well known to me already and I know what they do!  I have never been to a spa and wonder what goes on in them.  WOW, just last night I ... no I can't share it all, lets just say that laying down to sleep is like laying down on a bed of nails and it's the LAST thing I ever want to subject myself to.  So, many nights I don't bother going to bed at all.  I put it on, I really GET THIS!  I love you my dear, beloved friend.  This was perfect and you should have stopped here.  Snuggle time over,,,,, WOW I love this thing! Thank you beloved.  Milk chocolate Dove hearts and and "I love you bean", this bean, when it sprouts actually has I LOVE YOU written on it!  WILD where do you find this stuff?  Jane and the Beanstalk,,, Once, the TV series, has a bean stalk and a gal climbs it, spot on deary!
     No MINK AND/or BUNNIES were harmed in the making of this product which will turn into something really SPECIAL!  WOW 1312 yards of fingering weight LOVELY.  Oooo shiny! blink blink a great gold metallic scarf complete with tiny sequins and made by yours truly! oahhh!  It's beautiful did you design it?  Heart pen that lights up when you write! Starburst FavReds oh man! One is watermelon, my fav!  Wonka and Brachs yummy gummy's!  LOVE me some gummy's!  
       OH MAN My all time favorite soap in the entire world! Soap Rocks, in Opal, my birthstone!  MUM!  Better then Christmas as I love surprises and this one is a shocker, outta left field as it were.  And a very special wood holder to keep it safe and dry on. Always makes me wanna shower or bath right away. My Wee boy is really enjoying this, always at my side these days. OH and I get to see them all with the little info that comes with them.  COOL BEANS!  These soaps are incredible.  He's licking the paper, he has something in common with you my dear friend.  HAHA the soaps getting checked out really well now.  NO!  We aren't done, I tole you it was a really BIG box and PACKED!  HOLY MACKEREL GIRLIEO!  He tried to EAT the White Chocolate candle and I understand why WOW What a smell! Complete with chocolate sprinkles.  
     Heavens to Mergatroid, a family heirloom!  REALLY!  What were you thinking!  Oh man, I have another which will make a lovely set with the matching earrings!  How do you know all this stuff about me?  You guys, the box alone was a show stopper, black, metal with lovely aqua and turquoise and lime striped innards.  Patrick Roger oh man!  A chocolate artist! oh my dear, I'm so touched, almost in tears.  You guys she gave me a present that her grandmother bestowed on her when about 16 years old.  It's an opal with a diamond and I have the MATES, the matching earrings!  HOW!??? I so do not deserve you and I love you more then I can ever hope to tell you.  Bless you for listening to your heart, this is so timely and spot on YOOUU SO SO ROCK!  
     Ok now I am crying!! I caught my wee dog doing "his thing" I didn't think I'd be able to as it's very infrequent now as he's getting closer to the end of his days.  He sleeps more and isn't as frisky.  BUT I BUSTED HIM! (Click here) DEARY if I had not been here, opening this box, taking photos as I went!  OH BABY, THIS IS GOD WORKING THROUGH YOU!  THANK YOU BOTH!  I really can't thank you enough as you have now given me the one thing I thought I would NEVER have.  I can watch this video forever, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you my beloved friend, I'm the most blessed of women.

Friday, February 7, 2014

How do you spell respect?

Premier 715, guillotine paper cutter....   
least wise that's my latest iteration of said spelling of respect. I was so proud of myself... found this $350 machine for a mere $106 out the door, free shipping.  See, I took up scrapbooking as a break from my work which is what knitting has become.  It was supposed to be a time to unwind, make a few gifts, produce some lovely items to share with folks and friends.  It was NOT supposed to be this horror show.  Yes, graphic photos is the result, if you have a weak stomach close up now!
    I'd finished producing some of the base for my project.
For some strange reason I was sad tonight.  As I cut my chip board up I was looking at the scraps and thinking what a waste.  The larger that pile became the more sad I became as I'm really into recycling. So I put on some music trying to cheer myself up. I continued to try and use those scraps before cutting into the full pieces and was making pretty good progress.  I really don't know what happened. {Shaking head} This machine takes TWO HANDS to work it.  The left holds down the paper holder to keep the paper from shifting.  The right holds the guillotine and once it's down it clicks into the locked position.  This machine has a really sharp knife.  REALLY THICK And sharp and my photo does NOT do it justice.
It's thick and sharp.  I looked up for half a second and my hand came up and hit that blade like no bodies business!  What resulted is about down to the bone.
I'm home alone, can't drive due to various and sundry reason (stick & meds) and if I could the nearest place is an hour off of the hill.  I haven't driven for a year let alone off the hill!  I drove up here 8 years ago and never drove again.  I got it wrapped tight in a band aid and the bleeding stopped or I wouldn't be able to type.  It doesn't hurt much but isn't this my knitting finger?  Right hand?  Fore finger?  Am I in Trouble with a capital T?  
     Going to get off of here, clean up the mess and go back to my knitting as I really can't get into too much trouble there. I'm feeling a little like I'm needing some comforting, too bad I'm all alone tonight cause I surely could use a hug!  I'm a fast healer when it comes to bleeders I'll be fine come Monday but now... I'm REALLY taking the weekend off, don't look for me, I'm not here.  
    Sigh, here's hoping you fair better then I.

200+ What a day

200+ what you ask?  Skeins of yarn of course! That was yesterday, this InValid was more then half dead from the dye.  LOL get it?  No?  Well, it was a poor effort at a joke.  It was fund though, it always is as well as challenging to get the colors to behave.  Here's an overall shot.  For close ups see the Bar Maid page.
This is a two car garage if that helps you to understand the magnitude.  There are TWO ropes going the length of the garage, both are full.  It's so cold here that I expect it will take all weekend for them to dry.  The problem will come if anyone ever attempts to open the garage as I believe the rope is strung through some vital part or other.  
There is a new yarn I want to show you.  I bought these in balls!  TOO CUTE. I would have to look it up but I believe there's some silk in the merino, they are lace for sure.  See how dark the outside is?  See the middle one?  I opened it up so you can see how light it gets in the center!  FUN! Long strand without all the work! FINALLY!  This will come in the Lux Yarn Club.

YARN CLUBS!  I almost forgot!  We have a few yarn clubs coming.  I have been buying yarn for the first few.  There are only 40 slots in each club.  
The first club is Dark Side of the Moon in which we will be double dyeing our yarns to get them rich and deep.  There might be some neon's over dyed in black, or a Nebula or two. 
 Whatever is coming it will be available in four varieties. These all look like multi colored yarns but they will be solid and tonal's not my precious multi's.  I will do a multi but it will be down the road a bit, for now lets concentrate on the solids.

Frugal and Luxury are the categories and then within them both sock and lace.  So each club will have 4 ways of participating.  Not only will there be yarn but there will be goodies too.  Where the frugal will get a small abacus the Lux will get the large one.  That type of thing.  Each month the color and blend will change.  I have been searching high and low, combing the world for great yarns for each portion of the club.  I can't wait to be able to open it up and will as soon as I can finish all the pattern changes for my TKers.  
      This week sort of slipped away from me.  One day it was the beginning of the week and then BAM it's Friday!  WHAT!  Not sure what happened but a great deal of work did get done.  

I wrote and worked the Kenzi necklace pattern, she's ready to go and be kitted.  She's all black, smoke and AB with bicones and every size of seed bead.  Bo is still in the works, she's amethysts and is a bit more intricate with patterning as well as all the beading where Kenzie was more beads and less knitting.  I really need to publish Kenzi to share with all of you, she's free did I tell you?  She's all done and ready to go I have just been Both are beautiful in their own rights.  
      Nights this week I worked on the Modern Heirloom as I'm completely addicted to it.       Found out that the reason Garden shawl was in the dog house is that I don't watch TV while knitting color work... I listen to books and podcasts DUH!  It's been awhile, I did so very much color work as "work" knitting in the past that it was a little hard to get back into the swing of things but now that I am, it's just like riding a bike, you never forget.  Looking back over this post, now I understand why I lost this week. It's been a very busy one! ;-)  Have a great weekend.