Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where to begin? and a Poll

My days and nights are flying in a blur.  The Modern Heirloom is so addicting it's all I want to do.  Hole up and knit 24/7, I know my hands need their down time but it's GORGEOUS!!!!
My friends taught me how to take a photo of the entire shawl.  Knit it onto 4 needles, put tiny silicone bands on the tips to keep it from slipping off and you can see the entire shawl.  So I did it last night and it's just so beautiful!  I really want (read need) to share but alas I can not.  I will not spoil it for everyone who hasn't finished all of clue 1 as it's a mystery shawl.  I pinned it out on my black burn out velvet skirt and took a bunch of photos.  The lighting was bad so each of the stitches can't be seen in detail but it's perfect!  It's just like I saw it in my head and in my design book.
So many of you have asked about the Yarn Fairy KAL charm bracelet.  This is mine, each of these lobster claws represent a past KAL.  When you get finished with it you simply snap it onto the chain bracelet and it's a keep sake.  I don't charge for these if you have placed an order so if you have a Bar Maid order up, I can put one of these in your order, you just need to let me know that you need it. wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.
     I did the finishing for my Sweetlette and have a few videos for you but wont load them until the time is right at the very end.  While the ready made kits are sold out, you can still order Kit 2 or 3, I left all the information on the Sweets page and it will stay up for a few more weeks at least should you decide you would like a kit.
     You know what my problem is?  I have too many great ideas.  There is the scarf with the Spice Berry yarn. It's sooo stinking cute that I bought 4 bags of it and I'm making up a scarf with one of them and a solid black.  FUN and cute,,,, what more could you ask.  

#1     There's this sweater of strips I want to make from a long gradient Poems sock yarn.  The strips will be, 2, 3 and 4 inches wide then placed per a diagram angling in some areas as needed. There are many colors available, I have this one in stock.
Joined with mattress stitch, complete with a hood and black bands all around. Iris AB peacock beaded buttons complete the look, similar to these here. 
#2      Elegant Sleeves,,, these can be worn with jeans or dressed up with a skirt.  I will buy a bunch of tanks, M, L, XL, XXL all 100% cotton, dye them to match all these different types of yarn, merino, silk, thread to fingering weights.  The long, lace sleeves are beaded and held in place with this elaborate hitching system which attaches to a choker with hidden clasp.  What's hiding it?  A grouping of flowers heavily beaded and worked in various threads.  FUN!  But I'm not sure that you all would follow as I really want to crochet the flowers.  I feel so much more freedom in crochet as you don't have to fret about all the live stitches you have OTN and how to get from A to B over a curve instead of having to go exactly where your stitches are.  I have done some work in the area of changing crochet to knitting and I don't like to write crochet patterns so much.  HUM... what if I made you a video?  Could you learn and follow along if I video the entire flower thing?  The flowers are three different sizes.  
     Well? What do you think?  See poll and vote to determine which of these projects will launch.
      I have too many great ideas for my own good.  No way one human can design and then gather everything and then write the patterns, have them tested, edited and published.  If I had a few more of me who I could set loose on a project that would be another story.  I wonder if DD would like to try her hand at some of these?  That's a thought, she needs the experience and the scarf is very straight forward, I wonder, hum.
     KAL update,,, Stardust is in TK and Garden is almost ready for the TKers to have a go at it.  I ordered the yarn for the Bar Maid it should be here in a week or so and we will get going on with the dyeing.  Meanwhile I'm sewing aprons, that gray one, the ready made, its GREAT!  It would make a wonderful gardening apron, I'm keeping it for myself for dye day.  Oh and I made a few of the stitch marker sets.  I love that they will match the yarns.  The goblets are a wee small which makes them perfect to add beads onto.  LOVE IT! 
Remember how excited I was to find beads that had a large center opening?  I was thinking that they'd make great stitch markers all by them selves.  Not so much, didn't take into account how wide they are.
These will work great for the ends of the drawstring bags I'm going to make you all one of these days.  But you can see how large they are.
The smaller ones are much more practical and might work for something like covering the slit in these rings.
These are the intended rings for the crow beads. The nice thing about my stash is that if one thing doesn't work another is sure to.  I can't wait to play.  Oh and yes, that background, yes indeed that is my sample of the Bar Maid, I wear her near all the time now as the weather has a nip about it.  LOVE IT!  So you got an unintended peek at it, you will love it too.  You know me,,, adding charts so you can knit until you run out of yarn.  I love large snuggles, perfect for pulling someone else into a huddle, huggle?
     That's all from me for now.  Still haven't found the missing roving, bummer that.  I would like to make that shawl.  You all have a great day.  I'm off to work on patterns, ENJOY!

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