Friday, January 17, 2014


WOW when a design hits, they really slap me hard and they pretty much write themselves over a 24 hour period and it just needs brush up.  Which is what happened to my most recent design the Stardust Shawl which goes back to the movie of the same name.  It's a 4, 6 or 8 wedge worked in Pixie Paca which has baby alpaca and cashmere in it.  I went a bit nutter getting beads, a few came in today, more are on the way.
The obvious stars everywhere and stardust beads, did you know that was a real bead?  I didn't, more are coming of course and I found the perfect necklace/earring mix of a large ruby teardrop.  Lots of crystals in this one all stars and teardrops.  LOVE the center black dot stardust beads!  And crystals always make me happy.  Pixie #1  and I are going to watch the movie again, she's working on the sample and a bunch of TKers are working on the test knit.
     Today the last items were put together to hit the first shipment of Sweets!  I'm so pleased and hope to begin packing them up tomorrow.  The only thing missing from this photo is the ribbon oh and the cobweb but they are all here too.
There are just so many elements to Sweets that it was enough to justify a letter, my first. ;-)  I made you little cards for labels and you can see the beads and SM's off on the left side.  
     While I was working on the SM's today I made this.
It's a large clip as decor for a purse or belt or zipper, all for fun, it's going to a friend.  The large medallion has a fairy and a crescent moon and the hand painted piggy is a bell! Those cone flowers have been screaming at me to do something with them, so here's what I did.  Not a great photo but a fun item.
     I'm off, hope you are all having a smashing night.  ENJOY what you are doing, or do something else!

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