Monday, January 6, 2014

Paper and a finished UFO

We haven't even got the mail yet today but the delivery's have started.  It's so nice to be past this mid week Holiday thing that gummed up the works so badly.  Today we received the finial shipment of the yarn for Color Blendy, YEAH!!  We will tie it all today and soak it overnight to dye tomorrow if I'm still able. 
Since we are dyeing today my ailments might take over what with the family being here all day on Saturday I'm not yet recovered.  Who could resist this adorable little guy? Still, I plan on spending the last half of this week in my bed. :-)
     Lets start with the Great UFO Stash Down of 2014, here's another finished object!  YIPEEE!  My long glove/sleeves are done.
These are super long, they go from my fingers to well past my elbow, great for cool days in a t-shirt.
My progress on SB1 Version 2 - through end of chart 6. My gauge changed dramatically, I was a very tight knitter when I began this in 2008.
Something shiny to play with!  See through cones in all colors, I can't wait!
AND PAPER! LOTS OF PAPER! :-)  DS got me Old World stack for Christmas, something I'd been drooling over.  I went to DCWV deals page and found a bunch of stacks for cheap.  Not having much paper it was a good match, the packs and I.  There stuff can't be sold in stores as some are missing say the cover or something like that.  All are in pristine condition. Now I will need card stock, LOTS of card stock.  
I have been wanting a purple and green so this pink and green was a natural.  The quotes are load of fun and very appropriate in many cases. 
 I got the Sweets stack as we are doing Sweetlette and I hope to make something to go along, or the tag, or something with this lovely paper.  Then stack packs 1 & 2, not sure who went where but I got the mat for the Sweets!  Great match! 
For a while been seeing
the Paris stack and wanted it,,, it's here!  It was in one of the stack packs!  The mats are half stack so they sent 2 instead of 1 and one has a gold almost but not glitter on it LOVE IT! AND what a coincidence, DS bought me Old World and Old World dye cuts are here!
I love the black on yellow here on the right of the photo on the left... it's VELVET!  fun!  The 12 x 12 stack for this one has an oriental feel to it, spring time with gold and NUM!  Now I just have to put it all to good use.  YUP need me a massive amount of black and brown card stock!  
     Ok, so loads of work to do today.  We are dyeing Sweets for the first time, Modern Heirloom again and tying 72 skeins! OUCH!  Better get a move on, have a super dee dooper day.

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