Friday, January 3, 2014

Modern Heirloom

     What began as a small gift to friends has blossomed into I don't know what!  When I posted the place holder for the Modern Heirloom it was just for like a dozen people.  But then I saw that everybody wanted it so I opened it up to the world.  Now I'm wondering if we are going to run out of yarn!  CRAZY man but you know me, I want everybody to be happy and so I try my best to do anything anybody wants/needs. 
      While packing up the yarn for shipping I noticed how well the undyed and clear AB beads went together. These are not the Czech pressed but you get the idea.  The next logical step was to whiten the yarn in hopes of getting it white enough for a wedding veil.  As you can see it worked really well and after testing we all agreed that it held it's strength.  With almost 6000 yards this will turn into a marvelous veil or shawl for a bride.  
     A precious keepsake that can be passed on from one generation to the next.  Barring my nemesis, the moth, is kept away from the treasure.
     I was hoping to ship more of the undyed with the clear beads today but last night when the bead order came in half of it was correct, boat load of smoke and the other half was incorrect.  This is what was in the parcel.  

The correct label was on the merchandise and how anyone could see that label, which was almost identical to the other label that they'd just pulled... I dunno... kinda hard to miss this one.  See the wee beads in the center?  Those are the correct ones.  HUH????  Yeah, I don't get it either. 
     We didn't offer winding on this KAL as it takes about 20 minutes to wind one skein and Pixie #2 put his foot down.  That said I don't think he will have any trouble winding for you in the future, not with this new toy.
The U-Nitt extra large ball winder, says it will do 10 ounces but I'm looking for something that will last.  With all metal works I don't think this one will EVER strip or have to be replaced.  I got the last one off of Amazon for $60 and I'm told you can find them on Ebay. Our Ravelry group is great, Sally told me about this on our group, so glad she's a part of our group.
     Onward and upward.  This week we will be dyeing up Sweets and more of the Heirloom yarns.  I want to thank all of you who participated in the Twist sale as it's given me a bit more room to breath.  Not sure when I will be dyeing more Twist as I'm loath to add to the storage of the beast but it's out there in the future.
     On the Ravelry page we have been talking about a Kool Aid dye class.  If you would like to join us, please feel free to come on over and chat about it while we settle on a date.
     What with searching for new vendors I have found a lovely new yarn, merino/angora/nylon sock weight and it's so soft!  I wondered if it would be itchy and so I only started with 5 skeins... had to go back for 15 more as it's LOVELY!  We are trying to round out our base yarns to have more to choose from.
     Upcoming in 2014 we will have a 4, 6 or 8 wedge shawl done in Pixie Paca either 1 skein or 2 for the larger size.  This one is based on Neil Gamens book Stardust, DD and I have some fun themes running through this one as well as a long extended pattern that runs through the entire shawl.  It's just lovely and if I can draw it... I can knit it.
     Another shawl this time color work... sock weight and we are in the garden with a wrote iron gate.  FUN this one is fully shaped so that you can actually wear it.  Simple enough for the beginner yet with enough hoompapa to give the experienced great joy.
     Might not be able to work the Art Bag or might have to just limit this one as it's all hand spun yarn!  So far I only have one skein so this might be limited to just the flap being hand spun, have to see on that one.  
     Feeling like I'm slowing down too, not sure what that's all about but I'm creeping into this year. Which is why the dates for the shawls on Rav have questions marks next to them.  Sort of, I mean, yeah I'm dyeing for three KAL's right now but all I have OTN is Mod Heir nothing else has enough design work done on it to c/o for the sample yet.  Either it will happen or it wont.  Meanwhile enjoy what we do have open as they will close all too soon.  Mod Heir if we run out of yarn, Color Blendy will be open another two weeks or so and then my Sweets will close last by the third week of January, in two more weeks.
   Enjoy your snow, it's 80 here!

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