Friday, January 31, 2014

Elegant Sleeves winning?

Well Kiddies,  Elegant Sleeves seem to be winning in the poll be sure your voice is heard.  I have had the time to play with the design a bit more and have found the perfect yarns to play with.  The lace for the sleeves needs to be light, floaty and full of drape to work.  What better then a 50/50 silk merino lace weight?  The chocker needs to be a completely NON itch yarn, again what better then a 50/50 merino/tencel in fingering weight!  I adore that yarn and have found a new supplier for it thankfully as I don't know if my stock will hold. The flowers need to have texture and different fibers as well as a string which will hold crystals.  YES crystals!  Silk is the strongest so we will have some cobweb silk, Pixie Paca and crochet cotton to give me all the different fibers I need.  Much of the design work has been done with all these fibers, beads and threads coming to the party it all fell right into place.  Sort of like a puzzle that needed a piece that had fallen to the floor.  PLUNK and VIOLA. Several names have been rolling around in my pea brains as well since while elegant sleeves describes it, Moonbeams and Starlight is just so ethereal.
See poll be sure your voice is heard. 

The sweater will have all these colors to choose from and you will have complete control over the size you need.   The solid color for trim will also be under your control. 

 Forget the solid between the VERTICAL stripes, did I tell you that the stripes were vertical?  Seems that's a VERY important point to leave out.  They will be as thick or as thin as you like.  I was thinking 2, 3, 4 inches wide but you could go even wider.

 Pixie #1 choose the hood shape that looked best and I have to agree with her taste. It comes off of the back and sides of the sweater, vertically coming around to the front.
If you want to go with the beaded buttons (below post) you can make those, choose your own, or skip the front band altogether and toss in a zipper.  With the join as you go method you will also be able to try your sweater on.  PERFECT!  Diagrams will help you with placement and SHAZAM, gorgeous, one of a kind sweater that only YOU will have.
      See, the more I mull over patterns the more I can "see" the design that the puzzle is making.  The more the design comes to me and the pattern is made.

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