Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bar Maid

So much happened today that I feel like I lost the entire day!  Yesterday I got in tax info from the WWMDK books and I needed to change my address with them.  While there I pulled my shawl,,, Bar Maid, for so many reasons, I wont bore you with them but what with it coming out of the book we can now KAL it.  I found the perfect yarn, SOO CHEAPLY that I need to order a zillion skeins of it.  We will be retying all of it as the ties are super tight but it's so cheap and high end 100% merino super wash, who could pass it up.
  What I have always wanted for this shawl was a light to dark in tonal's so that's just what we are getting!  YIPEE SKIPEE!  I'm happy to share this one with you as many people wanted me to sell my patterns outside of the books and I just couldn't put one more pattern into a book and lock in it there again.  
Just couldn't do it.  What with all the snow everyone is getting across the states this is the perfect time for this shawl.  It's big, thick and snuggly.  Nice to knit on your lap keeping your warm and you can probably wear it outside, IF you can find your door that is! Come join us.

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