Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Well it was supposed to be sock yarn anyway!

     LOVE this long gradient I got one year and finally decided to spin it.  This was painted by the Sassy Sheep and purchased when I was heavily into a long gradient look.  This is a merino/cashmere/nylon so I figured sock weight.  I split it down the center, weighed each split and set to work.

     Lovely right!  This is 2 ply a total of 1412 yards were spun and then plied for a total of 706 yards! This comes in at 18 wraps per inch. Evidently I can't spin sock weight any longer as sock weight.... although these would be lovely long stockings with super fine thread to fit into high heels.  Hum,,, might just have to re-think the end product.  Got to be stockings though, hate to waste all that nylon in there.  These didn't take any time at all really.  I would work through a few shades in one night and then take some time away.
Here you can see all the lovely different colors.

And here you can tell how almost perfectly balanced the plied yarn is.

Here tis in the final skein.  I need to make me a finished skein box to pull from for my project this year and another of spinning projects which are in the works now that we found all of these goodies in my last post.  Later for that.  I'm just here to give an updates on my UFO knitting as well.
     Sept Tour has welt and a handle, just needs to be blocked now.
     DH has a four part present, one of the four items is finished.  
     DD is a bit harder as she's ALWAYS here.  Don't get me wrong, SO NOT COMPLAINING!  She's the best companion a girl could ever ask for.  PERIOD, hands down as we are best friends, can and do share everything.  I took her down the hill on Monday but what with all the pain to get off of the hill I didn't get more then a few rows done.
     DS is something I can work on any time and will.
     Meanwhile Sweetlette needs to be finished this month as well.  Good thing I don't have more present knitting or I'd be in well over my head.  At this point I believe this is all doable still.
DONE 12-3 DH Christmas present #1.
DONE 12-7 Sept Tours welts and handle.

FROGGED 12-8 SHS chart 2 turned into Song of the Cranes Question, does it count if I morphed it?
DONE wasn't on the list, above spinning project.

UP for grabs, the pink lace weight hand spun is going to a GREAT friend of mine.  I'm sure she will love it and enjoy making something special from this massive amount of hand spun lace.
1-That leaves Snow White which I'm beginning to think I should just finish it... so close.
2-And Sugar Plum Fairy in the 2/28 silk

     Need to add all the spinning projects OH and while I was down and out this week... I started something new SHOOT ME NOW!  It's almost finished but I found that my Wee Yorkie needed another sweater/coat and so it's a lovely deep  teal worsted weight and I just have to finish the last wee front leg and he's set.
     OH YOU GUYS!  My old pharmacy went belly up! Pet Meds and More, I was so sad but immediately transferred his RX's to Pet Med 1800 or some such, don't ask me to find the paper under this stack of roving LOL. You have seem my table and it's under the mess! ;-)  Anyway which ever one I went with, feels like it's more like PetPharmacy as I believe 1800 had a higher price.  So get this, I got it even cheaper then the first place due to the shipping being less (old place $7 and tax as they were in CA another $7) after saving the $14 I was able to buy a finger tooth brush and paste for our other dog, DD's dog and the total was still cheaper then normal! YIPEEE SKIPPEY.  Hopefully that will help his breath as we are all blown away from it.  LOL

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