Sunday, December 1, 2013

UFO Ripping complete?

I'm not positive and I'm frightened to even type this BUT I might be finished ripping???? I'm just not 100% sure at this point as I have a couple up for trade.  The first is Sugar Plum Fairy worked in an undyed 2/28 raw silk.  A lovely shawl with a grand yarn which I am loathe to rip.  The deal with this one is that DD is 2 rows from completing hers in Pixie Paca undyed, why have two of the same shawls in the same house?  Up for trade to the best offer, Sugar Plum Fairy.

Next up is another I'm loathe to rip,,, Snow White by Isolda Teague.  I was thinner when I started this and even though it's made for a size XL I don't believe I will be comfortable wearing it as it will fit like a second skin.  The maximum it stretches to at the hemline is 50 stretched REALLY hard so this is NOT the size you want to be to wear this.  Relaxed it measures 30 so it should fit a 40-42 comfortably.
As you can see, she's nearly finished and as I remember, perfect.  Comes with all the yarn.

Thinking I might like to trade two others.  I have two shawls, both were my first hand spun lace weight and they were going to be my first hand spun lace shawls.  BUT I will never finish them.  They just aren't my colors.
Pink-as you can see there's plenty of yarn left.

The back is pretty on this one too... he's almost out of yarn so I can't trade this one.  I will have to make more yarn for him.  Actually, I can't trade them both, each are my first attempts at hand spun lace weight... I will part with the pink one but not this brown one.  I have zero brown shawls anyway and I like this one better.

On with the show... today's purge resulted in this massive stack of patterns to recycle (top right) as well as about 30 sheet protectors.  This cleared out an stuffed stack rack and a stack about 6 inches tall of papers which have been gathering dust for YEARS.

FINISHED Bronte!  Just turned into something else entirely.  I couldn't see completing this shawl in the matter which it was meant to be finished in.  
You are told to knit a center square on straights and then work an edge on straights and then to seam them up.  I don't like working like this and can't imagine what possessed me.  This is now a scarf finished in a seed st border.  It measures 54" x 16", cool? right!

RECLAIMED 4 skeins of sill/merino and wooden Knit Pick interchangeably needles.

FINISHED  NO idea WHAT this is but I worked a few rows of seed st and finished it off.  This one measures 19 down the center back an 46 across the wingspan which looks like it will wrap back on itself.  This will be a great little shawlette/scarf.  Note to self, never work lace in mohair or other halo yarn.

Looks like I got me two new Christmas presents!

RIPPED Citrine Skirt, I had one of eight panels done in an intricate rayon we long skein dyed.  This is the one we had stranded around the entire house on chair backs.  INSANE!
RECLAIMED Size F & G hooks and a GREAT basket bag with wooden handles and a cross stitched rabbit on the outside, LOVE this bag.  This yarn will make a GREAT top!  I think it would knit up really fast too.  Normally I don't horizontally stripe my tops but normally they are bottom up in the round.  I might have to stray from the beaten path if I want to make this into a top.

FOUND My grapevine long glove/sleeves!  I can't believe it!  These are done in lime, purple and brown and they radiate through each color I LOVE these and feel like I found a long lost friend.  I was so happy when I found them last night.  I worked on them for about 5 hours last night and made good headway.  I hope to have them here shortly as a finished object.

FOUND Another shawl which is almost finished.  I can't find the rest of this pattern and I'm not sure I want to as it's not my style all these years later.  It's worked in a Jagger Spun 50/50 silk/wool in a lovely light royal blue color.  I'm going to put the gloves aside to complete this one tonight.

FOUND My ketchup bottle!  I love this little guy!  He's from a sample bottle and it's glass.  I ADORE this little bottle.  He has some beads in him for the above project.  I very much look forward to putting him back into circulation and service.

GREAT, DD found 3 more items to frog, one is my first attempt at cables many moons old! 

 RIPPED Oh Ancient of Days will finally hit the frog pond.  Eventually I will try this one again as I adore this yarn.  It's a heather/marbled minty blue/green that's so pretty.  Such a shame but it's too... well, the yarn isn't happy as I held two strands together... one is almost a bulky!  What was I thinking?  The yarn isn't happy, the coat is so heavy and it's only 15 inches long and it's screaming at me already.
RECLAIMED 10 skeins? Peace Fleece and a cone of Jagger heather blueberry, such lovely colors.  I think it would be happier if I dropped the cone though and worked on even larger needles.  Some day eh? Size 10.5 wood interchangeable KP needles.

RIPPED Another to rippit in the frog pond is two cones of 2 colors worked into a Neibling shawl!  What WAS I thinking?  Can you say bulls eye?  Looks terrible.
RECLAIMED 2 cones of what?  One says raylon but feels like cotton? Wierd I have no idea what I got back here but I do know Addi Turbo's when I see them! Size 2 in LACE!  

RIPPED Getting off of the February Lady Sweater bang wagon too.  This is a turquoise yarn which it seems like it's not happy with the size 6 needles it's worked in.  Since it's a worsted weight it would be happier with a size 9 probably.
RECLAIMED Turquoise Panda Woolbale 10 skeins and Addi Turbo's.

RIPPED ?  I have no idea what this was? It was a shawl... I do know that, just no idea which shawl it was.
RECLAIMED 4 skeins of Knit Picks Tidepool Heather, yes same yarn I made the cable sweater out of but this is lace weight.  As well as an Addi Turbo lace needle, size 3.

The balance of the items needs to be sorted, categorized and figured out their "next up to knit" order.  I intend to start from the quickest to the slowest.  There's possibly only 1 item which will be a one night finish.  A denim cable top which is bottom up with the sleeves already attached.  Quick finish.  I would like to organize everybody and put them all back into the 2 drawer file cabinet and then NEVER do this again! EVER!  My problem was I could never rip anything.  Even when I HAD to frog something, I would ask one of the Pixies to do it for me.  LOL Pathetic right!  Sort of scared to list this stuff, worried more items will be found but I'm ready for them if they do come to light.

How are you coming with this project?  I figure by the time 2014 rolls around I will have got rid of all the excess baggage of all these UFO's and will make a very fresh start in the new year.  Completing all the old projects and not getting in over my head... nothing more then what fits into that 2 drawer file cabinet EVER again. I know it's unrealistic to think that I could just finish every project and never have a pile of UFO's but hey, a girl can dream right?

Next time I revisit this topic it will be to give you the LIST!  YIPEE KAY YAH YEAH!

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