Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Proceedure

     Sorry for not writing sooner as I'm sure many of you are wondering how it went.  Where to start?  All of you know that you can't eat or drink after certain times.  That wasn't difficult with the exception of the dry mouth that comes from my meds, so I was Froggy to the 10th power.  I was prepared and had some liquids in the car as I remembered that part really well.  This wasn't my first run through this process.  It was the first time it went so horribly though.  First I had to go over the dirt road and heavily pitted Interstate 5 for an hour to get to the office.  That in itself is a level 10 just to get down the hill for the first hour.  When there, someone had to leave due to taking a pill he shouldn't have so he couldn't have his surgery.  I felt really bad for him but that put me into the que sooner and they rushed me into OR2 with a barely by your leave. I'm all for getting it over with and could see my doc waving the nurses to hurry up.  He even came, marked my back without the nurse even seeing him!
     The insurance company denied the anesthesiologist which is where the fun began. Instead of Moderate sedation I was only allowed Conscious sedation and the pain meds weren't enough either. I realize it's to save my life and so bit down hard, grabbed the mattress and didn't scream.  In order not to scream I hold my breath.  They put on the oxygen which did no good as I couldn't inhale to save my life at that point.  If you have ever been through a epidural inplant you know what I'm talking about.  BUT my doc's great, been through 1000's of them and he was fast. He was in an out with the two (or was it four?) in no time and I was sent to recovery.
     DH took me to lunch and half way through was when the fun started. My mouth dropped open, I dropped my fork, barely made it to the bathroom and the car. The meds wore completely off and I went to hell for the following 18 or so hours.  I took more oral meds to get back up the hill and some tranquilizers to pull me out of the atmo... not helping. At that point I knew I was in for a terrible ride as I'd had THREE of this procedures in the past and never had one affected me in this manner.  Possibly it was due to how much more the discs have degenerated, I don't know.  All I can tell you is that I went from a 10 through the roof, past the house top and was out in the atmo for far too long.  No position was comfortable and NOTHING helped.  I iced, used the TENS unit, tried unsuccessfully for the first time NOT to scream.  I don't like my family having to go through this with me and so many of my screams are held back, didn't happen this time. I just couldn't hold them back as I went in the atmo.  If the ceiling of our home inside is a 10, the roof of the house outside is a 15 then the atmos a 20 with no where to go beyond that, atmos as far as you can get for me which is a smidge before death at my own hand.  I have been through child birth and to me that's only a 10.  You do the math, I was there, incoherent, impossible to talk and not scream.  This went on through the rest of the day and into the night.  I tried the massage bed, laying down, right side, left side, back, front, inclining, standing, sitting, NOTHING helped or alleviated that pain.  After taking another sleeping pill and 2+mg of tranqs I passed out way late into the am hours.
     When I woke I was shocked to find DH here at my side waiting for me.  He should have been at work and has NO time off so he took it without pay which we can NOT afford.  I don't know how he's going to pay the mortgage now and feel just terrible about him loosing all that pay on my account.  Not to mention our co-pay has doubled and he had to pay almost $200 for the procedure yesterday!  I'm becoming quite the thorn in his side.  He of course doesn't see that.  Me I see a knight in shining armor so bright and shiny I need shades.  My beloved boy stayed with me all day and continued to tell me to take it slow and rest.  It was HARD!  I COULD WALK AGAIN!  sigh,,, yes, all the pain and even with level 20 atmo in the works I can say it was all worth it!  I could walk.  Not so sure about today as I am still abed but I will test it soon.
DH took me to Panda yesterday, the nurse said we needed to do a drive through but I wanted to go in.  Now we know WHY the nurse said not to go to a sit down, hindsight and all.  BUT check out my fortune cookie!  COOL RIGHT!  I don't put much stock in this but had to share.  I took my fortune home with me and held onto it through Mrs Toads wild ride. Yeah I know Mr. Toad didn't have a Misses, my mister is Mr. Knight, remember?
     Yesterday after I figured I could walk I needed to find the roving that goes with the brown/purple/ green shawl that I have in the UFO so I can work on that shawl after making more lace for it. I was looking for something else but I can't think of what it is now.  What happened?  I sat in front of the big closet out front where we keep all our arts and crafts, needle work and roving! I couldn't help myself, it was a mess and I couldn't find anything!  DH thought I was working too hard but it was fun!  Remember on one of the UFO stash down posts I said I was NOT going to bring out my roving/spinnning UFO's? Now I have this mess to contend with.  
 You can't tell but the desk has some pretty cool items on it.  A few presents and this keen wood sewing basket thing that opens and has all these draws, thought it fun for a variety of beads while working on a shawl with bunches of them.
Then there's all the stuff on the floor and covering the table there.  Yea, stacked up to the table, under the desk, yeah. OUCH!  At least I think this is everything. Some of it is UFO kit yarn, like that red trim see through bag on the floor, that's got the sweater yarn in it for the two sweaters in the UFO box.  OH and get this, found ANOTHER UFO! I needed to bring everyone together.  A bunch of stuff went into inventory as it was undyed and then there's an entire box of luxury roving and top that's undyed and made it out to stock as well as a bunch of sweaters worth yarn and lace cones. YUM now I will be able to find all these goodies again.  Course the stash has to be next as they Pixies have hidgety piggety put items away into incorrect boxes and some boxes are getting low and need compiling.  So a rebox of stash and new inventory of stock is really needed.  Just not today please. 
CHECK IT OUT!!! This closet could barley close! It was overflowing! I wish I had a before photo but here we go, this massive closet at first held homeschooling goods.  Now it's all crafting.  See the top shelf?  That's all our paints and crafting stuff. Organized in old kitty litter boxes which work great up there.
Then on the far right and left upper we have paper, needle work and things we don't get into much.

Front and center we have all our roving, bottom floor left is 2 large baskets full of project bags. OH On the left and right you can't see about two foot of space on both sides.  Back there from the floor up is quilt sized clear zipper bags packed full of dyed fleece YUM! DD took these photos for me as I'm not yet up to testing my back today, I may be a dumb blond but momma didn't raise no fool!  But we were thinking.... what if we were to pick the stuff up off of the floor, front and center.  Turn our wheels so that the treadles are facing the back wall and the our wheels could go into the closet too!  That would give us more room at the pony bar, not to mention much needed room for the tree this year! 
     OOOh and I found a bunch of goodies I can use for scrap booking!  All my old quilling supplies fancy paper with gold leaf, not to mention all this construction paper which can be used for mountings. We also found a bunch of roving bits for needle felting but without all the needles, we will have to find out where they walked off to.  :-(  I had the punchy kind with 6+ needles in it, the foam and separate needles for different things.  Oh well, I'm sure you can understand why some of these items disappear in this place.  I need to find them for the art bags this year.  One of our KALs.
     Ya know... before yesterday I thought I was keeping in fairly good shape for being stuck in my bed.  Upper body was strengthened with winding of yarn and hanking and reskeining.  Then my legs look really good still from all the spinning.  I guess it hasn't been enough though as I find that I had rubber legs when trying to walk back to bed after working on the closet most of the day.  Oh, didn't help that I didn't eat either.  ALSO the Pixies just tole me,,, I was out there from noon to SIX PM!  WHAT?  Time just flew. That's why DH stayed home though, he wanted to make sure that I didn't over do.  Poor dear, I do put him through it all though, far too much of "it". He's a lovey for putting up with me and still loving me after all he's got to put up with.
     I have soooo much more to tell and share about UFO's and my spinning, but for now I just really wanted to update you to my condition.  I'm ok!  The major pain is gone and if I had to answer how I feel now... 0! WHAT!  Normally I wake with this crippling back pain that is at least a 6 and I'm FINE!  A little afraid to get out of bed so I'm gonna stick with some work I have here and about 200 messages to go through. ;-)  I hope you all are having a great day and thank you for all your prayers and well wishes, God bless you all, great big bunches. For today, I'M OK! Thank GOD!.

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