Monday, December 2, 2013

Prisoner Zero

WEEEEeeelll!  Those numbers... the one-three which is the order I was going to start in... they were false.  When I went to rip the cable coat I realized that it needed to be repurposed!  I couldn't rip it when my Wee guy decided he wanted to live in it could I?  Who could tell him no? :-)
Instead I worked seed stitch for 2 rows and then b/o.  Worked up a bottom panel and stitched that onto the end.  It needs a casing and some 1/4 inch elastic at the top as it's wibbly wobbly but it's a GREAT bag.  
A little large for the wee dude but it will work as a multi purpose AND I'm thinking of felting it a bit.  I LOVE IT!  My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.  Looking at all that lovely light green yarn is making me want to c/o for another coat though.  UGH!  A plainer one.  I will have to make and put it on a someday list.  For now I'm glad to have it somewhat done.
Remember I said there was a basket with wood handles and needlepoint?  This is it... along with the massive amount of yarn for the coat.  It's very fluffy and about a bulky/aran weight.  I believe it's Peace Fleece, great coat yarn.  See "why" I want to knit it back up again?

DH got me these, he knows I haven't been feeling anywhere close to good which is my barometer for a 6 pain level.  Been hanging out at 10 on the ceiling... if you see me, can you please grab a spatula?  I think it's going to snow.
This morning he sent me this.  I have been enthralled with Sunrise and Sunset in yarn of late.  I am not sure I could even BEGIN to capture Gods handiwork but I would like to try, in yarn.

What are we looking at?  My first attempt at scrapbooking.  CRAZY insanity!  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  As you can see,,, I overloaded the piece to boot!  I will be using elastic around the entire thing to hold it together.  Let me tell you too... there are NO photos in there yet! Yeah, "Houston, we have a problem."  This was Kathy Orta Files Personal organizer... until I attacked it and wacked it.  Course, Kat would be the FIRST person to tell you that it's ok to put your spin on it.  Here's the URL to her blog... check out what it was supposed to look like here.  She's greatm as are her tutorials.  I do this to relax on the weekends, it's fun to cut and paste.  Then we have chat nights which are super fun as is watching Kathy at work.  I play her along with her and we cut and paste together!

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