Thursday, December 12, 2013

My name is Crush Dude

To show you how my mind works. Through my recovery time I c/o for a wee dog jumper. What can I say? He's adorable in them and he needed another while others are drying, it's been COLD here.
So Mr. Lion Head here started with a turtle neck in deep teal. What is it with me and all the teal lately? Heaven only knows but hey, he looks great in it.  This coat started with a turtle neck which is where the name came from. He was shivering the other night, put on the Green Hornet, tucked him under my arm and under the covers and it was just the ticket, so more coats were needed. While we are asking questions though, what's the deal with every sweater needing a name?  Some answers we just may never have.  This one I didn't have to try on 50 times, then in about 24 hours we had a sweater.
High enough at the under belly so that it doesn't get in the way, long enough in the leg so that he doesn't have to freeze.  So here we have Mr. Adorastinkingble yet again.  Why Crush?  It's from Nemo, we started with a turtle neck remember? The turtles name is Crush and there you have it. ;-)

The first Christmas present of the year came from FMG, they sent a baggie of Swav crystals and this lovely dark chocolate toffee, NUM!
     Remember the post Did I c/o? Well, there was a bad photo of a gradient yarn.  I reskeined the hanks and sent off 2 sets to their owners.  I tried to get a better photo of the balance but I'm afraid this still doesn't give you just how wonderful this yarn truly was.
You just don't get the depth and contrast in this shot either but it is a better shot then the prior one on the drying wrack.  Yesterday I had a gal ask for one like this but this one went dirt cheap as we split it three ways.  She will need partners to split the $$ down or we can go with my new inexpensive sock weight yarn.  Either way this is slotted for when we come back in January.  Just because we aren't dyeing until then doesn't mean we aren't taking orders.  Custom orders can take up to a week of e-mailing to nail down so feel free to contact me about anything in the mean time.  We can do this in any color or ANY colors, so long as you find friends to share the wealth with.  We each ended up with 750 yards total of the 5 different colors. Or you could take it all and make a large shawl.
I saw this KAL yesterday which is opening in January and almost got sucked down the rabbit hole!
image title
I could so paint that yarn! EASY PEASY! Cheap too! Man this one was troublesome for me.  BUT we have Sweetlette and the Modern Heirloom coming out in January.  AND this is the GUFOSDof2014 I shawl NOT be moved!  My course is set and I'm going to stay strong.  Just for today.
     Speaking of which we had a really bad episode late last night... one that involved screaming and ice.  Seems I'm not out of the woods yet. In bed again today.... hoping that I will be out of bed to go to the Hobbit on Friday. ;-)
    Miracle designs of a Roman Cloister, a photo I liked while flipping through many.

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