Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's so good

     Health Smealth! I give up.  Doc was all over a board I didn't understand so lets just say that I'm ok and we will be working at feeling better but it doesn't look like there's a permanent solution for me in the coming year anyway.  I don't like talking bout it so we are going back to I'm OK. ;-)
     What I ADORE talking about is stuff that's fun!  Like last night.  DH and I went shopping after the doc!  Who's a size 8 (yeah!) and WILL still be getting socks regardless.  I walked the entire perimeter of the feed store found WORMS for the chickens and so wanted to buy them but the bucket was $30 so I opted out for the 20 pound block instead and their normal feed. 
     We then trekked across town to Claim Jumper which we haven't been to in 6 long years.  I loved it. 
The waitress reminded me of my beautiful DIL, so happy and bubbly.  When she found out (I HAD to tell her) that this was my first time out to dinner in 2 years cause I couldn't walk, she was so happy for me.  
After dinner she brought me the one thing on the desert menu I thought, gee I wonder how that is... red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing.  
      She made it look like a party on a plate!  All the chocolate drizzle and the sprinkles.  She was so cute, said it was her 2nd time at the plate, the first one she tried and failed to write congratulations.  She said it was just all eeewww off of the plate.  ADORASTINKINGBLE!!!
     Then we went to Vons,,, you think UGH grocery shopping... well, I have to tell you, the things normal people take for granted are a total blessing to me. 
Walking hand in hand with my beloved rates super high on my Wendy Good StuffOmeter!  He said people were staring at me and laughing with him over me, I missed all of that.  Trying to find out if there were another white grape juice was perplexing to say the least.  But the ice cream section, well it must have tripled since I was last in a store. 

      CRAZY how much Americans love our ice cream eh?  I didn't want any I was just checking it out when what did my wandering eye spy?  CHUBBY HUBBY!  That just made my night!  Now I want to paint yarn and call it Chubby Hubby just for fun!  I can't make this photo stand up right so you will have to read side ways.  I don't even know what was in this stuff I just LOVED that name.

     Having fun on the KAL front, check out the TWO new pages here, Modern Heirloom and Donna Druchunas Event Horizon a Pi Shawl, I finally broke down!  I couldn't stand the pressure of KNOWING I could paint fabulous yarn for this shawl dirt cheap and not knit it.  I just couldn't do it. Hey, I LOVE KAL's to knit, design, paint all things KAL!  Not just running them,,,, all things!  The preacher needs to be preached at once in a while.
     On the present knitting front, down in the home stretch, 2 of the 4 parts for DH are completed! I ADORE THEM and you will too.  Photos will come next week on that one.  DS has a pair of socks coming, he choose the yarn so I don't feel bad knitting on them in front of him.  What he doesn't know is that they will actually be finished by the this time next week.  I hit the leg last night.  Which reminds me, I need to change needle sizes. 
     There's a poll in our Ravelry group, my UFO's the ones that are left to complete in 2014 or will be done away with. Help me out here.  I need to know what to do... to list (all in my Rav Notebook) or not to list that is the questions.  There's pro's and con's to every question.
     I will leave you for tonight, enjoy your evening.

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