Sunday, December 15, 2013

How good is it?

It's sooooooo good!  GREAT in fact!  Not to wake up in that excruciating pain - which has been my lower back for the last five long years.  It would take about 2 hours to loosen and unwind. Haven't had to deal with that this past week.  There's been some interesting times when my new leather thong thingy has been put to the test, DH calls them "spike's" which is a really good word for them.  Imagine having someone use a sledge hammer to insert a railroad spike into your L5 vertebrae and well, you get the picture.  One that I probably shouldn't have given you but truth outs with me. Mostly though, it's been very nice to be able to walk a little bit further, do a little more each day.  I keep waiting for it to all fall apart and every once in a while I continue past the time when surely I should have dropped.  But, overall, it's been a great weekend. Oh dear, the procedure was on Monday, well, I guess I've been resting, no I don't have to guess, I have been resting ... A LOT!
DH has been WONDERFUL! Honest and true, my beloved boy has been there every time.  Holding onto something that he found didn't hurt or stroking a 2 inch space he found which could be tolerated.  There was a time, 15 years ago, that man would NOT have been found!  He'd have been at work or making work at home (he doesn't do home repairs) or finding a friend who was moving.  Anything but have to go through the pain that is me. 
 I find myself smiling!  Isn't that weird?  When I was a child I told myself I was going to have laugh lines, never frowny lines... I ended up with the frowny and not a thing I could do about it.  BUT lately, I find myself smiling for NO REASON! Other then I'm not in all that pain which is a marvelous reason!  Bestest reason EVER! SMILE
Just needed to give you a quick update, I wasn't going to go on, I really only wanted to share with you that I found my doc's socks!  This is the terribly cute man who during my procedure, came into the prep room, marked my back and was GONE before either nurse saw him!  This is the man who I saw peeking around a corner as they wheeled me into OR#2, but none of the nurses did!  This is the man who called my insurance and raised CAIN and then ABLE to get my procedure in the first place.  Then he railed on the insurance when they said they wouldn't give me an anesthesiologist.  He didn't have to do that for me.  Seems at the fourth declination from the insurance that something snapped in him.  Perhaps the same thing that snapped in me and had my life dangling by a thread? This adorable, sweet man is getting socks! PERIOD!  His yarn, it's been here for a few years now in fact, since my ADOW dye days.
I wanted to use something that was already here as I am in this phase of using it all up.  Sure hope it lasts all year through, wouldn't that be GREAT! Can you stash down SABLE?  Anyway, that brown is so him!  Perfect. I have seen him in every variety of brown since I have known him.  Never black, never gray, brown, thank you very much.  This yarn goes from tan through to those different golden brown and red brown you see here. The other yarn in the photo was Primary off of the Twist page, stuck it in a kettle of blue and SHAZAM! Turned awesome!  It will become a cowl.
Ya know, I got to thinking today as I was ironing my blotter.  DH put a glass full of ice on it today for me to have a sodie when I woke... the ice was water and the condensation had saturated my blotter.  Immediately I thought of the old mansions in England and how one under butler guy had the job of ironing the newspaper when it came in the morning. Still wet from the press and in need of ironing out the wrinkles?  WEIRD RIGHT?! I dutifully got out the iron and try as I might there was no hope for it. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the blotter had completely dried?  Regardless it wasn't having any flattening.  Been thinking I'd rather have a month calendar blotter instead anyway.  
That entire ramble just to tell you what I was thinking of while ironing,,, that all artists must be slightly MAD!  Folks who can create something from nothing, surely they must all be mad!  I found myself speaking aloud to the paper, or trying to identify the mathematical equation which is needed to conclude this or that design flaw. Later, slamming sacks of beads about when my count comes out wildly over and above the anticipated count I wanted to put into a shawl. Knowing that my Peeps will want to hang me from the highest tree and take turns beating me black and blue with their largest knitting needles when they hear that there are 1500 beads in that shawl!  ARGH! And that those are only the size 11/0 beads, there are others as well! Are all artists mad?  Or can I not even count myself in their company and is it just me who's insane? Something to contemplate while ironing your blotter.
At the same time as finding a fitting end for an ADOW yarn, we have the ADOW bag finishing up.  I wanted to share how I block my bags.  First I hit the book case,,, looking for the exact proportions needed for the bags size.  This time it was Caribbean and Alaska by JA Michner. The first book was inserted with the spine up, second with the spine down-spine to spine.  They were then double wrapped in plastic grocery bags to be protected. 

 Then my bag was scrunched up like a pair of long stockings and bottom first the books are inserted into the bag.  Some times I will weave a strand of yarn back and forth to seal the top in order to keep it from sagging but this bag didn't have that trouble.  I put fans on it and all's well.
DD, if you are reading this, please stop as below is something for you. ;-)
Just to make sure she's gone I'm going to share my fabric and rat tail.  I'm going to make a few bags here soon.  ;-)  Been talking about it forever but since I am feeling better I have a small sewing list of items I would like to do.  This is one.
Another is that I would like to use this take out box as a template for making my own.  How cute to get a gift in a take out box!
Ok, I think we are safe now.  This is DD's present.  I have one like it but nothing as adorable as her's.  Through this knit I found out I can make both of us a top out of a bag of Sugar Rush by Queensland which is a GREAT thing as I bought like 6 bags when they went on close out! ;-) I LOVE this yarn!
If you recall mine it was very plain, EPS bottom up in the round, nothing really amazing about it.  This one has a bit of shaping and then I split for the sleeves.  I worked the back, kept notes and then worked the front adding BLING! LOVE IT!
These are a variety of clear, clear AB and pale blue faceted round and bicone crystals! FUN!  I split the yarn and put them on half of the yarn then knit the two back together.  It's a lot of work but as you can see, well worth the effort.  The sleeves were picked up and knit in short rows with stitches added to make a wee bit of a ruffle.  This will be a GREAT top to wear to church in the 100 degree heat that is LA in the summer.  I can't WAIT to share this with her, good thing Christmas is almost upon us.
Speaking of which, I have 2 presents left, one is about half way through and the other, 2/3rds! YIPEE SKIPPEE
 Good thing,,, all this cleaning out, it has spilled over even further.  This weekend I found myself going through old photos and files which shouldn't have been there.  It was one of those things,,, you have an old puter, you try to salvage the files and so copy over.  Then you think you did it but didn't then you do it again.  I found like three of these some with actual necessary files that I didn't know existed any more.  Most were duplicates but it was fun to find the one stray folder which actually had something of worth in it.  There were a great many pet photos which I'm so thankful for.  Each time I go looking through my Pets folder I think, is that all there is?  Surely there are more?  Found em! 


  1. Anne aka: Sandinmysocks on RavDecember 15, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    You made me SMILE =)

  2. Anne aka Sandinmysocks on RavDecember 15, 2013 at 7:04 PM

    I just listened to the full dramatized version of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens it was wonderful and free on (located at about the middle of the page). A treat indeed, after checking out your profile again I thought you might enjoy hearing it while being creative or resting. I do believe those of us who add many, many beads to lacy knitting are a little crazy but isn't it like being able to add stars to the sky, and who can count them! Have a lovely Christmas! God bless you!

  3. Thank you, I will do that with the children. We do love to get our Dickens in at Christmas. As well as It's a Wonderful Life which makes my Big Burly Bohunk cry. Love that it gets him so and that he's so adorable and loving. I could NOT stand this life of pain if it weren't for him and the Lord, my family taking care of me through all of this, they have just been so wonderful. Last night... the 1285 beads,,, thought about having an option to get them in the 8/0 but man! 1- Heavy 2-that's a lot of beads! Cause you gotta add the 480 or so that are the 8/0 so now we are at 1600 something and URGH! BEAD LADY! ;-) You have heard of the pigeon woman in the park, well now you have the bead lady in Lebec. ;-) Thank you for sharing... I write and know it's cathartic for me and then wonder if anyone reads it. My audience of one, no make that two, you and I.