Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great UFO Spinning Stash Down Unspun

Sorry hubby, there was just NO way I could even begin to work with all that clutter around.  In order to design I need clutter free space.  So I sat and had DD do the running and putting away.  The space is still cluttered over much and I'm not feeling as well as I was so even though I feel like all I did was take a few photos,,, I over did it.  :-(

BUT HERE WE GOES!!!!  Lets see if I can make heads or tails of all this. First we'll start with all the yarn, this is 880 yards of a hand spun Optum, feel like butta, this stuff is so soft! Needs to become a shawl.  After I'm through with all this sorting I will have a large tote full of some GREAT hand spun that's perfect for shawls.

Then there's all this natural stuff.  I believe the idea was to make a patch work something but I can't remember what so this went back into the closet until I can remember what it is.  There's everything in there from the great stuff 100% cashmere, to some major itchy.

This UFO was found, it was to be a Tomten from my Elizabeth Zimmerman era.  It's hand spun Ramboilet, scrumptious stuff.  Instead of attempting to rip it... this will stick like CRAZY, like mohair! DD said COWL! I agreed, it will be b/o and then seamed for another great present.  The blendy stuff is a silk, cash, alpaca who know's what all?.. some yak?

You ever spun bunny hair?  Stuff goes everywhere including up your nose!  This was to be a gradient shawl with blendy going on.  I got a good bit of 40 WPI angora and called it a day.  There's about 4 oz of merino in there as well as the bat which was to be spun into each in small increments to make slight amounts of green.  Yeah... dunno about this one.  Might have to card the angora to the merino before starting again.  Speaking of which!  I found my fine cotton combs!  Thought I'd lost them!  Amazing what you come up with when you organize and clean out.

My first BFL to see if it's itchy as I seem to think.  It's on the electric Babe so there is at least a bit on a bobbin in my working basket... which I didn't bother to pull out.  Mostly it's got my undyed fleece on it.  See last years post.

Here's the balance of the fiber for the shawl which I introduced you to in one of the GUFOSD posts.  This is the first thing I will attempt to revive as I will need the yarn to finish the UFO this year.

Got this in a club... really didn't like it as I don't do orange and red,,, surely not together.  It's a nice 2 ply lace weight though and DD snatched this one up.

Terrible photo of what is some GORGEOUS roving.
Here you go!  This is a photo from a TDF when I spun a good bit of it up.  It's going long gradient through the colors about 4 times. YUM.  A good friend sent me this, I can't wait to finish it to make a shawl from it.  That's going to be SOME shawl!

Not sure just WHY this made it back here unless... unless the one on the left has been spun a bit?  These are Loop co-ordinates so I imagine a color is missing from the center of the one on the left.  Dunno, these went back into the roving stash.  Good thing this is just a SAL of objects which are in process, the Stash is an altogether a different type of critter.... think BLOB.

This puppy is a lovie!  My favorite colors, possibly my own hand paint and I navajo plied it into a worsted?  Nice yarn, will be done eventually.

Up for grabs, a skein of purple and red/orange sock weight which is done in gradient as you can tell from the way it's tied on the right.

Large rainbow gradient DD dyed for me, this was miserable to tie and keep separate while she painted it WOW was this ever a challenge, bad photo too.  This will make a lovely shawl.
Too bad I can't find better photos of these... I believe this one was during my Scary Sisters phase.  Both are keepers.

Violet silk, what WAS I thinking?  Silk blend, ok, 100% silk and rough hands like mine?  Not so much UGH!  Stuff catches on everything.  I will have to learn to blend better.

Called The Sea I have just a wee bit of this one finished.

Sport weight 2 ply for a sweater.  So far I did up one ball and came up with 322 yards of a 2 ply.  Another ball and I will have enough for a sweater YUM.  Reminds me of the beach, good thing for the name, Hampton Beach, love it!

More hand spun, pretty sure I have more of these to spin as well.  I want to say pencil roving for at least one of them but I didn't bring all the roving in, just the stuff that I saw had work done on it.

Another gradient dye job, photo doesn't deliver the color though.  BAD PHOTO!  BAD DOG!  Corner you.

This one might be YF Twilight, least wise it looks like it.  Almost finished.

Everybody was put away with the exception of the yarn, it's going into a box in which I will be working on them this year.  As projects come up I'm going to hit that box first to see if anyone of these will work for the shawls I want to knit.

The other item you haven't seen is for the Art Bag KAL this year.  I have one skein up so far and really need to get back to work on it... good thing I don't write anything in stone as there's so much before me I might faint if I thought on it for very long.  As it is, I can hold that KAL any time my wee heart desires. And so I shawl (PIN!).

That's all my dirty laundry as it were.  How's yours coming?

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