Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Great UFO SD 2014 cont.

Just made a new rule for myself and thought this would be a great place to compile said rules.  You do not have to claim it but I thought it was a good rule, all things considered.  What things?  The fact that the Black List is so VERY long and I only have a year.  During which I have my work knitting too.  Then there's going to be the occasional, "OH I have GOT to knit that",,, projects that will come along.

Rule #1:  If, when we get to the end of 2014, I still have UFO's OTN, they will go into the frog pond.  Let me clarify that, IF I haven't touched them at all during the year and I do not LOVE them.  Am not deeply in love with them.

How did this rule come about?  Project #1 positively made me swoon!  I found this photo and realized that I would like mine to look this way.  Only one problem, I tossed the pattern last year!  So I'm hunting it down now.  See the thumb?  See the large center motif?  My shawl it at the top of that part... more like the bottom of the point above that part!  LOL so I have a major amount of knitting left IF I can find the pattern.  It's so old and the designer didn't publish it... the Yahoo Group has been dissolved.  So I wrote to my friends, hopefully one of them will have a copy of the pattern still.  We are talking about 5 years ago.


  1. Wendy, I think it's the version 2 of Slow Bee KAL from Monika Ecker. I've made version 1... And still have all the clues for the two versions.

  2. Any idea of the name of the group, designer or the name of the shawl? I have been a member of a number of Yahoo groups that participated in beautiful lace KAL's. Perhaps I have the pattern.

  3. I'm good to go it was right there under the rock the entire time, but thanks for asking.