Tuesday, December 3, 2013


     I really can't believe it... still and it's been about an hour since I found out and I still can't believe it.  In today's mail there was a letter, addressed to me from the insurance company. My shot was approved!  I started weeping, no,,, make that sobbing and everyone here thought something terrible had happened. :-) We will go to the surgery center next Monday and I will get the shot.  I will see my doctor on the following Monday and he will possibly send me in for the surgery right away.  What surgery?  The one that will allow me to get out of my bed, get out of my home and become a productive member of society again!  YES! I will be able to walk again!  WOW I wonder if it could be in time for Christmas? It's been so many years that I'm sure I have become agoraphobic but I WILL GET OUT THERE!  
     Just think, I will be able to go to church and finally met all of the people who have been praying for me.  I can do all of those mother daughter things which I haven't been able to do.  I will be able to take my children places.  When DD hit 16 I was going to rent a mobile home and drive them across the country.  So many things didn't happen and after the final surgery they will be able to happen.  DD and I also talked about a cruise for just the two of us (DH hates water and fish!  LOL).  She's been my constant companion these many years in which I have been bed ridden.
     Seems DH was in cahoots with the doctors office after they last told me it was declined for the fourth time.  The blessed doctor actually CALLED the pencil pusher who was continually declining me and put up a fuss.  GUESS what's going to happen between now and the final surgery?  I'm going to figure out what his shoe size is and knit that man some winter socks!    
       HUGE sigh of relief, I'm gonna walk again!


  1. So happy for you Wendy! Great news! Will keep up the prayers so the positive energy keeps flowing.
    Linda (lindaran)

  2. Thanks Lin, it's been a VERY long time coming, I hope and pray nothing goes wrong in the trip through all that is to follow. Please do continue to pray over the entire circuit.

  3. Wendy that is WONDERFUL news! I am so happy for you. Will keep up the prayers.

  4. Praying, praying, praying that everything goes well in this process, Wendy! Stay strong.