Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finished UFO's

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!  I'm really getting into this as I full well know Christmas knitting will HAVE to take over shortly.  Here's the cable tote which was to be a coat.
And a finished present.  The colors aren't correct, in real life these socks are black, cream and gray.

I adore puddle jumpers,,, this is the front of the two socks.  To CUTE for words!
Next up I would like to hit my list... the first item is Slow Bee KAL from years back.  Problem?  I have chart 5 and then nothing!  I can't find my folder for this one and will have to hunt further.  If I really can't find it then I'm going to b/o after finishing up chart 5.

Here's the last of the reclaimed yarn.  Unless no one wants to trade for the shawls and Snow White.  In which case all of that will be ripped out.  See the queen sized comforter bag on the far right?  That's the coat yarn and I REALLY want to c/o for another coat NOW!  But alas, I can not, promises my to self and family has been told to slap me if they find me going off the beaten path.

Oh and lets not forget the SM's, these both can't close any more since they are PACKED to the gills!

Published Batty today, isn't he adorable! Here he is sleeping.  You can find him here, on Ravelry.
This week I will be working on patterns up coming: Cherry Pie and the Multi Mates book.  Just waiting for one more set of photos for MM and Cherry needs a photo shoot.
Today we have either Slow Bee or Sept Tours... which will it be?  HUM... one is lace with beads the other is black... both need to be worked in the day but ST is possible to work and watch TV while doing so, it might win out.

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