Saturday, December 7, 2013

Did I cast on?

     Ok, so I made myself a promise, "Note to self, DO NOT cast on any new projects until 2014 at least!"
     This one is sort of ify, you be the judge.  I fell head over heals in total and complete love, insane infatuation big time - for Russian Lily, a Russian designer whom I only just found via Jill.  She seems very kind, understanding and shares her love of knitting world wide.  Jill, ever the Evil Queen Bee Enabler, sent me this link to a KAL.  I went to the group BUT what I SAW wasn't the small Fichu KAL but this square shawl.
Drop dead gorgeous right!  If you look really close you can see cranes in flight throughout. This is the first heirloom I have seen which looks like I might actually WANT to knit it.  I c/o the Queen Susan but it's so bland that I knew I'd never make it through the plain center of the shawl and so I ripped it back out.  This one though... this one would keep my attention. I adore this shawl and have asked the designer if she's going to publish the pattern.  She told me she'd got charts for it but that's all I know.
     So, where's the sin in all of this?  I c/o for the Song of the Cranes large shawl last night. 
YIPES (dodging all those rotten tomatoes)  TEE HEHEEE BUT this is where it gets interesting... in order to c/o I had to rip out as it was midnight and I don't think anyone here would have thanked me.  I would have had to go digging through boxes in the garage to find the yarn, then get out the swift and ball winder and wind it.  Yeah, clunky and everybody in the house awake,,, not so much.  That wasn't the only reason I had to rip out.  I felt like if I ripped it was a swap. I ripped my SHS which was only just past the first chart and I didn't love it which seemed to be the deciding factor.  That and it was only just past chart 1.  
     Do I get a swap?  I killed an item from the Black List and made a new WIP.  Normally my WIPs do not turn into UFO's these days.  I stick with them until they are done and then VIOLA... more stuff to find room for in our ever disintegrating, ever shrinking, walk in closet.  Do I get a pass? What do you think?
     Also, another thing to confess.  URGH! There's this group of mine, Icelandic Lace on Yahoo.  We KAL every once in a while and Brenda Dayne made this.
Gorgeous right? So we needed yarn.  I have that super inexpensive fingering now and we dyed this week so this is where I landed.
YUM!!!  These skeins are going to be split into three kits worth. Myself and two fortunate friends are getting the kits. YUM!  I love these colors and they blend really well.  SO much less then Unique Sheep's yarn and I got three kits worth out of it.  Yeah, you know where I'm going, c/o? UGH!

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