Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black List 2014 AKA UFO list

WOW I did it!! Promised myself that I would put them all away by the end of the weekend and I promised myself that I wouldn't put them away until I made a list!  Which I have done!  Almost everything fit into the 2 drawer file cabinet!  

 This is it! There's a bag of the three items which are up for trade on top and a large zipper bag outside but hey, they almost fit! AND HEY WOW isn't this much more managable then the entire bed covered in boxes and bags FULL of projects?  The prior photos and posts should give you an idea of what I have gone through this weekend.  One drawer has all the shawls and the other has the tops, sweaters and 2 pair of socks.  The rest,,, the more WIP items are all in the basket by my bed where my "work" and recreation current knitting normally has been residing.

Without further ado... I give you the Black List!  Black as they will disappear by the end of next year.  ALL OF THEM!  One way or another they will get out of here.  You knitwear guys here me!  Yeah, I'm talking to you!!! Blue - 2 drawer file cabinet, you hearing this!  You will be repurposed too! You will hold paper as you were designed to do.  

The "number" in bold is the first three items in the order which I will get them finished. YOUR OUTTA HERE!  Here me- you color work sweater! "PICK ME!",  "I wanna go next!", "NO, PICK ME!", "She wont pick you, she doesn't really even LIKE you!",  "Don't you know... she's gonna RIP YOU!" Hey stop that! No fighting among the natives, I love you all the same.  We will get through this next year, side by side.  Just chill for now.

List of UFO's as of December 1, 2013

Red Chevron type socks, 2 at a time toe up, about 4” done
BMH to ankles
Octagon 2 color to ankles
Watermelon above ankles
Witchie Poo Stockings
Birthday cake striped socks

Peacock Shawl chart 5
NUMBER 1 Slow Bee
Whispering Pines chart f of k and edging
SHS chart 2
MBH rip back to 1 rpt of beginning
FMS10 end of Chart 3
Handspun lace in brown purple and green – need more yarn 14” long
Hanspun worsted wedge shawlette.... rip? It's not happy figure out why and what to do about it. Need more yarn.
Sesqui-Centenary row 128 of 172 finish

Pure Turquoise to waist
NUMBER 2 Denim cable top almost finished

Red and black cable 2 color sweaters half of bottom done
Black and blue/green maze sweater half of bottom done

Multi textural about 30” long matching sweater finished
t-shirt tier skirt... has no flounce to it. Rip it? Redo in ribbon yarn or rayon.

NUMBER 3 Sept Tours welts, lining, video?
Sipalu done lining and handles

NUMBER 4 Grapevine glove/long sleeves

Quivet and cashmere ….
rip, unspin, card and respin NO lets NOT get into roving projects here, lets save that for 2015!

Lizard Ridge – closet
9 inch squares – 6 done turn into wash cloths or bags?
Octipuffs 22 and 10 squares
Sock afghan log cabin, one block done trash?

RECENT WIPs and other knitting which has to be done in conjunction with everything else.
Tencel L/S pullover sweater done up to sleeves

DH Christmas 
DS “ start
DD “ start
Mom's start
DH present #2, need lining outter
DD turquoise

Modern Heirloom
Floral Stockings
BSG top/vest

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  1. Wow, that is a lot more UFO' then I have! Great initiative, though, and I think I will try to go along as well.