Friday, December 27, 2013

Big Box of Yaaaarrrrn! Yum!

Actually it is not ONE box but TWO big boxes of yarn came in.  I'm tempted to order more NOW cause it's all gorgeous and I forgot to get the rabbit fur WAAA!  BUT look at what I did get.
     You know that Art Bag I been chattering about?  Well I'm thinking that this pommy stuff could line the handle.  

Or you could alternate 10 rows of black and a strand of this held along for a single row on a scarf or shawl or hat or anything.  I wouldn't use it solo but as a carry along SO MUCH!  I got it in this color, Spice Berry and Wasabi which is similar only it's got orange in it.
Poems sock in my FAVORITE colors,,, this would be great in a shawl.  I have an idea for a shawl for this one actually.  I can get this in any color for you but we have to make a pre-order or I could order before the end of the year.  We have a few days left.
Poems Loften this is another long color changing but this is worsted weight single ply.  Nice for a sweater or vest I'm thinking.  Also available in all the colors... you just need to order a full bag of it.

Then there was all the undyed for me to play with YIPEE this lovely is a silk merino 25/75% superwash DK weight yarn LOVE it!  Perfect for a sweater in the cream here or I can dye it for you.
     In the same order we got bamboo/merino/nylon and an angora/merino/nylon sock weight.  I only ordered a small amount of the angora as I figured it was going to be itchy WOW was I ever delighted to find out it's the softest stuff.  Reminds me of Pixie Paca BUTTA BABY!  Also bought this lace, it's in a loose cake... thinking this will make a SMASHING kettle dyed long gradient the minute it hits the kettle!  All you have to do is allow the dye to go dark on the outside and light on the inside and the kettle will do all the work LOVE IT!  These are put up in 440 yard balls and it's a 70/30% merino/silk so it's NUMMY!  I was so pleased to see this in the cake for as I know what this yarn will do!  So do you!  I can also see this in a rainbow riot covered in black. Like 1/4th the yarn into quads, then yellow, hot pink, turquoise and lime... then you put it into a black kettle... right?  You tracking with me?  I can't find a photo but I bought something like this for a sweater before.  Anyway this one is saturated through for solid color instead of the variegate.  FUN in two boxes.  
     If you would like to talk about an order, I can get anything now, pm me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot com.

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