Friday, December 27, 2013

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After the age old war was over, to the victors go the spoils. A beautiful peacock danced by the throne on the sea, fan extended... dancing for the possible mate he wanted to attract. As he danced he made the turn and uncovered the treasure! One could see the Mediterranean in the background and there was yet the red of blood on the swords, a rusty pole on which hung a Spanish flag (yeah baby you made it!), the colors still verdant. The long war was over and now it was time to come out into the feast at last. So many of the colors in the tapestry to the right were faded, aged as if it had hung in the sun for too long, yet the former brilliance shone through, orange, turquoise with a hint of teal, the blue purple of the hydrangea while the fog drifted around it. As the sun went down the lights came on and we could see? WHAT!? a glacier in the sea? But how could that be? Yet there it was, glistening in the moonlight.

One, set apart, remained unclaimed... the precious and most sought after color in ALL the realm the life sustaining burnished blue green SEAWEED in distress! On silk, not one but TWO! Perfectly matched shimmering in the moonlight. Should you desire it, you merely have to reach out and take it. ;-)  

Boats afloat, the armada!
Someone wanted to see the throne by the sea... well, I can see the peacock and the throne and the flag really easily but you might not be able to see it so much.  You have to have a vivid imagination and the photos aren't good on the rack.  I'm not sure I want to post photos they are TERRIBLE and I don't like to post open skeins, these look pink but they are red, the towel under is burgundy. Keep that in mind as you view.

 The blood on the sword.

Terrible photo you can't see the depth here... nor the proper colors.
This is the Spanish Flag.

Mr. Peacock and the sea.

The tapestry, Modern Heirloom and the seaweed up close.  Like I said though these are terrible photos shot on my old camera which has gone by the wayside since the colors are so bad.  BUT I always give you what you want.  You are missing the back side of this rack which has GLACIER by Night GORGEOUS!
Found this in an avatar from a gal on Ravelry. Since Ravelers are the BEST of all people she sent me some photos that she took of light shining through stained glass.  This will be the VERY next thing I paint!
This might have to be the Garden KAL for this year.  LOVE IT! OHHH on the new angora! YUM!

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