Friday, December 27, 2013

... and another thing

After the age old war was over, to the victors go the spoils. A beautiful peacock danced by the throne on the sea, fan extended... dancing for the possible mate he wanted to attract. As he danced he made the turn and uncovered the treasure! One could see the Mediterranean in the background and there was yet the red of blood on the swords, a rusty pole on which hung a Spanish flag (yeah baby you made it!), the colors still verdant. The long war was over and now it was time to come out into the feast at last. So many of the colors in the tapestry to the right were faded, aged as if it had hung in the sun for too long, yet the former brilliance shone through, orange, turquoise with a hint of teal, the blue purple of the hydrangea while the fog drifted around it. As the sun went down the lights came on and we could see? WHAT!? a glacier in the sea? But how could that be? Yet there it was, glistening in the moonlight.

One, set apart, remained unclaimed... the precious and most sought after color in ALL the realm the life sustaining burnished blue green SEAWEED in distress! On silk, not one but TWO! Perfectly matched shimmering in the moonlight. Should you desire it, you merely have to reach out and take it. ;-)  

Boats afloat, the armada!
Someone wanted to see the throne by the sea... well, I can see the peacock and the throne and the flag really easily but you might not be able to see it so much.  You have to have a vivid imagination and the photos aren't good on the rack.  I'm not sure I want to post photos they are TERRIBLE and I don't like to post open skeins, these look pink but they are red, the towel under is burgundy. Keep that in mind as you view.

 The blood on the sword.

Terrible photo you can't see the depth here... nor the proper colors.
This is the Spanish Flag.

Mr. Peacock and the sea.

The tapestry, Modern Heirloom and the seaweed up close.  Like I said though these are terrible photos shot on my old camera which has gone by the wayside since the colors are so bad.  BUT I always give you what you want.  You are missing the back side of this rack which has GLACIER by Night GORGEOUS!
Found this in an avatar from a gal on Ravelry. Since Ravelers are the BEST of all people she sent me some photos that she took of light shining through stained glass.  This will be the VERY next thing I paint!
This might have to be the Garden KAL for this year.  LOVE IT! OHHH on the new angora! YUM!

Big Box of Yaaaarrrrn! Yum!

Actually it is not ONE box but TWO big boxes of yarn came in.  I'm tempted to order more NOW cause it's all gorgeous and I forgot to get the rabbit fur WAAA!  BUT look at what I did get.
     You know that Art Bag I been chattering about?  Well I'm thinking that this pommy stuff could line the handle.  

Or you could alternate 10 rows of black and a strand of this held along for a single row on a scarf or shawl or hat or anything.  I wouldn't use it solo but as a carry along SO MUCH!  I got it in this color, Spice Berry and Wasabi which is similar only it's got orange in it.
Poems sock in my FAVORITE colors,,, this would be great in a shawl.  I have an idea for a shawl for this one actually.  I can get this in any color for you but we have to make a pre-order or I could order before the end of the year.  We have a few days left.
Poems Loften this is another long color changing but this is worsted weight single ply.  Nice for a sweater or vest I'm thinking.  Also available in all the colors... you just need to order a full bag of it.

Then there was all the undyed for me to play with YIPEE this lovely is a silk merino 25/75% superwash DK weight yarn LOVE it!  Perfect for a sweater in the cream here or I can dye it for you.
     In the same order we got bamboo/merino/nylon and an angora/merino/nylon sock weight.  I only ordered a small amount of the angora as I figured it was going to be itchy WOW was I ever delighted to find out it's the softest stuff.  Reminds me of Pixie Paca BUTTA BABY!  Also bought this lace, it's in a loose cake... thinking this will make a SMASHING kettle dyed long gradient the minute it hits the kettle!  All you have to do is allow the dye to go dark on the outside and light on the inside and the kettle will do all the work LOVE IT!  These are put up in 440 yard balls and it's a 70/30% merino/silk so it's NUMMY!  I was so pleased to see this in the cake for as I know what this yarn will do!  So do you!  I can also see this in a rainbow riot covered in black. Like 1/4th the yarn into quads, then yellow, hot pink, turquoise and lime... then you put it into a black kettle... right?  You tracking with me?  I can't find a photo but I bought something like this for a sweater before.  Anyway this one is saturated through for solid color instead of the variegate.  FUN in two boxes.  
     If you would like to talk about an order, I can get anything now, pm me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot com.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's so good

     Health Smealth! I give up.  Doc was all over a board I didn't understand so lets just say that I'm ok and we will be working at feeling better but it doesn't look like there's a permanent solution for me in the coming year anyway.  I don't like talking bout it so we are going back to I'm OK. ;-)
     What I ADORE talking about is stuff that's fun!  Like last night.  DH and I went shopping after the doc!  Who's a size 8 (yeah!) and WILL still be getting socks regardless.  I walked the entire perimeter of the feed store found WORMS for the chickens and so wanted to buy them but the bucket was $30 so I opted out for the 20 pound block instead and their normal feed. 
     We then trekked across town to Claim Jumper which we haven't been to in 6 long years.  I loved it. 
The waitress reminded me of my beautiful DIL, so happy and bubbly.  When she found out (I HAD to tell her) that this was my first time out to dinner in 2 years cause I couldn't walk, she was so happy for me.  
After dinner she brought me the one thing on the desert menu I thought, gee I wonder how that is... red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing.  
      She made it look like a party on a plate!  All the chocolate drizzle and the sprinkles.  She was so cute, said it was her 2nd time at the plate, the first one she tried and failed to write congratulations.  She said it was just all eeewww off of the plate.  ADORASTINKINGBLE!!!
     Then we went to Vons,,, you think UGH grocery shopping... well, I have to tell you, the things normal people take for granted are a total blessing to me. 
Walking hand in hand with my beloved rates super high on my Wendy Good StuffOmeter!  He said people were staring at me and laughing with him over me, I missed all of that.  Trying to find out if there were another white grape juice was perplexing to say the least.  But the ice cream section, well it must have tripled since I was last in a store. 

      CRAZY how much Americans love our ice cream eh?  I didn't want any I was just checking it out when what did my wandering eye spy?  CHUBBY HUBBY!  That just made my night!  Now I want to paint yarn and call it Chubby Hubby just for fun!  I can't make this photo stand up right so you will have to read side ways.  I don't even know what was in this stuff I just LOVED that name.

     Having fun on the KAL front, check out the TWO new pages here, Modern Heirloom and Donna Druchunas Event Horizon a Pi Shawl, I finally broke down!  I couldn't stand the pressure of KNOWING I could paint fabulous yarn for this shawl dirt cheap and not knit it.  I just couldn't do it. Hey, I LOVE KAL's to knit, design, paint all things KAL!  Not just running them,,,, all things!  The preacher needs to be preached at once in a while.
     On the present knitting front, down in the home stretch, 2 of the 4 parts for DH are completed! I ADORE THEM and you will too.  Photos will come next week on that one.  DS has a pair of socks coming, he choose the yarn so I don't feel bad knitting on them in front of him.  What he doesn't know is that they will actually be finished by the this time next week.  I hit the leg last night.  Which reminds me, I need to change needle sizes. 
     There's a poll in our Ravelry group, my UFO's the ones that are left to complete in 2014 or will be done away with. Help me out here.  I need to know what to do... to list (all in my Rav Notebook) or not to list that is the questions.  There's pro's and con's to every question.
     I will leave you for tonight, enjoy your evening.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

How good is it?

It's sooooooo good!  GREAT in fact!  Not to wake up in that excruciating pain - which has been my lower back for the last five long years.  It would take about 2 hours to loosen and unwind. Haven't had to deal with that this past week.  There's been some interesting times when my new leather thong thingy has been put to the test, DH calls them "spike's" which is a really good word for them.  Imagine having someone use a sledge hammer to insert a railroad spike into your L5 vertebrae and well, you get the picture.  One that I probably shouldn't have given you but truth outs with me. Mostly though, it's been very nice to be able to walk a little bit further, do a little more each day.  I keep waiting for it to all fall apart and every once in a while I continue past the time when surely I should have dropped.  But, overall, it's been a great weekend. Oh dear, the procedure was on Monday, well, I guess I've been resting, no I don't have to guess, I have been resting ... A LOT!
DH has been WONDERFUL! Honest and true, my beloved boy has been there every time.  Holding onto something that he found didn't hurt or stroking a 2 inch space he found which could be tolerated.  There was a time, 15 years ago, that man would NOT have been found!  He'd have been at work or making work at home (he doesn't do home repairs) or finding a friend who was moving.  Anything but have to go through the pain that is me. 
 I find myself smiling!  Isn't that weird?  When I was a child I told myself I was going to have laugh lines, never frowny lines... I ended up with the frowny and not a thing I could do about it.  BUT lately, I find myself smiling for NO REASON! Other then I'm not in all that pain which is a marvelous reason!  Bestest reason EVER! SMILE
Just needed to give you a quick update, I wasn't going to go on, I really only wanted to share with you that I found my doc's socks!  This is the terribly cute man who during my procedure, came into the prep room, marked my back and was GONE before either nurse saw him!  This is the man who I saw peeking around a corner as they wheeled me into OR#2, but none of the nurses did!  This is the man who called my insurance and raised CAIN and then ABLE to get my procedure in the first place.  Then he railed on the insurance when they said they wouldn't give me an anesthesiologist.  He didn't have to do that for me.  Seems at the fourth declination from the insurance that something snapped in him.  Perhaps the same thing that snapped in me and had my life dangling by a thread? This adorable, sweet man is getting socks! PERIOD!  His yarn, it's been here for a few years now in fact, since my ADOW dye days.
I wanted to use something that was already here as I am in this phase of using it all up.  Sure hope it lasts all year through, wouldn't that be GREAT! Can you stash down SABLE?  Anyway, that brown is so him!  Perfect. I have seen him in every variety of brown since I have known him.  Never black, never gray, brown, thank you very much.  This yarn goes from tan through to those different golden brown and red brown you see here. The other yarn in the photo was Primary off of the Twist page, stuck it in a kettle of blue and SHAZAM! Turned awesome!  It will become a cowl.
Ya know, I got to thinking today as I was ironing my blotter.  DH put a glass full of ice on it today for me to have a sodie when I woke... the ice was water and the condensation had saturated my blotter.  Immediately I thought of the old mansions in England and how one under butler guy had the job of ironing the newspaper when it came in the morning. Still wet from the press and in need of ironing out the wrinkles?  WEIRD RIGHT?! I dutifully got out the iron and try as I might there was no hope for it. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the blotter had completely dried?  Regardless it wasn't having any flattening.  Been thinking I'd rather have a month calendar blotter instead anyway.  
That entire ramble just to tell you what I was thinking of while ironing,,, that all artists must be slightly MAD!  Folks who can create something from nothing, surely they must all be mad!  I found myself speaking aloud to the paper, or trying to identify the mathematical equation which is needed to conclude this or that design flaw. Later, slamming sacks of beads about when my count comes out wildly over and above the anticipated count I wanted to put into a shawl. Knowing that my Peeps will want to hang me from the highest tree and take turns beating me black and blue with their largest knitting needles when they hear that there are 1500 beads in that shawl!  ARGH! And that those are only the size 11/0 beads, there are others as well! Are all artists mad?  Or can I not even count myself in their company and is it just me who's insane? Something to contemplate while ironing your blotter.
At the same time as finding a fitting end for an ADOW yarn, we have the ADOW bag finishing up.  I wanted to share how I block my bags.  First I hit the book case,,, looking for the exact proportions needed for the bags size.  This time it was Caribbean and Alaska by JA Michner. The first book was inserted with the spine up, second with the spine down-spine to spine.  They were then double wrapped in plastic grocery bags to be protected. 

 Then my bag was scrunched up like a pair of long stockings and bottom first the books are inserted into the bag.  Some times I will weave a strand of yarn back and forth to seal the top in order to keep it from sagging but this bag didn't have that trouble.  I put fans on it and all's well.
DD, if you are reading this, please stop as below is something for you. ;-)
Just to make sure she's gone I'm going to share my fabric and rat tail.  I'm going to make a few bags here soon.  ;-)  Been talking about it forever but since I am feeling better I have a small sewing list of items I would like to do.  This is one.
Another is that I would like to use this take out box as a template for making my own.  How cute to get a gift in a take out box!
Ok, I think we are safe now.  This is DD's present.  I have one like it but nothing as adorable as her's.  Through this knit I found out I can make both of us a top out of a bag of Sugar Rush by Queensland which is a GREAT thing as I bought like 6 bags when they went on close out! ;-) I LOVE this yarn!
If you recall mine it was very plain, EPS bottom up in the round, nothing really amazing about it.  This one has a bit of shaping and then I split for the sleeves.  I worked the back, kept notes and then worked the front adding BLING! LOVE IT!
These are a variety of clear, clear AB and pale blue faceted round and bicone crystals! FUN!  I split the yarn and put them on half of the yarn then knit the two back together.  It's a lot of work but as you can see, well worth the effort.  The sleeves were picked up and knit in short rows with stitches added to make a wee bit of a ruffle.  This will be a GREAT top to wear to church in the 100 degree heat that is LA in the summer.  I can't WAIT to share this with her, good thing Christmas is almost upon us.
Speaking of which, I have 2 presents left, one is about half way through and the other, 2/3rds! YIPEE SKIPPEE
 Good thing,,, all this cleaning out, it has spilled over even further.  This weekend I found myself going through old photos and files which shouldn't have been there.  It was one of those things,,, you have an old puter, you try to salvage the files and so copy over.  Then you think you did it but didn't then you do it again.  I found like three of these some with actual necessary files that I didn't know existed any more.  Most were duplicates but it was fun to find the one stray folder which actually had something of worth in it.  There were a great many pet photos which I'm so thankful for.  Each time I go looking through my Pets folder I think, is that all there is?  Surely there are more?  Found em! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great UFO Spinning Stash Down Unspun

Sorry hubby, there was just NO way I could even begin to work with all that clutter around.  In order to design I need clutter free space.  So I sat and had DD do the running and putting away.  The space is still cluttered over much and I'm not feeling as well as I was so even though I feel like all I did was take a few photos,,, I over did it.  :-(

BUT HERE WE GOES!!!!  Lets see if I can make heads or tails of all this. First we'll start with all the yarn, this is 880 yards of a hand spun Optum, feel like butta, this stuff is so soft! Needs to become a shawl.  After I'm through with all this sorting I will have a large tote full of some GREAT hand spun that's perfect for shawls.

Then there's all this natural stuff.  I believe the idea was to make a patch work something but I can't remember what so this went back into the closet until I can remember what it is.  There's everything in there from the great stuff 100% cashmere, to some major itchy.

This UFO was found, it was to be a Tomten from my Elizabeth Zimmerman era.  It's hand spun Ramboilet, scrumptious stuff.  Instead of attempting to rip it... this will stick like CRAZY, like mohair! DD said COWL! I agreed, it will be b/o and then seamed for another great present.  The blendy stuff is a silk, cash, alpaca who know's what all?.. some yak?

You ever spun bunny hair?  Stuff goes everywhere including up your nose!  This was to be a gradient shawl with blendy going on.  I got a good bit of 40 WPI angora and called it a day.  There's about 4 oz of merino in there as well as the bat which was to be spun into each in small increments to make slight amounts of green.  Yeah... dunno about this one.  Might have to card the angora to the merino before starting again.  Speaking of which!  I found my fine cotton combs!  Thought I'd lost them!  Amazing what you come up with when you organize and clean out.

My first BFL to see if it's itchy as I seem to think.  It's on the electric Babe so there is at least a bit on a bobbin in my working basket... which I didn't bother to pull out.  Mostly it's got my undyed fleece on it.  See last years post.

Here's the balance of the fiber for the shawl which I introduced you to in one of the GUFOSD posts.  This is the first thing I will attempt to revive as I will need the yarn to finish the UFO this year.

Got this in a club... really didn't like it as I don't do orange and red,,, surely not together.  It's a nice 2 ply lace weight though and DD snatched this one up.

Terrible photo of what is some GORGEOUS roving.
Here you go!  This is a photo from a TDF when I spun a good bit of it up.  It's going long gradient through the colors about 4 times. YUM.  A good friend sent me this, I can't wait to finish it to make a shawl from it.  That's going to be SOME shawl!

Not sure just WHY this made it back here unless... unless the one on the left has been spun a bit?  These are Loop co-ordinates so I imagine a color is missing from the center of the one on the left.  Dunno, these went back into the roving stash.  Good thing this is just a SAL of objects which are in process, the Stash is an altogether a different type of critter.... think BLOB.

This puppy is a lovie!  My favorite colors, possibly my own hand paint and I navajo plied it into a worsted?  Nice yarn, will be done eventually.

Up for grabs, a skein of purple and red/orange sock weight which is done in gradient as you can tell from the way it's tied on the right.

Large rainbow gradient DD dyed for me, this was miserable to tie and keep separate while she painted it WOW was this ever a challenge, bad photo too.  This will make a lovely shawl.
Too bad I can't find better photos of these... I believe this one was during my Scary Sisters phase.  Both are keepers.

Violet silk, what WAS I thinking?  Silk blend, ok, 100% silk and rough hands like mine?  Not so much UGH!  Stuff catches on everything.  I will have to learn to blend better.

Called The Sea I have just a wee bit of this one finished.

Sport weight 2 ply for a sweater.  So far I did up one ball and came up with 322 yards of a 2 ply.  Another ball and I will have enough for a sweater YUM.  Reminds me of the beach, good thing for the name, Hampton Beach, love it!

More hand spun, pretty sure I have more of these to spin as well.  I want to say pencil roving for at least one of them but I didn't bring all the roving in, just the stuff that I saw had work done on it.

Another gradient dye job, photo doesn't deliver the color though.  BAD PHOTO!  BAD DOG!  Corner you.

This one might be YF Twilight, least wise it looks like it.  Almost finished.

Everybody was put away with the exception of the yarn, it's going into a box in which I will be working on them this year.  As projects come up I'm going to hit that box first to see if anyone of these will work for the shawls I want to knit.

The other item you haven't seen is for the Art Bag KAL this year.  I have one skein up so far and really need to get back to work on it... good thing I don't write anything in stone as there's so much before me I might faint if I thought on it for very long.  As it is, I can hold that KAL any time my wee heart desires. And so I shawl (PIN!).

That's all my dirty laundry as it were.  How's yours coming?

My name is Crush Dude

To show you how my mind works. Through my recovery time I c/o for a wee dog jumper. What can I say? He's adorable in them and he needed another while others are drying, it's been COLD here.
So Mr. Lion Head here started with a turtle neck in deep teal. What is it with me and all the teal lately? Heaven only knows but hey, he looks great in it.  This coat started with a turtle neck which is where the name came from. He was shivering the other night, put on the Green Hornet, tucked him under my arm and under the covers and it was just the ticket, so more coats were needed. While we are asking questions though, what's the deal with every sweater needing a name?  Some answers we just may never have.  This one I didn't have to try on 50 times, then in about 24 hours we had a sweater.
High enough at the under belly so that it doesn't get in the way, long enough in the leg so that he doesn't have to freeze.  So here we have Mr. Adorastinkingble yet again.  Why Crush?  It's from Nemo, we started with a turtle neck remember? The turtles name is Crush and there you have it. ;-)

The first Christmas present of the year came from FMG, they sent a baggie of Swav crystals and this lovely dark chocolate toffee, NUM!
     Remember the post Did I c/o? Well, there was a bad photo of a gradient yarn.  I reskeined the hanks and sent off 2 sets to their owners.  I tried to get a better photo of the balance but I'm afraid this still doesn't give you just how wonderful this yarn truly was.
You just don't get the depth and contrast in this shot either but it is a better shot then the prior one on the drying wrack.  Yesterday I had a gal ask for one like this but this one went dirt cheap as we split it three ways.  She will need partners to split the $$ down or we can go with my new inexpensive sock weight yarn.  Either way this is slotted for when we come back in January.  Just because we aren't dyeing until then doesn't mean we aren't taking orders.  Custom orders can take up to a week of e-mailing to nail down so feel free to contact me about anything in the mean time.  We can do this in any color or ANY colors, so long as you find friends to share the wealth with.  We each ended up with 750 yards total of the 5 different colors. Or you could take it all and make a large shawl.
I saw this KAL yesterday which is opening in January and almost got sucked down the rabbit hole!
image title
I could so paint that yarn! EASY PEASY! Cheap too! Man this one was troublesome for me.  BUT we have Sweetlette and the Modern Heirloom coming out in January.  AND this is the GUFOSDof2014 I shawl NOT be moved!  My course is set and I'm going to stay strong.  Just for today.
     Speaking of which we had a really bad episode late last night... one that involved screaming and ice.  Seems I'm not out of the woods yet. In bed again today.... hoping that I will be out of bed to go to the Hobbit on Friday. ;-)
    Miracle designs of a Roman Cloister, a photo I liked while flipping through many.