Saturday, November 30, 2013

UFO Stash down continues

    This UFO stash down is just going so very well!  Far better then any of my prior attempts! Something about the word ruthless comes to mind.  I have kept my promise to myself on that score, very well indeed. Thus far anyway.  Things may change at any time.  Plus I have to go back to work on Monday but I have to at least put all this away by then and have an inventory.
           FINISHED Knit Picks Wool of the Andes cabled pullover sweater in Tidepool Heather.  When I picked this up yesterday it was just to the point where the sleeves had been joined to the body, bottom up in the round.  I worked the entire top, shoulders, neckline and finished by 9 pm. Just in time to wade through more bags before DH went to sleep. 
     RECLAIMED Knit Picks clear circular needles size 9. Five and a half skeins of WOTA Tidepool Heather and a lovely Tink backpack!  Lampwork critter stitch markers! 4 of those and 5 other markers.
     RIPPED Grapevine socks
     RECLAIMED skein of YF grapevine that I'm pondering overdyeing, size 0 Addi Turbos, hello old friends.
     FINISHED No idea what this was but now it's a caplet?  Still not certain about that.  It's a 8 wedge shawl of sorts but it was made in a halo yarn (mohair?) so you can't see the lace.  I worked 3 rows of seed st and b/o last night.  Will get you a photo after blocking.  Hopefully on someone so I can get an idea of what to do with it.  Note to self AGAIN! NEVER knit halo yarn into lace anything, EVER.
     RECLAIMED Sock skein holder, Addi Turbos in size 5, hello there!  Yabadabadoooo!  My circular needle case is exploding! and I'm finding my ADDIS!
     TODAY - Picked up my Bronte, I have never really liked this shawl.  It's very plain so I dyed up a purple, mostly blue and green silk/merino for this shawl.  I was working the center square in the hand paint and have 2 skeins of solid blue for the border.  Which was supposed to be knit off of the side. So NOT happening.  Eventually I will work up my own version of Bronte's shawl, YF modern style.  Late last night I worked 6 or so rows of seed st on the long edge which was OTN.  I then picked up the short end and worked about 5 inches off that side, repeated on the opposite short end.  I'm currently in the process of taking out the 2nd long edge (provisional c/o) after working 6 rows of seed on that side I will then begin working in the round.  I figure after a few rows I will be able to b/o what will be a silk ascot/short scarf of sorts.  It will be about 20 x 55 ish.  I toyed with the idea of making the center of the rectangle into a hood and haven't given up the idea entirely. The plan is to finish this one today and have two items to block later.
     In those bags I dug through late last night,,, I found a long lost friend whom I have been attempting to find for a coons age.  She was so relieved that she jumped onto the bed, or that might have been me dropping her out of my trembling hands.  :-) Either way we were both happy to see one another.  They are next up, lime green, purple, browns in saturated colors.  A bit of lace at the elbows into deep brown at the hands.  Worked in an alternating ribbed welt pattern these are gorgeous!  
     While I really want to get back to my UFO's which have turned into WIPS!!!! (what a great thing that is to say!)  two parcels came in yesterday which might stall that.  I have the entire day before me and I can cut and paste if I want.  BOY DO I WANT!  I feel like I have been waiting for 1/4 inch tape forever when in fact it has only been since last weekend.  Really great shipping considering both were first class and over the Holiday weekend.  CUT AND PASTE HERE I COME!
     AND next week look forward to the Trading Posts.  Yeah, plural... as they will be up for trade and it will be a post here.... yeah stretching for that joke.  Any time you have to explain it,,, they loose something in the translation.  I have a total of FOUR shawls.  2 fine lovely shawls and 2 shawls which are made from hand spun yarn.  Then there's a top with long sleeves which is almost finished.  Each will come with their yarn and patterns, you just supply the needles and experience. I just can't bring myself to rip these babies.  There's nothing wrong with them... I guess that was my guideline for ripping and now that it's gone, I'm not sure where to go from here.  Have a great Saturday.

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