Thursday, November 28, 2013

UFO Ripping Part 2

My first post was merely the tip of the iceberg.  When I came back to it, I had help from DS who ripped as I wound in some cases.  In all cases he put away all the reclaimed goods.  These all went back to about that 5 year mark and some were just no brainers.  My only question is how did they make it OTN for so very long.
Current size of the pile... you can see a bit of bed on the right and it's not as much chaos. 
     RIPPED Not 1, not 2 but THREE pair of socks, 2 were only toes, all were pairs, one had both feet done but were never going to be worn.  One of "those" things.
     RECLAIMED 2 size 0 and one size 1 needles.  BMFA Neon, a pink, sky and emerald sock and another teal and blue.  As well as one project bag.
     RIPPED About half of a vest in worsted cotton.  Was about 5 inches too small for it's recipient, another reason for UFO's NOT to exist. 
     RECLAIMED About 6 skeins of cotton in a lavender high twist and size 6 Addi Turbos.
     RIPPED A bottom up top in the round make in Pure by SWTC.  Pretty sure this was the second time this top was ripped.
     RECLAIMED 8 skeins and a size 7 needle.
     RIPPED My first hand spun top down sweater.  This was just not happy as a sweater.  Perhaps as a cowl or something bulky but not as a sweater.
     RECLAIMED BIG ball of hand spun and some size 9 circular needles.
     RIPPED Scarf in a halo blue yarn.  It was so not happy as a lace scarf.  It would be happier in something which doesn't have lace or texture... something plain.  
     RECLAIMED 1 skein of what might be Frog Tree angora?  It's a medium blue and just lovely.  No needles for this item but there was a nice project tote.  Also among the findings were 2 sleeves for holding skeins together.
    FINISHED Now the fun begins... I found a sweater, my Sonnet which I had the entire top done, even put the buttons on it.  The two at a time sleeves were begun, buttons on them too!  They had about 9 or so inches finished.  I picked it up and thought WHY!  Why isn't this finished.  Worked straight for about 5 hours and VIOLA today I have a finished project!
       RECLAIMED Size 9 circs and a skein of Aracania multi.
     This is going to be a long ongoing project in the back ground but this WILL be finished as it's far too much fun NOT to finish it.  My Lizard Ridge.
I'm working mine in long stripes of color instead of blocks... if you aren't comfortable seaming, I don't recommend this.  I didn't have any problems with it and don't require perfection.  I will grow it until I'm finished or out of yarn, dunno time will out as I can always continue the stripes.  :-)
     Today I pulled out a sweater, bottom up, in the round, cables, all done except the bodice,,, even the sleeves are on it! WHAT?  WHY isn't it done?  Dunno.  I did get a bit confused as I went to work the cables so that might be a reason but we will see.  I fell asleep over it after turkey dinner. :-)  Will get you an updated photo tomorrow as the pile remains until I get a handle on it.  I will NOT put anything away until I have finished ripping and I haven't finished going through all the bags yet.  
      As we go our merry way I would LOVE to hear from you!  What does your UFO stash down look like?  Join in the discussion and bring along your UFOs.

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