Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The GREAT UFO stash down of 2014

YUP I'm going for it! Being RUTHLESS AND ripping it all out!  If it hasn't been touched in 5 years it's a gonner,,, I don't care how little remains to be knit!  This is one reason why!
This is the top of my California King sized bed, quite literally COVERED in my UFO's.  Some of these items haven't seen the light of day for years.  What happened?  How did this happen?  Each time I would get in "work knitting" I would put aside all my items I was working on and then forget them a month later when the work was finished.  So I would c/o more items and forget about them and so on.  
     The only way to get rid of them is to be RUTHLESS and so I am.  Anything that I haven't touched in over 5 years is GOING period!  No if's and's or BUTS you hear me yarn!  Other things will be harder and I will need help with them.  We are going to talk about them here and there might be some trading going on.  If we don't LOVE it but can't KNIT on it we have a problem Houston.  So I was thinking,,, trade em up.
      These projects below... and goodies came from the two blue boxes in the above photo... on the right at the far back side, you can only see one.  I guess the second is covered in some of the taller bags.  Oh there it is... behind the first box.  You so can NOT get the feel of the scale of this monster until you are right on top of it.... standing on the bed to take the photo!  Those two blue file boxes are 14 x 12 if that helps.
     RIPPED - My Clapotis, I'm possibly the only knitter in Ravelry who has NOT knit a Clapotis and at this time will never knit it.  
     RECLAIMED 2 skeins of Lace wing in turquoise and black, Addi Turbo size 5 needles and a lovely burgundy velvet project bag.
     RIPPED - Bottom up top in Amerah by SWTC, WELL PAST the point of no return on this one too.  The body and sleeves were finished, all that remained was to complete the bodice.  This one has been OTN for so long that my gauge has changed tremendously and there are some decreases that stand out at the waist.  This yarn is like white cotton in that it shows all the errors of my ways.  I will never wear it so RIPPED!
     RECLAIMED 10 skeins of Amerah, Addi Turbo lace size 6 and some very cute stitch markers!
     RIPPED some weird looking scarf.
     RECLAIMED 1 skein of Tofuties and some bamboo fixed circs.
     RIPPED another weird scarf looking thing in lace weight silk, lovely Cherry Tree Hill stuff.  This was a crochet project which I found didn't want to rip easily.  I remember it!  This was on the cover of Interweave crochet and it's not a scarf but a shawl!  Cest La Vie, it's a gooner!
     RECLAIMED 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill lace weight silk, LOVERLY!  needs to become a top or undergarments as it's so lovely.  A crochet hook.
     RIPPED Bell Shawl in Noro sock.
     RECLAIMED KP Interchangable circs
       FOUND Sock yarn in silver shot, undyed. TEN skeins of worsted, a skein of Fleece Artist sock in lovely autumnal colors.  Cool flip top index cards spiral bound. Cherry Tree Hill Mohair in TEAL YUM! HAND SPUN! OOOOLALA, DPNs, something that might be Possum yarn?  
     RECLAIMED TWO file drawers!  YIPEE!  YUPPERS count them, two!

     Starting to shake, my ailments are getting the better of me again.  So I'm going to have a break for a little bit.  Will be back with the next part... I wonder when?  I surely do not want DH to come home to this mess!

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