Monday, November 18, 2013


     You ever have one of those days where you feel so scattered that all you are doing is turning in circles, chasing your tail?  I seem to be having one of those times.  I'm not sure though as I have gone through a bunch of e-mail from the flood that came in over the weekend but I feel like it.  There's just so much STUFF!  I thought perhaps if I write about it, it wont feel like so much weight.
     Weighing me down... what's weighing me down?
UFO's!  YUP and not the flying saucer kind.  They are pressing down on me.  So many objects which were in process and were put aside to allow space to do work knitting.  That used to be test knitting for higher back in the day.  Now I don't really put stuff aside so I have these massive piles of sweaters, shawls in the closet and DRAWERS full of socks, stockings, hats and scarves.  DD and I both want to pull it all out and either rip, b/o or chuck it ALL!  Problem is I believe now that it's migrated and I was thinking of all the places it has gone off to.  It's like the thing has legs,,, NO IT'S THE BLOB!  That's it!  The blob it's taken over.  The walk in closet, totes full, the living room closet a file cabinet and it's even spilled out into the GARAGE!  YES it's the blob and it WILL be dealt with.  I thought I had already whacked at it as the blue bag was cut in half.  Then I remembered all the places I'd stashed it into that'd I'd forgot!  OUCH!  MUCHO acid needed here and not the tripping kind.
     What else? KAL's, both mine and others.  I may be the Yarn Fairy but hey, I like to play too, the problem is I can't just work a pattern as it's written.  AND they sent me extra yarn, which I couldn't leave it as it was dyed!  Come on, it was the middle color and you can't put the middle color on the end of a shawl!  ;-)  So Pixie #1 fixed it for me, she fix it! I redesigned the end of the pattern, then an extension and worked on it all weekend.  Got another ounce to finish it and I decided on more beads at midnight.  So much for "others".   
     Then there's my KAL's, I'm surrounded by my wheel, all this roving for the Art Bag of 2014 which is SMASHING!!! BUT it's taken over my life!  First you need to know what it is.  I hand paint a non super wash roving which I then spin into a lovely 2 ply yarn. Which goes to you, we knit the bag and then felt it. The flap is then our artsy fartsy canvas! YIPEE SKIPPY! There will be diagrams where to put what and will send you all of the goodies that are needed in the kit. I’m dreaming of a few types of artisans. The ones who do needle felting, others who can embroider and others who fiddle with beads, the fast way. YUM!  Of course I couldn't wait and so the other night I stayed up literally ALL night and spun enough yarn to get a skein off. It seems I’m making a 2 ply worsted weight yarn for this project. I can not WAIT to c/o. My only regret… not being able to share photos WAAAAAAAAA. I have been very subdued on the colors, these are on yarn of course so you will have to use your imagination,,, the yarn will be hand spun and not look like these at all but here are the colors.
London Calling 

Roasting Chestnuts 

Trees in the Dark 

Deep Blue- not sure where but not cobalt,,, dark blue, perhaps Colt?  The last two are going into the pot today as it's DYE DAY! PARTY! Me luvs to paint.
     Then there's Sweetlette which you have heard about so many times before.  We are painting 2 new colors today and I've been arranging TKers for this one.  Just figured out how to get it to International TKers late last night!  YUP sleeplessness can have it's benefits.  Just to give you some DROOL factor, Strawberry Cheesecake, Plum Pudding, Red Velvet, Chocolate Covered Cherries and Blueberry Muffins.  YUP it's a SWEETS KAL which will go off in time for Valentines day.  Sweets for my Sweets!
     We have some curlicue shawls cranking out.  I'm having a hitch in my gitalong with the pattern but I think it will hit the TKers this week.  There are three of them, one in hearts, another leaves and last in snowflakes.  I'm dyeing more yarn for them today. I can't wait to play with autumnal leaves and that other teal with greens and a bit of blue.  Snow is going to be fun, thinking about Glacier as a possibly candidate for that one.
     Ya'll know MM, Multi Mates?  WELL! I keep seeing the Mates paired into a new shawl shape.  Only thing I can't get past is how to make it into a single piece instead of having to piece it afterwards.  I love being done when I'm done.  Perhaps piecing will come in 2014?  Time will out.
     This is just the tip of the iceberg as I haven't even got into my Christmas knitting but you get the picture.  In and around all of the above there's a bunch of stuff being published too.  MM eBook, Batty, an editor got in touch with me last week for a book pattern, stockings and shawls which are ongoing and the hand paints book is still out there.  YEAH! SEE!  I think I'd probably huddle up and die if it weren't for my work though.
     Somewhere in the massive blob is a pair of gloves... if I could have found them I wouldn't be dyeing a gradient today.  But alas they have succumb to the blob and will not be found. They can holler all they want, nothing can get out from under the blob.  
     All that to just check in and say HEY!  Have you seen my brains?  STOP THAT GUY! Yeah the one lurching down the street!  He's got em! Have a great day, from the land of the Fae.

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