Thursday, November 21, 2013


Yesterday was a Flatland day, I literally couldn't get out of bed.  I did make two personal clips but that's where it ended.  I'm surrounded by yarn from the dye day and it's got to be photographed and shipped asap.  I "think" I feel a bit better today, at least Flatland has disappeared for now.
     After everything is shipped so that I can see my desk and cutting table... I would like to do some cut and paste, also known as scrap booking. That will have to wait for the weekend though as I have my "work" and "play" times decidedly separated.  Cut and paste is surely play time. 
     The other thing, Dye Day,,, we missed the roving I intended to do. So I need to get back to it again but not until my ailment fall away more.  I have been getting LOADS of sleep so I'm confident I will be back on my feet next week.  Doctors!  Yeah, that's why I'm here in Flatland again.  I had to see mine on the 12th, normally I feel better faster but I think next week I'll be better.  
     Oh wanna here a funny thing?  It could have been a catastrophe but we all saw it as funny.  We have these massive dye pots and normally we have the pots going and we have pie plates in and out of the nuker,,, these are our standard methods of setting the colors.  WELL!  The pots have been hissing and chattering.  I kept telling the Pixies that it was condensation on the outside of the pot or it was stuff on the bottom... all these excuses right!  Well!  It was neither!  What was it?  A slow leak developing on the bottom of each pot!  I had to replace them this week. I had seen the rust but didn't realize that they had actual HOLES!  Chaching!  I need so many very expensive items, I can't remember them all but the first of which is Delilah (puter) her power jack is jacked up big time!  From some one walking by,,, and one too many times having her yanked off of my lap.  Oh and a camera that can take good close ups, one that can get the black and subtle  shade color changes in the yarn.  What else?  They are things like that and I know that there's another but you get the picture, expensive items.  Anyway the pot was funny. 
     Huh, my surgery, that's one.  The request is in for the FORTH time and it's been declined each time before... if I get this surgery I will be able to WALK! Our insurance STINKS big time!  I've not got any hope that this one will go through.  That one is super expensive LOL but it's not the item we need, I can't remember.  Cest La Vie.
     Through this down time (AKA Flatland) I finished a shawl, My Cherry Pie (new sock pattern) and got about 20 rows done on Sweetlette sample... which is saying something as I'm close to the end! ;-)  Ok, that still hasn't told you anything, I know what will.  It's an 8 wedge flat circle! ;-)  NOW you get it.
     Anyway, all of that to say that soon and very soon here I've GOT to have my lil chickens run about the house have a major hunt!  I need them to run down every last UFO I have EVERY one of them!  They are to be put into massive bags all over my bed and I WILL kill the things! PERIOD!  No if's and's or but's! RUTHLESS!
     Ya know... for the longest time I have thought we should all trade our UFO's.  Like put up photos and descriptions and then make a trading post. Maybe someone else can love something I now loathe for one reason or another.  Just a thought.
     They weigh me down and make me not want to start all these lovely items in my head.  I have this elf coat in purple, blue and green with black purl areas.  Full skirt worked in short rows with the black separating the thin wedges.  Large pointed elf hat hangs down the back of the bodice.  Crazy pockets on the front of the coats skirt.  Sigh. I have it in my design book... if I can draw it then I can knit it!  So I know it's just there, outside of my range of effort and time.   Then an afghan.  I keep thinking about crocheting free form shapes in a bunch of colors until I have an afghan. OH and then my MM 2 color shawls... I keep thinking about one that's more plain, garter st... in a new shape!  There are two of those one is a square and triangles and the other is circles.
     Perhaps if I got started on the coat or the afghan I wouldn't have so many designs like I have been this past year and you guys would have some time to get caught up with me.  Ya think?  I do know that 2013 was the year of the MAJOR shawls.  I think 2014 will be the year of the doable.  I can't help but make lovely lace shawls but I'm going to mix them up with fast projects in fat yarns which can be knit in a weekend. ;-)  Art Bag is going to be one of them.  I'm spinning the yarn off and on... will be making my first sample here shortly.
     Flatland.... I hope it's gone for a few weeks. I don't like it there. Multidimensional realms like that of the Fae, are better by far.

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